I Surrender

Chapter 1

"Excuse me miss…Can you let me know what time the hotel pool is open?" A bald hair cover man with too many piercing's asked me…as I was sitting behind the front desk, checking through the computer for open rooms…I looked up and smiled and said, "Yes sir…The pool is open Monday-Friday 3 a.m. to 12 a.m. Saturday all day…Closes Sunday at 4 a.m. to be cleaned on a weekly basis…" The man smiled warmly and said, "Thank you young lady..." I said, "You're very welcome sir."

As I watch the man walk away, just as two gigantic men approached the desk and one said, "We reserved two rooms darlin'…" I said, "And you're names please." He said, "Mark Callaway and Glenn Jacobs." I smiled and said, "Thank you sir." I typed their names into the computer and they both came up…

I looked up from the computer monitor and said, "Yes sir…right here…You have side by side rooms with king size beds and a wake up call for 4:30 am…correct?" The man with the piercing emerald green eyes smiled and said, "Yes ma'am." I said, "Well, Mr. Callaway you are in room 2525 and Mr. Jacobs you are in room 2527. The rooms are on the 5th floor…the elevators are to you're left…as soon as you hit the 5th floor, the rooms will be directly to your right and across the hall from the elevator…if you would like room service hit 92 on the phone…here are you're room keys…and I hope you enjoy your stay in Raleigh, (North Carolina)." And then smiled.

The blue eyed beauty behind the front desk was a gorgeous raven haired beauty that had red streaks in her waist length hair…Mark said, "Thank you very much darlin'…Glenn lets go drop this shit off and grab some grub." Glenn smiled and said, "Hell yes…" As the two men walked away from my counter…I couldn't help but notice the green eyed, tattoos covered, long haired guy was extremely sexy…and damn did his eyes eat a hole through me.

A familiar voice said, "Sandra…Hey…earth to Sandra." I turned to my right and there were the two most talented brothers in the wrestling business today. And they just happen to be my brothers too…I smiled and said, "Mattie (Matt Hardy)…Skittles (Jeff Hardy)." I walked around the desk and gave my brothers a huge hug…Jeff said, "How long are you working till tonight?" I said, "I'm afraid I don't get off for another 4 hours at 11…Are you guys staying here, or are you going to Cameron to see dad?" Matt said, "We're going to run to Cameron and see dad…But well be back in the morning to take you to breakfast…"

I said, "Where's Ames & Veronica?" Matt said, "Their in the gift shop looking over a few things, they were thinking of buying…" I said, "Will they be joining us tomorrow morning?" Jeff said, "Are you crazy….we have a day off and you think were going to wake them up just to have breakfast…they both love to sleep way too much." I giggled and said, "Okay, then I'll see you two in the morning…I need to run…I see another crowd of your people are waiting for their rooms."

I gave them hugs again and ran over behind the desk to greet more of the guests…and get them all checked in…

By the way, My name is Cassandra Hardy…Obviously you know my two crack head brothers Matt and Jeff…they are the dangerous terror twin wrestling duo…I have never known two guy in my life who loved being thrown through tables as much as those two do. Most people just call me Sandra…I'm 19 years old…and I've been the executive director at the Hilton hotel in Raleigh for almost a full year now…I've been working here since I was 15…I started out cleaning rooms and then moved to cooking…and then just kept working my way up the chain. I'm 5'9" and 125lbs…I have blue eyes and right now I have black hair with red streaks in it…obviously I love dying my hair just as much as my brother Jeff…