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Hiro stared at the mopey ball of pink fluff that sat outside his door. Well, to be honest, it wasn't pink fluff; it was the pop sensation Shuichi Shindou with whom he was one of the three members of Bad Luck.

"…Shuichi? What's wrong?" Hiro asked unlocking the door to his apartment, and holding the door open so Shuichi could crawl inside.

"…Did Mr. Yuki kick you out again?" He watched as Shuichi winced a little at him name, and nodded.

"…What did you do to get kicked out this time, Shuichi?" Hiro asked, having so many reasons already why the pink haired singer showed up on his doorstep like this.

"I wouldn't let go of his hair."

Hiro stared at Shuichi for a moment, and just stayed silent. "…Shuichi, why were you tugging on Mr. Yuki's hair?"

"…I wasn't! I was…Just sitting there while he was writing and…" Shuichi mumbled, feeling pathetic.

Hiro moved over to his friend and gave him a hug, but nearly fell over when Shuichi latched to him like a leech. "…S-Shuichi? You alright?"

"…Mh-hm…" Shuichi said nuzzling Hiro's chest, causing the other to blush terribly.

"…S-Shuichi?" Hiro said softly, and wasn't all too surprised to hear Shuichi's light snores as an answer.

"…Mr. Yuki's a lucky man. I wish I was him…" Hiro whispered softly, letting the other sleep on him, having a hunch he'd be gone in the morning back with his temperamental lover. "...Daisuki…Shuichi."

He was once again answered with a light snore. And, as he had thought, the next morning Shuichi was gone. But he couldn't help but wonder…Was that dream of Shuichi giving him a kiss before he left really a dream?