Valkeyrie: Hey! What's up? I haven't added a new story recently and I decided to type one of my Gravitation stories. This will be a collection of oneshots, but they do go together and some have references to each other. I hope you like it!

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Yuki: If she did, It would be rated quite differently.


Shuichi stared at what Yuki was writing over his shoulder, reading each word as it appeared on the computer screen. He rested his head on Yuki's as thought for a moment.

"Hey Yuki, where do you get your inspiration? You know, when you write?" Shuichi asked, reading the last six paragraphs repeatedly.

"…" Yuki paused and took another drag from his cigarette the he answered, "Why? I just write whatever the damn book's about."

"…You do know for the last six paragraphs the heroine with blonde-hair, blue-eyes has turned into a 'pink haired, purple eyed brat' who in those chapters is very male." Shuichi said, reading off the page with a very smug expression.

"…This is your fault you know." Yuki said going back and fixing the… 'little' slip-ups from the last six, very adult, paragraphs.

"Does that mean I'm your inspiration Yuki?" Shuichi asked, playing with Yuki's hair lazily.

"No, you're my annoyance." Yuki said, aggravated.

"Hey!" Shuichi tugged on Yuki's hair angrily. "That's not funny!"

"OW! Hey, cut it out! If I say yes will you let go of my hair!" Yuki growled, swatting at Shuichi.

"…Ye-ah." Shuichi said slowly as he kept playing with Yuki's hair mindlessly.

"Fine. You're my 'inspiration' then. Happy now?" Yuki sighed, trying to remember where his cigarette went.

"Yeah, I guess so." Shuichi smiled, still lightly running his fingers through Yuki's hair.

"…Uh, weren't you supposed to stop playing with my hair?"

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