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Chapter Eight

Sora looked at seph. "What're you looking at?" he asked him sleepily

"Oh, nothing much. Just Riku," Sephiroth said with a purr.

Sora blinked and turned around, and looked at Riku. "I thought you were going to Kairi's party." he said softly

Riku smiled bitterly and leaned against the door frame "I was there. When you didn't show back up I got kinda leery and came back here, only to find this." he murmured.

Sephiroth gave Riku a slow smirk. "Don't be jealous Riku. I'm certain I could give you a go as well."

Riku looked over at Seph. "I don't think so." he spat bitterly "Your dick has probably been in at least two or three people tonight alone."

"Two, actually," Seph said, sounding pleased. "And I've had no complaints."

Sora looked at them and sighed. "If you two are going to stand here and fight, go ahead. I'm going to bed." he said softly and stepped out of the shower, dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist not giving either man a second look as he made his way out of the room

Riku looked at seph "so. what the fuck was that about?"

"Nothing much. Just thought Sora would enjoy learning what its like to have a real fuck."

"Oh? And you felt that it was your job to teach him?"

"Why not? I have the skills, Riku. It was obvious no one else was going to teach him," Sephiroth said, even as he slowly stepped out of the tub. His cock was no where near fully spent and stood proudly. He then proudly displayed his body while he moved to dry off.

Riku looked at Seph's erect length then up at the man's face blushing faintly. "I taught him what it was like to make love." he muttered "that's a lot better than a simple fuck."

"Is that so? It didn't sound that way to me," Seph purred throatily, even as he moved to dry his hair with the towel, his muscles bunching as he worked. "Besides, have you ever just had hot, wild, unrestrained sex?"

"Of course I have." Riku said as he looked at seph's body watching the man's muscles and bit back a moan

"Is that so? Then you would know that a simple fuck done properly isn't always better than making love. Especially when you want to be hot and fast and hard... and the one your with isn't ready for such a thing," Sephiroth murmured, even as he stroked a hand over his bare chest.

"If your saying that sora's not ready for commitment;I've noticed." Riku stated bluntly as he watched Seph and leaned back against the wall. "Still though, it doesn't take away the hurt. You knew he and I are a couple and you still fucked him. That's a low blow."

"Sora knew what he was doing, Riku. He wanted it. I gave it. I hate seeing a young man in need like that."

Riku sighed. "I know he knew what he was doing. I'm not saying your the only one at fault." he shrugged "it doesn't really matter to me anymore."

"Does that mean you don't want me to console you?" Sephiroth asked, even as he came over to Riku and trailed a hand down his chest.

Riku shivered and looked up at him. "Depends..is your idea of consoling me sticking your cock in my ass?"

"Oh, I don't need to fuck you to console you. At least... not that way."

"Then no. I don't want your condolences. Thanks for the offer though."

Sephiroth smirked, even as his hand trailed down to cup Riku's cock. "Does this mean you want my cock filling your ass, Riku?"

Groaning softly, Riku tilted his head back a little bit, and pushed his hips forward. "Might as well." he whispered

Sephiroth smiled and bent down, even as his damp silver blond hair caressed his cheek as he nipped at his earlobe. "So, you want to be fucked... hard, fast, and wild, correct?"

Riku gasped and shuddered. "Yes.." he whispered hotly

"So... if that's the case, Riku, why are you still dressed?" Sephiroth asked, wanting to get the young man to participate.

Pulling his shirt off, Riku unfastened his pants and slid out of them along with his boxers. Kicking them to the side he pressed himself against sephiroth, moaning softly.

Sephiroth purred, even as he nipped where his ear met his neck, even as he suckled. He then pulled the pale blond man closer to himself, pressing his hard length up against Riku's belly, even as one hand trailed down his back to caress his ass and then slip between his cheeks.

