Title: When I Look at You

Author: Faker of Innocence (miraraykai88 at yahoo dot com dot my)

Summary: One of them reminisces about the other.

A/N: This story, or should I say drabble, is here since I was challenged by my beloved beta-reader AKA nee-chan, Angelique Starlight to write a FujiRyo fic. So here it is.

Disclaimer: If I own Tenipuri, there will not only be flirting, but also make-out sessions amongst the tennis players. Since there were none, so it is safe to say that I don't own it.


Sometimes I could not help but feel amazed with you.

Each time I look at you, you are always smiling no matter how depressing the situation might be.

On your face, there is nothing but warmth and reassurance. The way you smile… It is as if there is nothing that can make that smile leaves your face.

But, there are some very rare times when the smile actually leaves your face. And trust me; those are the times when I prefer not to look at you at all.

The time when you were mad at St. Rudolph's manager for what he did to your brother…

And during your match against Rikkai's sophomore rookie after finding out what he did to Fudoumine's captain.

And for that, I admire you.

You play tennis not for yourself, but for the people you care the most. Unlike me, you have never played to surpass others. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but it does hurt me sometimes that you don't have the same burden as mine.

But then again, because of who you are, you are often hurt by the people around you. Your brother especially, who want so much to surpass you, seem to have neglected your feelings. You are often silently hurt by the person you care about the most.

But still, the same smile will always stay on your face as if nothing could bring you down regardless of whatever happens to you and your feelings.

Again, for that, I admire you.

For that, too, I have fallen in love with you…

Fuji Syuusuke.


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