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Summary: Hyde has been treating Jackie like crap for almost a full year and she's sick of it. This is what happens.

Author's Note: This is the second part of two. It's kind of a songfic, but not really. There will be a story and then a song that fits as background music. The lyrics are italicized. You'll see. I just hope that I did it right and made it make sense. Enjoy! But remember, not a happy ending.

Chapter 2: Settle For A Slow Down

The room was quiet. The air hung still, filling the homely living room. On the coffee table, three big bowls, filled with assorted treats like trail mix and chips. On the bar, clean glasses stood, waiting to be used. A banner hung on the stairs that read, "We'll miss you, Jackie!" in big red letters with a shiny silver background. The rest of the room was decorated with streamers and balloons, plastered to the walls, forcing cheerfulness.

The swinging door shot open, reveling a short blonde woman in a pale yellow dress that hung below her knees. Her movements were quick and perky, her short hair bobbing around her neck at each step. She carried with her the last piece of food to be on the coffee table, small pieces of white cheese with toothpicks in them. Behind her, a stern looking man walked carefully into the room. His face showed no expression but in his mind he was thinking about the disaster that was about to follow. He sat down on his favorite chair, a Lay-Z Boy in pea soup green. His wife set down the platter and fluttered quickly back into the kitchen to finish her cookies.

The room was quiet again. Only the older man was left and he never said much. The quietly watched the time clucked by on the clock, dreading the next few hours. For one, he hated parties. He had actually had one, planned by him, a few years ago when he feared that he would die without any friends but he had realized that no friends were better than dumb friends before the party was even over and kicked the dumbasses out. Two, he hated the dumbasses that his only son called his friends; well, on the outside at least. In his heart, he was really sad to see them all go, even the kettle head and the foreign kid. Lastly, he knew how high the tension was in the group that congregated in his basement for the passed 10 years and he knew that with Jackie leaving, it would explode.

Then the doorbell rang and broke him out of his thoughts. The first of the dumbasses had arrived, he thought and got up to answer the door. He let his feet drag on the way, hoping to spare the moment when WW3 would happen. He'd been through one war and he wasn't exactly jumping at having to be in another. When he reached the door and pulled it open, his face dropped.

"Howdy, neighbor!"

"Damnit, Bob," he said and moved so his longest and best friend could enter. As the pudgy man entered the living and started snacking on the cheese bits, he realized that this was the man that he was moving to Florida with. Living there with him, he decided, wouldn't be terrible. After all, he could take his car and leave for a few hours to get away. What he was dreading was the 6 hour, two change-over plane ride to Florida. "Oh, damnit."

"So, Red…"

Less than twenty minutes later the living room was full with guests. Most of the gang had arrived, all except Fez, Kelso and the woman of the hour. Eric and Donna were quietly talking in front of the stairs, Red and Bob were talking (although Bob was doing most of the talking and Red was only adding occasional grunts and "dumbass"'), Kitty was bustling about refilling snack bowls and drinks and Hyde was on the couch, staring at the black TV, alone like usual. It seemed to the guests, though they would never admit it, that he had reverted to his old, secluded ways. After Sam left, he excluded himself from the group, holing himself away in his room, locking himself in his back office at the record store, refusing to go to the Hub with the gang, or what was left of it. It started before, however, right after Sam was introduced into his Point Place life. Once he and Jackie were officially over, it seemed like he was over too. It had never occurred to the group that the Hyde that they had come to know and love was only there because of Jackie.

The doorbell rang. The group of guests lifted their heads in the direction of the doorbell, hoping that the guest of honor had finally arrived, a little more than fashionably late. Kitty ran over to the door, hands raised slightly in anticipation. When she reached the door, she threw it open and yelled "SURPRISE!"

"AWESOME!" the guest screamed back. Kitty turned around and just walked away, leaving Kelso standing in the doorway.

"Man, what are you doing here?" Eric asked, stepping from behind Donna.

"Huh, I could ask you the same question," he said before the two smiled and hugged. Kelso patted his friends back before they parted. "Good to see you, man."

"Yeah, you too. I thought you couldn't make it," Eric asked.

"Yeah, I lied." Kelso smiled his goofy, there-is-nothing-in-my-head-but-air smile. "You bulked up, man. Did you get any…"

"Weird African food! Yeah, it's downstairs." Eric interrupted, giving his dumb friend a look.

"What? No, Forman, I was asking about…"

"It's downstairs," Eric sad through clenched teeth.

"Oh," Kelso said in an exaggerated tone and winked one eye at Eric, trying to be secretive. The rest of the guests caught the look though and Red rolled his eyes and muttered a "dumbass".

"So, Michael, how have you been?" Kitty said, trying to regain control of her party.

