Because I haven't seen it. And I am the crack!goddess. Enjoy. Namine x Ansem. Ansamine. Sounds like a drug or chemical, no?

Master && Artist

Sitting there. Just drawing, drawing, ever drawing. She was an exceptional artist, pencil skimming over the white page so swiftly the image appeared as if by magic, as it indeed was sometimes. Not all the time, though. Sometimes, she drew using pure skill, no magic involved at all. She was stubborn like that, softly stubborn, like reeds bending against the wind. She just liked keep it pure. She herself was so

P u r e . . .

And he. He was stern and forbidding. He was powerful, majestic sweeping silver hair, and a muscular tanned body. Orange eyes that glinted in firelight, as she often saw them. A mouth that rarely bent itself into a smile; that was generally as harsh and forbidding as the rest of his appearance, but that often seemed to be softer, somehow, whenever she saw him. And whenever he saw her, he seemed somehow

L i g h t e r . . .

He wasn't often around, usually out and about in the draughty halls of Hollow Bastion. She didn't mind that, she needed some time to herself, to recover from every moment spent in his dominant presence. And she treasured the times they had together so much, remembered them so clearly, drew them painstakingly without aid of magic to keep in her memories forever and ever, such as they were, that she didn't need to see him all the time. She felt him, and knew that he too enjoyed their quiet times, a time when he could

R e l a x . . .

He knew he was too harsh with most people. He tried not to be, when he remembered. But there was only one person who didn't irritate him, only one who soothed his spirit and was every time a calming presence. He refused to vent his anger on the delicate blonde girl, the gentle one, the amazing one. She was always so talented, ducking her head and lowering her beautiful blue eyes modestly as she described what she had drawn that day, weaving an aura of calm that was rarely there unless she was present. It was only during those times with the one he cared about most, that he could simply be, free to

E x i s t . . .

And she knew it. She knew that she was his lifeline; she acknowledged the fact as though it was always meant to be. She would just be there for him, as he would be for her. Namine would always help the hopeless; the hopeless like Ansem, who needed every last scrap of love and support they could muster.

B e c a u s e / t h e y/ j u s t / w e r e .

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