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Chapter 4

Sasuke's eye twitched at naruto shouted the false accusations towards him. Sakura didn't do anything she didn't even try to escape from Sasuke's arms she just stood there blushing for the first time in nearly 3 years.


"Well Naruto, I was just about to kiss Sakura so don't go thinking anything more than that," Sasuke hissed to Naruto. He then looked down at the pink haired blossom blushing in his arms. Smiling slightly he asked if she was okay.
"Um, yeah I'm fine," Sakura said as she stepped out of Sasuke's arms. Instantly she regretted it, missing the warmth that his body had provided her. Everyone was quiet and was looking at her; this made her paranoid so she decided to break the silence.
"So Naruto where did you go?"

"Oh, I went to go get some more ramen," the blonde haired boy said holding up a plastic bag. 'Of course' thought Sasuke.

Naruto knew that Sasuke and Sakura need some time alone to talk but he didn't know if Sakura was quiet up doing that just yet. He looked over at the wanted missing ninja who had his head facing the ground and arms folded. Naruto had to admit that he had missed his best friend and he did feel bad for him but was it worth his friendship with Sakura. 'Well I could just tell them that I Hinata needed me to come over because she was scared. Yeah, that's what I'll do and maybe Hinata will even make me some ramen.'

"Well I am going to stay the night at Hinata's. I'm kind of worried about her and I want to make sure she is okay. So Sakura you stay here with Sasuke because I really don't trust that small apartment of yours and I would feel a lot better if you would stay here with someone who can protect you if anything were to happen."

"But-," Sakura didn't get to finish her sentence Naruto had grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the door. When they were out of ear shot Naruto whispered to Sakura.

"I spent the last two hours with him and talking to him and he really has changed and he really missed you so please talk to him yourself because you need that right now and I think that if you talk to him it will really help you. I want to see the old Sakura again, I miss her."
Sakura didn't reply she just nodded her head slightly and turned around. 'I hope this works out,' thought Naruto as we walked out the door and left for his girlfriends house (yes Hinata is his girlfriend, woo big shocker there huh?).

Sakura went over to where Sasuke was and sat down next to him. Sasuke looked over at her and saw that she had begun trembling. He knew she was crying. She looked up at him and what happened next was a complete shocker to both herself and Sasuke ((I would end there, but then it would be a really short chapter))

Sakura threw her arms around Sasuke and began crying into his chest. Before Sasuke knew what he was doing he had wrapped his arms around her waist.
"I...m-m-missed you s-s-so m-much," Sakura managed the breath out as she cried even harder as she came to terms with the what she was doing and the newly unlocked feeling that she had not experienced since the day he left. What she said had only made Sasuke tighten his grip on Sakura, his Sakura.
"I missed you too, Sakura. I was talking to Naruto he said you've become quiet an amazing medic nin and that your even stronger than before. Though he also said you don't smile anymore and that you don't cry or laugh around people. Why?"

"You used to call me weak when I couldn't protect myself or when I got upset when you hurt yourself. I train everyday from early morning to late afternoon and then work the night shifts at the hospital so I don't have time to laugh or smile or cry."
"Why would you do all that or put yourself through all of it."
"Because...I had to keep busy. If I didn't I thought about you and it just...it hurt too much."
Sasuke didn't know what to say. He had caused her so much pain and yet here he was hoping that she would still love him and be there with him but maybe he was asking for too much. Suddenly he felt his chest feel cold as he noticed that Sakura had pulled away. She was now looking him straight in the eye her sea green orbs filled with lost emotions.
Sakura began to speak," You caused me so much pain when we left and even though I didn't cry in front of people I couldn't help it on the nights that I wasn't aloud to work or train. I would sit in my room in the night looking at the stars, thinking of you and I couldn't help but cry because it hurts so much."
Sakura was quiet after she realized what she just said. Before she could share anything else she got up and walked over to the window and gazed at the atmosphere around her as if it was something completely new to her. She pulled up a chair and she didn't know how long she spent staring before finally falling asleep. Sasuke looked up at Sakura and noticed by her soft breathing that she was asleep. As gently and quietly as he could he walked over to her and lifted her up into his muscular arms. He looked at Naruto's bed, 'it's probably not the best place to put her' then he looked towards the couch, his sleeping place. When he walked over there he laid her down and then sat down. He lifted up her head and placed it in his lap as he grabbed to fleece blanket behind him and draped it over her. Before he knew it he himself had fallen asleep.

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