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Chapter 6: Dancing and Diamonds and Things

"You ready to go Keely?" Janie asked as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

"Um… yea!" Keely answered as she finished typing and then tore her eyes away from the computer. She and Janie were just about to go to lunch. Keely got up and they both walked out into the crowded streets of New York. It was sunny but there was a nice breeze and Keely closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the wind blowing in her face.

"So, where to?" Janie asked looking at Keely expectantly.

"I don't care. You pick." Keely said. She never really cared what she ate unless she was having a certain craving.

"Hmmm! Lets do Chinese." Janie finally said. Their favorite place was just across the street. When they walked in, they were seated and they ordered their drinks.

When the waiter left, Janie faced Keely in the booth they were in and asked, "So… what are you two love birds doing tonight?"

Keely smiled. "We're going dancing."

"Oooh, that's nice! And new. He hasn't taken you before has he?"

"No! That's why I am so excited. You know, you should come."

"Um… no! I can't dance to save my life. Anyway, I would only be a third wheel." Janie said sipping her drink.

"Jake told me that Max would be there." Keely said trying to hide her smile. Max was Jake's best friend and Janie had met him about a month ago. Keely knew that Janie had liked him right away, and although she didn't admit it, she knew that Janie was crushing bad.

"So what!" Janie said. "Why should I care?"

"You should care because I know your like him." Keely answered looking smug.

Janie frowned at her but didn't say anything.

"So are you coming?" Keely asked looking hopeful. Even though Jake had always made an effort to talk to both of them when the three went out together, one of them always ended up being the third wheel anyway. She wanted Janie to go to keep Max busy.

Plus, she knew her friend liked him and Janie hadn't been on a date in three months ever since she found out that her asshole of a boyfriend (Sean) had been cheating on her. What really made Keely mad though was that Sean had been cheating on her from the very moment that he had asked Janie out. How dare he do that Keely thought. She remembered the satisfaction of seeing Janie slap him. In fact, she did it so hard that there was a palm print on his cheek. Janie was usually a calm person and rarely resorted to violence. But you did NOT want to maker her mad or get on her bad side.

"Yes! I guess I will." Janie suddenly said interrupting Janie's thoughts. She tried to make it look like Keely was dragging her there but a smile was creeping onto her face.

The waiter came and they ordered there food. They spent the rest of the time chatting about the newest fashions and celebrity gossip. After a while, they got up to leave. They had to go back to work.

Keely smiled as she thought about her job. She was a veterinarian. Janie was too. They both owned their own business after being out of college for about a year. They hadn't had enough money so with the help of Janie's parents (filthy rich) they managed to do it. They were told that the money didn't have to be paid back, but Janie and Keely were currently saving so they could pay them back.

After about four more hours, Janie and Keely left. They had hired two other doctors who were still working and assured Janie and Keely that they would close up. Janie and Keely, besides working together, also lived together in a cute little apartment.

They took a taxi home and went upstairs to get ready. Jake and Max were picking them up at seven to go to dinner and then dancing at a club. They were almost ready when the Jake buzzed up. Janie let them in the building and then unlocked the door so that they could let themselves in. Keely and Janie walked into the small living room.

"Hey you!" Keely said as she ran to him and kissed him on the cheek. She had wanted to kiss him on the lips but she knew that the simple kiss on the cheek was already making Janie and Max blush.

"Hey yourself! I see you ladies are all ready to go." Jake said.

"You see correctly." Janie answered.

The girls grabbed their purses and walked outside to a waiting cab. They all climbed in and went to a fancy Italian restaurant. Keely was happy to notice that Janie was getting along quite well with Max. She was even doing a little flirting. Something that Keely hadn't seen happen since the break-up with Sean.

After dinner they all got into a cab and went to the club. When they got their, they found the line to be long. Keely started to worry that they wouldn't get in, but Max just walked up to the bouncer, showed him something, and the next thing she knew, they were inside.

"How did you do that?" Janie asked Max.

"I have connections." Max told her giving her a mischievous smile.

Janie blushed and turned away. "Should we find a table first, or just hit the floor?" she inquired.

Keely leaned in toward so that only Janie could here what she was about to say. "I thought you couldn't dance to save your life."

"Okay, I was exaggerating, I can dance. Don't give me that smug look." Janie said noticing the smile that Keely was giving her. It said, "I knew it."

They chose to grab a table first and order drinks. Then Jake got up and took Keely's hand. He took her to the dance floor and that's the last Janie saw of the two of them for another hour.

At first, she was nervous being alone with Max. But he was so easy to talk to. After about a minute that Keely and Jake left, Max asked her if she wanted to dance and she said yes.

Just as they got out there, the song changed to a slow dance. They stood there for about five seconds before he held out his hand. Again, Janie found herself comfortable with him.

At the end of the night, Jake and Max brought them home. They all had coffee and some apple pie that Keely had bought that morning. Later, as Keely was giving Jake a proper good-bye in the living room, Max and Janie were in the kitchen. Max got up to go, but as he reached the doorway, he turned around.

"Do you think I could call you sometime?" he asked her. She noticed that he was slightly blushing.

"I would like that!" Janie said smiling. He returned it and after she found a piece of paper and a pen, she wrote down her number. Then he and Jake left.

As soon as she closed the door, Keely turned around. Oh my god! I can tell by your face that you gave him the digits."

Janie smiled and sat down on the couch. Keely sat down next to her and they spent the next hour talking. Janie told Keely how comfortable she was around Max and Keely told Janie that Jake had asked her to dinner on Saturday. He had something important to talk to her about. Keely was afraid that Jake might be breaking up with her, but Janie told her that she knew that wasn't it. Just by seeing the way he looked at Keely, Janie knew that he was crazy about her. When Janie noticed the time, she told Keely that they should get to bed.

When Saturday night arrived, Keely was nervous. She had no idea what he would want to talk to her about. She didn't have much time to think it over because Jake buzzed up and she let him in. When he got upstairs she kissed him deeply, wrapping her arms around his neck. She practically melted when he put his arms around her waist.

"How's that for a hello?" Keely asked smiling up at his face when they came up for air.

"Pretty good!" He said laughing back.

"Only pretty good? Well, then I guess next time I have to try harder."

Keely grabbed her bag and they left. She had no idea where he was taking her. She was surprised when the cab pulled up to a fancy French restaurant. There was a small line but Jake just took her hand and pulled her up to the door. He told the guy that he had reservations. When he found them, they were led to a table. The atmosphere was romantic and Keely finally felt relieved. This was definitely not the place to break up with someone.

They spent most of the meal talking about anything, just enjoying each other's company. When they ordered desert, Jake turned to her. For the first time ever, Keely saw him looking extremely nervous.

"Keely," he said taking her hand in his. "We have been dating for two years now and I can honestly say that they have been the best two years ever. You know I love you right?"

"Of course! I love you too Jake." Keely said squeezing his hand.

When she did this, it gave him a boost of confidence and he started to smile. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something but then thought better of it. To Keely's surprise, he got up instead. He moved toward her and then got down on one knee. He pulled out a small black box and opened it. Keely gasped. Inside was the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen.

"Keely, will you marry me?" Jake said looking into her eyes.

Keely just stared at him for a moment. She put her hands to her mouth and felt tears well up. She didn't want to say anything incase she started to blubber so instead, she shook her head up and down.

Jake took the ring and put it on her finger. Then he pulled her into his arms and lifted her up twirling around. They were both laughing when he put her back on the ground gently. Then he pulled her close to him and gave her a passionate kiss.

Keely couldn't believe it. She was GETTING MARRIED!

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