I keep feeling sorry for Courtney, so I just wrote an extremely short little poem about her. It's stupid but don't yell at me!

Disclaimer: I obviously don't have to put this because it's most likely you all already know that I don't own the Pendragon series.

The Pity Pit

Once she fell into the pity pit,

She could not get the darkness around her lit.

In the gloom her heart had a cry,

But not a tear fell from her eye.

Her face was as cold as stone,

And even in a crowd she felt all alone.

The girl could only feel sorry for herself,

While she sat isolated on that shelf.

She gazed at the reflection of her gray eyes,

And told herself many uncomforting lies.

So the girl continued sitting in the pity pit,

Never bothering to climb out of it.

I really don't know what happened to her next,

So I will fill these last lines with meaningless text.

It'd be nice to tell you more about her,

But I am afraid she is now gone forever.

I told you it was dumb! But still… Poor Courtney Chetwynde!