"Well, I have good news," he said, taking a minute to get everyone's attention. When he was sure that everyone was looking at him, he yelled, "Brooke and I are getting married!"

There was a shocked silence, followed by a surprised silence. The silence continued until a loud voice pierced it. "Well, I guess the silence is good but why isn't everyone looking at me?"

The group turned around to see a confused Jackie standing at the door, wearing a knee-length dress and a small smile. "JACKIE!" Kelso yelled and ran to the door to scoop her up in his arms in a bear hug.

"It's nice to see you, too," Jackie managed to croak out. "But could you please let go, I can't breath."

"Oh sorry," he said and set her softly on the ground.

Kitty laughed nervously before going over to Jackie and hugging her. "Happy going away!"

Jackie gave the guests a weird look as Kitty embraced her but quickly smiled when they drew apart. "Thank you, I really love it!" Kitty smiled again at her words before tending to the other guests.

The party was decent, not exactly the best time ever but fun. All throughout the party, though, the guests could tell that tensions were high. For one, Eric had just come back and he and Donna weren't exactly on the best terms, even though they were back together. Also, maybe more importantly, Hyde was standing in a corner watching Jackie laugh and smile. A few times they had noticed him approaching her, but luckily another member of they gang had caught him before he arrived at his destination.

The end of the party was getting closer. Most of the guests had dispersed; the only ones that were left were the gang, Bob and the Forman's. The food was mostly eaten and what wasn't was being stuffed into Kelso's mouth. Jackie sat next to him, listening to his stories from Chicago through his chews.

"Jackie," she heard Hyde say in a voice identical to the one he used during his nurse confession. She turned around to face him, seeing his face sober and his eyes intent on hers.

"Hyde," she said.

"No, Jackie, please. Please call me Steven," he semi-pleaded, showing much more emotion that anyone in the room thought was possible. Except for Jackie, of course.

Her face softened a little but turned cold. "What do you want?"

"Jackie," he paused, taking a deep breath. It was now or never. "I love you."

Her face was in shock. She slowly stood up and raised her hand gently to his face. She caressed it softly before bringing it back with one fluid motion and slapping him across the face. Hyde's head snapped to the side. "How DARE you?" she screamed at him.

"Jackie," he said, reaching his hand out to grasp hers.

"No. Who do you think you are? You've been horrible to me for the passed year and NOW you love me?" Tears of anger and sadness rose to her eyes and she'd let them fall if they wanted but they weren't going to stop her now. "Do you even know how you've hurt me? Do you?"

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"No you're not. You never are. You've said it to me before and you know what it's meant? Nothing!"

"Yes, it has, Jackie. I am sorry, I just keep doing these things…"

"I don't get you," she interrupted, her tears slowing down. "You always blame you're attitude and the way you are on your background. You aren't some poor, lonely bastard anymore. I mean, you have your own record store, friends… you are miles away from where you used to be and still you pretend that you are what you were. I've seen you, the real you and that person isn't you. You aren't a sleaze with a slutty wife. You are somebody."

"Then, does that mean…"

"No, I can never go there again, even though if I want to. You've hurt me in ways that I'm never going to be able to get over. The pain that you've caused me is greater that any that Kelso or my mom or dad or anyone else has ever and could ever cause me," her eyes overflowed with tears as she told him everything that she'd been wanting to. "I wanted a life with you. I wanted a house in the suburbs and kids with curly hair. You were everything that I had ever dreamed of. But that can never happen, I know that now. And I'm over it."

"Jackie, just stay a bit longer, I'll show you that I finally get it now. I know that I love you and, come on, how many times have I ever said that before?" he grinned.

Her voice turned colder. "Only when you've lost me."

"I know that, but it'll change."

"It always does, right?" she interjected coolly. At that, the guests heard the sky rumble and few seconds later they heard the rain hit the roof.

"You know what? Whatever. Leave." Hyde told her, staring angrily into her eyes.

"Funny you say that. Everyone, I have an announcement," she said, shouting to everyone, but never taking her eyes off of his. "I changed my flight for tonight I thought it would be more dramatic if I left right after my party. My bags are in my car, my plane leaves in two hours."

"What? No," Kitty cried. The rest of the group was silent, but they all thought the same thing; they didn't want her to go.

"Good," Hyde said before pushing passed Jackie and walking to the basement.

"Well, I guess I'd better get going so I don't miss my flight," Jackie said, turning to face the only family she'd ever known.

"No, you don't," Kelso said. "Just stay until I leave."

"No, I can't. I'd better get my goodbyes over, right?" she walked to Kelso. "Michael. You were my first love and I'll always remember you. You have brightened up my life and you've always made me laugh and I'll always love you for that. Take care, okay, and treat my goddaughter and her mother well."

