Set after the last episode, it's not the luggage; it's what the luggage symbolizes.

Lying in bed that night –

Lorelai is lying with her back toward Luke.


"Uh huh?"

"Are you mad about something?"

'Why do you say that?"

"So, you are mad?"

"Like crazy mad or…"

He puts an arm on her shoulder and gently says

"Is this about the luggage?"

"What luggage, I never mentioned anything about luggage, did I?'

"Don't be angry with me because Anna sent me luggage"

Hearing Anna's name was always painful for Lorelai, but hearing Luke defend her here, in her bed, in their bed, was not on. She bit her lip. She did not want this right now.

"Luke don't"

He interrupted her, "No, Lorelai, you're obviously angry, just tell me? Come on" he coaxed, "why are you upset over some luggage."

Lorelai turned to face him.

"I offered to get you luggage, I wanted to get you some you wouldn't let me. I suggested, you going to get some, us going together, or me by myself. But NO you didn't want MY luggage, but you'll take hers"

"Lorelai, it's just a bag, Jeeze"

"It's not just a bag, it's what it represents, me offering to get you some luggage, you refuse, but when Anna Nardine offers you some, you accept it with open arms."

"I don't get it she sent the bag, I needed a bag, it's here, why not use it"

Because, it's from her, it's from her, I wanted to get you luggage, but no, you didn't want it, but she offers some and you want it. I'm not good enough anymore. She thought.

"Yea, you are right, I'm being silly."

"You sure we're ok?"

"Yea", said Lorelai as she painted a smile on her face.

She rolled over, her back to him again.

"Night" he said.

"Yeah night"

I didn't put a huge amount of work into this one shot, so I'm not expecting a tone of feedback. But a few reviews would be nice, or if you have any ideas to continue this fic, love to hear from you!"