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Love or Lust?

Chapter Two: Revelations

Hermione was slowly making her way to Gryffindor Tower after spending all evening by Harry's side. He still hadn't woken up; he must've taken that spell pretty hard for it to knock him out for almost three days. Hermione was exhausted and was looking forward to her nice warm bed even though she knew she probably wouldn't sleep a wink. Even so she was walking at a slow pace. Ron had told her he would wait up for her but Hermione didn't really want to see him. She had felt uncomfortable around him ever since the incident. She wasn't sure if it was because she blamed him for what had happened or because she felt guilty of her newfound feelings for Harry. She knew that she was in no state to control her emotions so she preferred to avoid him in case she may say something she may regret.

She sighed and turned a corner almost running straight into Dean Thomas. He jumped in shock. "Oh sorry Hermione. I didn't see you there." He paused for a moment before asking carefully. "How's Harry?"

Hermione shrugged indifferently. "The same as the past few days. Hasn't said a word and has hardly moved a muscle."

"Oh," Dean nodded uncomfortably.

There was a silence and the two of them stood there deep in thought. Hermione sighed. "I can't believe this situation, it all seems like a dream. But then I see Harry lying there. Unmoving, almost . . . lifeless." She bit her lip. "Then it all becomes so real and – well – I'm sorry Dean, I just never thought any of us would end up in this situation."

Dean shrugged. "None of us did. I thought something bad would come from all this but I never imagined something of this magnitude. You are right, it is kind of unbelievable."

Hermione studied his face. Normally Dean was always smiling and joking and he didn't let things get to him. But ever since the incident on the top of the Astronomy Tower he has become so much more serious and a smile is rare. She could tell that he was lacking sleep because of the noticeable dark rings under his eyes. His eyes used to sparkle with mischief but now they seemed dull and somehow shielded. Hermione wondered if she had changed as much.

"I can't," continued Dean hesitantly. "I can't help but think that maybe, maybe if I could have stopped him, talked some sense into him then . . . this wouldn't have happened." Hermione saw the strain on his face.

"No Dean," she looked into his eyes. "No way is this your fault. This is no one's fault, this is just the way everything turned out. I don't think anyone could have stopped Harry anyway." A thought of Ron popped into her head but she put it to the back of her mind. She still hadn't forgiven Ron and he was bewildered by her iciness towards him but she couldn't bring herself to face the issue.

He shook his head his gaze shifting to the floor. "But, if I had just done something sooner, then, then maybe." Hermione saw a flicker of guilt in his eyes.

"What do you mean?"

He sighed. "Seamus and I waited up for you guys that night. We were worried but we didn't want to risk leaving Gryffindor Tower. I decided that we should tell someone. Seamus didn't want to get you guys in trouble but I said that you guys might be in more trouble by yourselves. In the end I went and told Professor McGonagall. Seamus stayed behind to make sure you guys didn't come back while I was gone. McGonagall made me wait in her office while she went to see Dumbledore. I was in there for at least an hour and when she came back she told me everything. I was so worried but she made me go back to the common room. Seamus was still waiting but he had no idea of what had gone on. I'm sorry Hermione, I shouldn't have told on you guys."

Hermione was shocked. "There is no need to be sorry Dean! If you hadn't done that then who knows what would have happened. We should be thanking you for doing that."

Dean still looked ashamed but didn't reply.

Hermione placed a comforting hand on his shoulder but then dropped it just as quickly. "So where are you headed?"

Dean was grateful to the change in topic. "Well, I was going to visit Harry. You?"

She shrugged. "The common room. I just came from the Hospital Wing and Harry's much the same as ever."

"Ah well maybe I won't go then. I did just finish an exhausting essay on unicorns for Care of Magical Creatures and you look like you could use some company." Dean looked at her questioningly.

Hermione smiled, the first one in days. "Thanks Dean."

They walked back the way Dean had come and entered the Gryffindor common room. Hermione spotted Ron in an armchair just as he looked in her direction. For a moment their eyes locked and Hermione could see hurt and confusion in Ron's stare. Hermione looked away her heart thudding painfully in her chest and sat down with Dean in front of the fire. She could feel Ron's gaze on the back of her head but tried to ignore it.

She sighed and snuggled into the chair. "It feels good to be sitting on something other than that hard wooden chair in the hospital wing."

Dean laughed as she bounced slightly in the chair. "At least you haven't been running around to classes all day. You can pretty much relax all day."

"Yeah but I still have to do the homework, which is good because then I have something to do."

"I should give you my homework seeing as you have so much more time to do it than me," Dean joked.

Hermione smiled and opened her mouth to reply when Ron stepped in front of her. She looked up at him with surprise.

"Hermione," Ron began, a hard tone in his voice. "I don't know why you're avoiding me all of a sudden but I am getting sick of it very quickly. If you have a problem come talk to me about it instead of ignoring me. Until then I'll keep out of your way seeing as that seems to be what you want."

"Ron," began Hermione. "I , well . . . maybe that would be best, for the moment." She felt small sitting in the chair with him towering over her.

Ron's eyes flashed angrily. "Fine." He stalked off.

She sighed and put her head in her hands.

Dean looked at her. "What was all that about?"

"It's complicated."

He shrugged. "Everyone says that."

She didn't say anything.

Dean shook his head. "It's okay, you don't have to talk about it. It's none of my business anyway."

Hermione looked up and gave him a small smile. "Thanks Dean, it's no big deal really. I'm sure we'll sort it out." She sounded a lot more confident then she felt.

He nodded dismissively and changed the subject. They talked casually for a while until Hermione felt her eyelids begin to droop. She was about to excuse herself for bed when Ron came through the portrait a strange look on his face. To Hermione's surprise he came over to them.

"Harry's awake," he gasped.

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