"I love you, Jackie," he said and enveloped her in a hug.

When they broke apart, Jackie turned to Kitty. "Thank you for trying to teach me how to cook. You were more of a mother to me than my own was. The way that you've taken care of me is more than I'll ever be able to repay you for." Kitty started to cry and hugged Jackie tightly. She felt like she was losing another baby but once this one was gone, she doubted she'd ever see her again.

"Mr. Forman." Jackie said once she was free of Kitty. By just saying his name, she told him everything she wanted to, everything thank you and memory. He looked at her, smiled slightly (and since it was Red, it really was slightly) and hugged her.

Jackie moved down to Eric. "Well, at least you got some muscle on you before I left. I never thought I'd see that."

"Had to happen some day," he said back. "I guess having you around hasn't been all that bad."

"I guess having you as a friend hasn't been all that bad either," she said and kissed him on the cheek. "I'll keep in touch."

"You better, devil."

"I'm sorry, Jackie," Donna said when the best friends said goodbye.

"For what?"

"For not being the kind of friend that you've been to me this passed year," she said.

"That's okay. Life changes, you get used to it."

"You shouldn't have had to get used to it. Take care, okay, I now you'll do great. And please, call me sometime when you get settle."

"Okay, as long as you promise to name one of your redheaded skinny freaks of children after me," Jackie smiled. The two girls looked at each other before crying and hugging each other.

"And last but not least," Bob said about himself and laughed.

"I'm going to miss you, Bob. You took care of me when I needed you and I just wanted you to know that I appreciated it. I love you, Dad," she said.

"Aww, Jackie," Bob said.

"Don't cry, Bob," Red said firmly.

"I can't help it," Bob replied, tearing a little as he hugged his new little girl.

After they hugged, Jackie looked up at the clock. "Time for me to go," she said. As she made her way to the door, she turned around for one last look at the place she'd thought of as home. She sighed and silently said her goodbye to Hyde, knowing that she'd never see or talk to him again. She smiled and waved at her family and went to driveway, where her car was parked. The gang followed her out the kitchen door and stood under the roofed entranceway, waving to her as she pulled out.

She started driving out of the driveway, slowly because of the heavy rain. From the road, it seemed as if it went on for days. The second that she started pulling out, the group felt the door open behind them. To their surprise, Hyde pushed passed them and ran into the driveway. The rain hit his shoulders, wetting his body.

"Jackie," he screamed at the top of his lungs. He followed her car out of driveway and into the road.

In the car, Jackie checked her mirrors and saw Hyde following her. Her breath caught in her throat as she focused on the road. Goodbye Steven, she thought as a tear slid down her cheek.

Behind her, the rain outlines Hyde's body as he ran screaming after her. He felt like Forman. But it wasn't because he didn't care, it was because he did. He finally cared and he didn't want her to leave. "Jackie, I'm sorry. I love you."

The gang watched on as their resident badass ran after the spoiled princess. Their mouths were open, hoping that she would stop, hoping that life would return to normal.

"Jackie! I want a life with you! A house, marriage, kids, everything!" he kept running after her and she kept driving, the same speed never changing.

((BACKGROUND MUSIC, just imagine this scene with this music))

I must look just like a fool here
In the middle of the road
Standing there in your rearview
And getting soaked to the bone
This land is flat as it is mean
A man can see for a hundred miles
So I'm still praying I might see
The glow of a brake light.

But your wheels just turn,
Down the road ahead
If it hurts at all
You ain't showed it yet
I keep a lookin' for
The slightest sign

That you might miss
What you left behind
I know there's nothing stopping you now
But I'd settle for a slowdown.

I held on longer then I should
Leaving you might change your mind
Those bright lights of Hollywood
Would fade in time.

But your wheels just turn
Down the road ahead
If it hurts at all
You ain't showed it yet
I keep a lookin' for
The slightest sign
That you might miss
What you left behind
I know there's nothing stopping you now
but I'd settle for a slowdown.

But your wheels just turn
Down the road ahead
If it hurts at all
You ain't showed it yet
Your just a tiny dot

On that horizon line

Come on tap those brakes
Baby just one time
I know there's nothing stopping you now
I'm not asking you to turn back around

I'd settle for a slowdown
Come on just slow down


He finally stopped running. He was out of breath a mile back but he'd kept on running anyway. He raised his arms over his heads and stood, looking at her brake lights. He was about to turn around and go home, not because he wanted to but because he knew he had to. There was nothing left for him to do and nowhere else for him to go. He started to turn but was brought back to her fading car with a smile. He didn't know what the reason she did it for was but as she drifted towards the horizon, the brake lights glared red. And then she was gone.

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