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You Are My Song



We've been friends for years. And now that we are about to graduate high school, you still haven't noticed. Until now, you're still too dense to realize how I really felt for you.

The piano produced an unpleasant sound.

"Daidouji-san," called the 18 year old Eriol Hiiragizawa.

"Huh?" Tomoyo gave him a quizzical look.

"You're singing the song too high." he said. "This is just a normal song, not an aria for an opera." He turned his head to the side to glimpse at his raven haired companion

"Oh..." Tomoyo absently muttered and then dissolved back to her own world.

"Are you sick?" Eriol's question came out of nowhere. "Because if you are, we shouldn't have gone through this."

"I'm not sick!" there wasn't anything wrong about the question but Tomoyo fumed in response.

Lately they've been losing their temper easily.

And that wasn't normal. It was definitely way out of the ordinary.

Eriol blinked as he stared at the girl known as the 'Tomoeda Nightingale.' His eyebrow furled as he observed her quietly.

"I think we should resume our practice tomorrow." Eriol covered the piano and stood up.

"Matte!" Tomoyo grabbed him by the shoulder as he was about to leave.

"What is it this time?" there was a mixture of annoyance in his voice. The usually gentleman like man was never this vocal in expressing his annoyance.

Tomoyo hesitated for a while. How could she dare ask Eriol to practice if she couldn't put up a good performance like the one that Eriol was currently showing off.

"Can we practice it one more time?" she stammered.

She nervously waited for his answer. But much to Tomoyo's dismay, there came a cold 'no' from the great Eriol Hiiragizawa.

Tomoyo was about to stop him once more. But before she knew it, Eriol was already out of sight.

Frown lines started to form on Tomoyo's forehead. The day before yesterday, yesterday and today, he stormed out of the music room due to too much annoyance.

All because of her lack of concentration.

"How many times do this things have to happen?" she mentally asked herself but wasn't able come up with any useful answer.

"Oh, I'm hopeless." Tomoyo sighed and decided to leave the room now.

There was no use remaining there.

She was about to slid the door close when something caught her attention. Tomoyo went back to see what it was.

Once it was on her hands, she realized that it was a piano piece. The title read, 'You Are my Song.'

"I love this song." Tomoyo said. "I'll return it to him today."

She decided to drop by his house and return the piano piece to him. When she reached the Hiiragizawa doorstep, she was greeted by the ever perky Nakuru Akizuki.

"Good afternoon Tomoyo-chan." She half-screamed, half-squealed while giving the Daidouji Heiress a bone crushing hug.

"Good afternoon Nakuru." She greeted back in between. "Where is Hiiragizawa-san?" Tomoyo asked, this time starting to become blue due to oxygen deprivation .

"Baka, you're killing Daidouji-san." A black flying feline slowly floated behind the moon guardian.

Nakuru was about to throw the spatula she's holding when she realized that 'Suppi-chan' was telling the truth. She quickly let go of the suffocating maiden while throwing a lot of apologies. Tomoyo was kind enough to assure her that it's quite alright. She then simply turned to Spinel Sun to mouth a 'thank you' when Nakuru was not looking.

She was then informed their master is currently in his study. They allowed her to go on her way with further assistance. After all, it was her. She knew the confines of the manor like it was hers as well. What she didn't know was Nakuru was silently praying to the heavens that it be so.

Tomoyo stood for a moment and stared at the door. For some reason, she felt kind of nervous as if she's walking towards her impending doom

"Come in." a deep masculine voice said.

Tomoyo shakily entered the room.

"Hello, Hiiragizawa-san." She greeted. Good thing she still have her Daidouji poise to keep her emotions and actions at bay.

"What are you doing here?" he bluntly asked.

How rude of him.

"I just want to return something." Tomoyo pretended not to be offended by his uncharacteristic behavior and stammered.

"What is it?" he curiously asked.

She handed out the piano piece. Eriol wordlessly took it. When the sheet of paper was out of her grasp, Tomoyo asked.

"That's all?" she asked.

Eriol looked up at her.

"You'll just receive it and then it's over? No thank you?" she was hurt about Eriol's rudeness.

He wasn't like this.

How she wondered what has gone into him.

"Thank you." Eriol said without meaning it. "You could leave now."

That's it.

He had hurt her enough.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Tomoyo growled.

"Nothing." Eriol unaffectedly shrugged. "Is something wrong?" he threw Tomoyo's question back at her.

"I don't know what has gotten into you but please!" she shouted. "Would stop acting like that! I'm having a hard time to understand you."

"Acting like what Daidouji-san?" he pried. "I didn't know my display of less desirable behavior will affect you so much"

Tomoyo wanted to cry and did her best to hold back her tears that are threatening to fall anytime. She sensed that her emotion is getting the better of her and it's never a good thing to happen. Instead of answering his inquiry, she decided to divert their conversation into something else.

"Okay. Off with that topic. Could I possibly ask you if we could change the song that I'm going to sing?" she calmly asked.

"Why would I do that then?" Eriol adjusted his glasses.

It was really a good thing that he didn't push any further and went along with her charade. But why should he change the song anyway.

"So I could sing better." She told him. It's the closest thing that she got on the truth.

Eriol remained silent for some time.

And then,

"There is nothing wrong with the song. The problem rests in you and whatever thing that was bothering you." He pointed-out-as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Then let us see about that." Tomoyo dared. She suddenly had a new found confidence to challenge his opinion"Let's see if your speculation is right. You play. I'll sing. If I won't be able to sing it beautifully, then so be it."