Riku moaned softly and licked seph's nipples, sucking on each of them then gently nipped at the hardened nubs. Reaching down between their bodies he wrapped his fingers around seph's length slowly stroking him, as he arched his back and spread his legs further apart giving seph better access to his pucker

With a quick motion, Sephiroth got his fingers lubed and then brought them down over Riku's ass, moving to slide a single finger deep inside his puckered opening.

Riku groaned softly he pulled away from seph a little bit, and turned around bending over in front of him. He looked at the elder man over his shoulder "Your being gentle" he purred huskily "I want it rough."

Seph raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Well, if that's the way you want it, then you'll have it that way." Not leaving any other choice, he pulled his finger out and then took position behind him. Swiftly lubing his cock, he thrust hard and fast into Riku, not bothering to stretch him any more than that one finger.

Biting down on his lip to keep from crying out in pain, Riku placed his hands on the wall, his fingers gripping it tightly. His body shook, and trembled. He took a few minutes to adjust before looking at seph again. "move." he whispered

"Are you certain?" Seph asked, even as he began to pull out of the tight passage, even as he made certain that he wasn't bleeding.

"It hurts more when your not moving." riku said "If you move and stimulate the prostate, I'm sure I'll be fine, the pain will subside."

"You would know your body best, wouldn't you?" Sephiroth asked, before beginning to pound into his body, pressing into the tight cavern over and over again, shifting to find the tight bundle of nerves so that the pain would subside.

The teen moved his hips slowly, wincing slightly. All of a sudden his eyes widened and arched his back groaning lowly, pressing back against seph, he licked his lips. "...right..there.." Riku panted

Sephiroth smirked and began to grind against him, hitting that spot over and over again. "Is that it, Riku? You like it right there?"

"Yesss...ohhh..mmm." Riku groaned lowly and pushed off the wall slamming himself back onto seph's cock crying out throatily. "..more..." he panted breathlessly.

Sephiroth pressed into his deeply, over and over again, pounding into him, pressing him into the wall. If there was a bed beneath them, it would be banging against the wall

Riku clawed at the wall, panting hotly. "seph..iroth." he groaned as he kept throwing himself back onto seph's length,shuddering. He looked over his shoulder and licked his lips

Sephiroth leaned over him as he continued to press into Riku, hot, hard, and fast. "Still say a good fuck isn't worth it?"

"N..no."riku panted hotly, he grabbed a hold of seph's hair yanking him forward and kissed him hotly, he rubbed his tongue against the elders, then ran his tongue along the man's perfect teeth, exploring his moist cavern, his body tensed up, his anal walls constricted around sephiroth's length.

Sephiroth groaned into his mouth, kissing him back, knowing the odd angle couldn't be comfortable. Even as he panted and began moving ever faster, wanting to make him cum in pleasure.

Letting go of seph, riku grabbed a hold of the wall and pushed off of it once again, panting heavily as he arched his back and came. His lips parted in a breathless gasp. He panted heavily and licked his lips, his entire body trembling from the intense orgasm

Waiting till he was almost spent, he pounded into him three more times before letting his own load go and filling the tightening passage. "Was it good for you?" he asked.

"Yes." Riku murmured softly "did you enjoy it?"

"Of course. Hot, fast, and wild sex is always a good out lit. Isn't that right, Sora?" he asked, looking over Riku's still bent form and looking toward the brunette who apparently couldn't sleep with all the noise.

Sora looked at Riku then at Sephiroth. "Yeah." he murmured softly. He ran his fingers through his unruly locks and smiled widely at Riku. "you were really loud." he teased

Sephiroth smirked and dressed, finger combing out his hair and moving to leave the two alone. He didn't expect them to say anything to him.

Riku flushed and looked down. "Sora... I... I'm sorry," he whispered, knowing he was saying sorry to being upset with him earlier, rather than his current actions. He could easily understand how the long hair silver-blond man could have swept the brunette away.

Sora tilted his head to the side. "It's alright." he said softly, he extended his hand to Riku "Come on let's go to bed, I need someone to snuggle with."

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