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"Inner Sakura"



Sakura's training with Tsunade to become a medical nin ( also has super human strength)

Sakura has a hidden bloodline limit? Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind elements in her control.

Sakura: Age-16 Hinata: Age-16 Neji: Age-17 Kiba: Age-17

Sasuke: Age-17 Ino: Age-16 Shikamaru: Age-17 Lee: Age- 17

Naruto: Age 17 Tenten: Age-17 Shino: Age-17 Chouji: Age-17


"ugh… 6:30am.. Who the hell wakes up at this time.."




Emerald eyes opened from the light that was peeking through the curtains of her pink and white bedroom. "shit.. that's the 3rd alarm clock this week."the pink haired girl thought.

"Maybe you should try turning it off with the snooze button" her Inner Self said in a matter of factly tone. "shut up.." She replied grumpily

"Your telling yourself to shut up you know" Her Inner self responded with the same tone. "ugh.. Whatever I'm not even going bother with you" she told her inner self.

Slowly the pink haired girl got out of her pink bed covers, and made her way to the bathroom to do her daily routine.

As the turned the shower on she stepped in letting the warm water flow on her and waking her up from her sleepiness.

After 10 minutes (don't ask how she did it that fast O.o) she stepped out letting the water drip from her pink tresses that resembled the color of a Cherry Blossom.

She slowly put her pink colored towel around her and made her way to the mirror. Over the 4 years Haruno Sakura now at the age of 16, had grown up into a woman with perfect curves and her emerald eyes still gleaming with hope.

Many males in Konoha had there eyes on leering on her, having a fan club that had was most of the male population in Konoha.

Sakura after having taken up as a apprentice of the fifth hokage Tsunade on of the legendary Sanin. Sakura who had the brute strength and medical ability that many in Konoha say that surpasses Tsunade herself.

Sakura quickly combed her pink tresses out and went off to change into her ninja training gear that consisted of a red top with the white O representing the Haruno family, and black shorts with beige skirt over it.

Once done with those Sakura walked over to her dresser taking out beige elbow covers and black gloves to help in training with Tsunade-Sensei, due to her inhuman strength she had gotten from the fourth hokage herself.

While quickly slipping her equipment on she grabbed her kunai and shuriken, and ninja shoes( sebon's and stuff.. you get it to lazy to type it all up).

She quickly ran out of her bedroom taking one quick glance ant team seven's photo her eye's lingering on the picture of a certain missing-nin.

Once reaching the bottom of the stairs, Sakura quickly grabbed a granola bar before running out of her front door. She lived alone now, her mother and father had been killed 5 months back, during a A-rank mission in a surprise assault from the enemy.

Sakura had cried for 3 days till she regained her composure knowing that her parents wouldn't have wanted her to give up all hope.

Sakura ran towards the hokages tower to continue her training with her sensei Tsunade.

The day before Tsunade-sensei had told Sakura to meet her to mower to discuss an important issue.

She hadn't told her what it was about which got her curiosity going. Sakura first thought it had something to do with Orochimaru, and Sasuke.

Sakura had grown out of her love with Sasuke, remembering how Naruto had returned to Konoha after trying to retrieve Sasuke, only to fnd out that SAsuke had almost killed Naruto.

Tsunade-sensei seemed tense which Sakura grew concerned about seeing that she was shocked at what she had read from a book she was reading.


"Sakura trainings over, lets head back to the Hokage's tower" Sakura's sensei Tsunade the fourth hokage replied.

"Hai" replied her apprentice (Sakura for those who don't know yet O.o I have no clue how you don't know).

Tsunade stood there examing the damage her apprentice Sakura had done during training.

The cliff had about 6 craters from Sakura's chakra filled punch's. there were Kunai and other weapons scattered around the area.

But one thing that caught her eye was the tree's, they seemed to be tilting in the opposite direction the wind was going.

Sakura noticed her sensei's eyebrows furrow. "Sensei?" questioned Sakura noticing her Sensei gazing off to another direction.

"hm..? Sakura good job in training today" replied Tsunade. With a nod Tsunade and her apprentice disappeared in a poof, and reappeared in the fourth Hokage's office.

" Sakura, sit down while I check a folder" Tsunade said in a serious tone which didn't go unnoticed my her apprentice. As Tsunade mad her way to the cabinets filled with folders Sakura watched her intently.

"Sensei… are you feeling ok you seem to be acting different.." Sakura stated unsurely while staring at her feet.

When Sakura looked up she notice Tsunade have a shocked look on her face. This worried Sakura so she called her sensei again. " Sensei..?" Sakura said with fear evident in her voice worried if something was wrong with her sensei.

When Tsunade looked up her face seemed tense. "Sakura.." her sensei said slowly. "yes Tsunade-sensei?".

" I would like you to meet me here tomower at 7:30am" Tsunade stated with serious tone. Sakura slowly nodded showing she understood.

"you may go, rest up for tomower" Tsunade replied in a tense voice. "hai sensei.." replied Sakura unsurely not knowing if she should ask if she was ok or not.

"um.. Tsunade-sensei are you ok..? You seem tense since we finished training.." Sakura stated worry evident in her emerald eyes that are like a mirror to her emotions.

"hm.., Sakura your dismissed I assure you I'm well" replied Tsunade trying her best to show she was well.

Sakura slowly rose from her feet and bowed respectfully before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

End Flashback

Sakura sighed knowing well that something was wrong with her sensei. "I hope she's ok she didn't seem herself yesterday".

"obviously, from what we saw yesterday" Inner Sakura stated in a matter of factly tone.

"She said for us to meet her tomower in a tone that almost sounded like she was pleading".

"hm..?" Her inner self stated with a questioning voice.

"your so useless, why are you even here?"

"to torture you for my own amusement" Inner Sakura stated with a sly smirk on her face.

"shut up will you"

"You just told yourself to shut up again" her inner self stated with a snicker near the end.

Sakura's eyebrow twitched, deciding that she would get no where with arguing with herself she decided to ignore her inner self and proceed to the Hokage's tower.