Eriol stood up from his chair.

"Sure. I guess granting your request won't kill."

They went to his music room.

Once there, Eriol sat on the piano and laid the piano piece. "I'll play, you sing." Was his curt order.

The sooner he said it, the sooner the song was heard around the house.

The rest lies to Tomoyo. He saw her stand a few inches away from the piano.

She closed her eyes and began singing the song.

You are the song

Playing so softly in my heart

I reach for you

You seem so near And yet so far

I hate you for you're so dense.

I hope and I pray

You'll be with me someday

I know down inside

That you are mine & I'm your true love

Or am I dreaming...

But I can't deny that I love you.

Tomoyo continued to sing as she pondered with her thoughts.

The music continued to go around and was heard all over the Hiiragizawa manor. The sound of the piano and her angelic voice blended wonderfully as if the music came from heaven. All was well and fine when,

Tomoyo suddenly burst out crying.

Eriol stopped playing the piano upon hearing her muffled cry. He gave her a questioning gaze as he wondered what went wrong this time around. He left the piano and headed towards Tomoyo's crying figure. He came closer and closer though he was unsure of what the hell was wrong with her.

"Daidouji-san, what's up with you now?" Eriol stubbornly asked. He knew full well that that is not the right manner to approach a crying maiden. But heck, formalities would be the last thing on his mind

Tomoyo looked up at him and stared.. Eriol,on the other hand, came closer still hoping that Tomoyo would answer his question. But much to his dismay, what Tomoyo did was to give him a hard slap across his face. Eriol then backed away a little. His face was now red with rage. He gave Tomoyo a lethal glare before shouting at her.


Tomoyo continued to cry.


The usually cool, composed and well-mannered Londoner snapped.

Tomoyo then looked at him. She was rather hesitant on what to do next.

"Do you really want to know?" she brokenly asked.

"After what you just did….." he said. "Yes woman, I NEED TO KNOW!"



"I - I." she said. "I hate you. You're so dense. There, I said it. Happy?!"

"Me dense?" Eriol asked in disbelief. "How come?"

"How come!" Tomoyo looked at him. "Because you're so dense to know that I am in love with you!" Tomoyo almost screamed the last part.

Eriol was shocked.

All this time, he never knew.

To hell with his anger earlier. The infamous Tomoeda Nightingale just confessed that she has special feelings towards him.

"To-mo-yo, I'm sorry." he said. "I didn't know." he stammered.

"Of course you don't know!" Tomoyo piped. "Because you're dense. Because you're too blind to notice!"

"How on earth am I so dense?!" Eriol asked. "You never told me for crying out loud."

"I never told you?!" Tomoyo angrily asked. "I've been leaving clues to make you realize how I felt for you. Those clues are way to obvious that almost everybody notices!" she spat. "Well of course, that apparently excludes. You really defied any cosmic laws in existence."

Eriol shook his head. "I'm sorry but I can hardly remember how you left some clues." he answered.

Almost after the minute he said those words, memories started to come back to him.

It was Valentines Day and Tomoyo Daidouji was in front of his doorstep.

She brought some chocolate for him.

"Thank you Dadouji-san." Eriol said. "It's so kind of you."

"You're welcome Eriol-kun." she said and then kissed Eriol's cheek. "You're special to me. Really, really special." she whispered to him.\




And then,

"Why aren't looking for a boyfriend yet?" Eriol asked the grinning Tomoyo.

"Because," Tomoyo smiled. "I already knew who I wanted to be with and I'm waiting for him to come and get me."

"Ho, ho." Eriol said. "Who is this lucky guy?" he asked while trying to conceal his jealousy.

"Someone who is close to me. Someone that was always there for me whenever I need him. Just like you." Tomoyo told him.

"I see." Eriol nodded his head. "Like me." he repeated.




"I'm sorry Tomoyo-chan." he said.

" Sorry?" she asked. "Is that all you got to say! Sorry!" her expression was hurt.

"But," Eriol interjected.

"But what?" she asked.

"I, I..." Eriol stammered.

I thought you were in love with someone else.

I thought you were thinking of someone whenever we practice.

I thought you don't have special feelings towards me.

I thought...

"I'm sorry Daidouji-san." Eriol said. "I just misunderstood you." he confessed.

Tomoyo stared at him. Her eyes showed her need for answers.

"What do you mean?" she curiously asked.

"I, I..." Eriol hesitated.

How could he tell her.

It's so hard.

But, there it goes.

"I'm sorry Daidouji-san!" he said. "I just thought that you were in love with someone else that's why I'm jealous!" he blurted out. "I'm such a coward so I wasn't able to tell you how I really feel for you! I'm afraid that I will lose you because you might avoid me once you learn my true feelings."

Tomoyo blinked.

It was unbelievable. All this time, they felt the same way towards each other. Maybe she was wrong. He wasn't the only one who was dense. She's like him as well. Eriol was jealous because he thought that she was in love with someone else. She saw Eriol's previous expressions and took it for granted.

"You," Tomoyo stammered. "You're in love with me too?"

Eriol nodded.

"Oh my God." Tomoyo uttered.

Eriol approached her and then he cuddled her.

It feels so good. His warmth, his essence. It felt so right. So right that she does not want to let go. This was the moment that she had dreamt for so long. And now, it finally came true.

"I love you Daidouji-san." he whispered.

Tomoyo smiled.

"I love you too Eriol-kun." she answered back.

As of now, nothing could be more perfect.

The End