Summary: Rei was Minako's assigned bodyguard and lover. After getting forcefully separated from each other by an incident, will they manage to see each other again? Of course, but Minako didn't remember anything. AU & OC ReiXMinako yuri/shoujo-ai BSSM-based characters

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I'll Protect You

By: Rune Stine

Chapter One: Homecoming

Fame. Success. My very own concert. This was all I ever wanted. However, there was something that I have been longing. The desperate need to finally meet the person I wanted to spend my life with. Someone I can smile and be with. Someone I can trust, the only one that I can't live a day without. I never thought of it until recently. Have I been so occupied with my career that I never realized that there was something missing all along?

Minako Aino, a famous singer all over Europe and Asia had just finished her concert in a big theater in Paris. As she headed towards the backstage a tall, slim short-haired blonde woman immediately approached her.

"Aino we better hurry, we still have a flight to catch!" said her Irish manager.

"Can't we just rest for a while? I'm a little tired..." The pop star complained.

"You can take a rest in the plane, besides it is a twelve-hour ride. Aren't you excited to come back in Japan, your homeland?"

"Of course I am! It's just that...geez, after an exhausting concert, a homecoming flight?" Minako pouted.

"We are saving your precious schedule Aino, and we're not going there for flirting." Said her manager as they walked out of the backstage to the dressing room, Minako puffed her cheeks in annoyance.

"Who says I'm going to just flirt around?"

"You know what I'm talking about. The last time you broke up with that boyfriend of yours you started listening to those hard metal songs." Wendy sighed in dismay. Minako sweat dropped.

"It was his fault. He cheated."

"Well, they all did. The three of them." The manager replied. Minako pouted again. Then she frowned.

"They couldn't understand the nature of my job. Eventually they got tired of trying to understand me. Saying that I'm just a spoiled pop star doing whatever I want. Who do they think they are? Asking me to choose between them and my career?"

"Try to be in their shoes, too. There are men like that. But all they ever want is your attention, you know. They just wanted to be with you."

"I know that. But what they did to me was unforgivable...I was even thinking of just focusing on my career. No more men for me. I had so many things in mind that I want to do once we arrive in Japan." Minako finally said.

"I'm telling you we're not on vacation. We will only stay there for more than a week." Wendy reminded sternly.


Meanwhile in Tokyo Police Headquarters...

"We are assigned for the security of the pop star Minako Aino and her concert here in Tokyo. Therefore we must provide Aino-san a personal bodyguard in order to protect her." The head chief of the police said, lecturing his policemen what to do. The moment he said the pop star needed a personal bodyguard, they made an 'ahem' noise so the head chief would notice. They wanted to be Minako Aino's personal bodyguard. However, the head chief won't choose any of them. Moments after the lecture, there was a sound of a door being opened. A not so tall but young girl about 18 years young with long, smooth black hair and shining amethyst eyes came in.

"Oh there you are Hino, just the right person for the job!" The head chief said as he approached the raven-haired girl.

"What did I do? I'm just five minutes late, right? Please don't make me clean your office again, chief!" Her pleading face wasn't fit for her overall serious look, but she was still beautiful nevertheless.

"No, it's not that, Rei! Sit down first and listen to me." The head chief hastily said to make it clear for the young police woman. She sighed in relief and sat on the nearest chair. She noticed that all her fellow policemen were glaring at her.

"What are you guys staring at!? Are you here for a death wish??" Rei reached for her pistol as her temper began. She was famous for being short-tempered. They gulped and quickly turned their eyes away from her.

"Now, now Hino, calm yourself down okay? I told you to listen to me." The head chief said as his radar detected Rei's temper meter rising up, thankfully Rei obeyed their head chief and started to listen.

"Hino, since you are the most outstanding female agent here I can provide, I'll give you a very special task." The head chief voiced enthusiastically. He thought of this carefully, Rei may be too young but she was a very brave and a very talented police officer. She could have been on a better ranking. However, for the head chief, Rei still needed experience and he thought that she was just too young for everything. Maybe he was just worried for this girl. Having to include a teenager on dangerous missions bothered him each time. Rei just turned nineteen after all. He decided to assign the girl to something less dangerous.

"Really chief? You sure are energetic I ask what it is? Is it a kidnap or a murder case? A surprise operation?" Rei asked excitedly like this was going to be some challenge.

"Well actually, none of what you mentioned has anything to do with what I'm going to assign you."

"What do you mean? Then what kind of case is this?"

"It's the hell am I going to explain this...oh, yeah. I know you are familiar of Minako Aino, our very own Japanese pop star who became well known all over Asia and Europe. She will be arriving here tomorrow morning and we, the Tokyo National Police are assigned for all security sorts and measures for Aino-san's safety." The head chief stated.

"So, what are we suppose to do there?" Asked Rei.

"We? No Hino, you're not included with us. We are going to check and prepare all the area for security of her upcoming concert in the Tokyo dome. And you? I will assign you as Minako Aino's personal bodyguard." The head chief finally announced. It took all the time in the world for Rei to realize what he said, and she seems unhappy with it.



As Minako Aino and her crew got inside the plane to Japan she gave a last look at what she's going to miss. She's finally coming home. It had been almost two years. She really missed her parents and friends there. She can't wait to see what changes had happened to her homeland. She'll definitely enjoy her homecoming. Although she won't be staying there for long, she won't listen to what her manager had said. What if the love of her life was just out there in Japan waiting for her? She doesn't have any idea what's in store for her.

"Hey Aino, you're day dreaming again."

"Of course I am! Imagine not seeing your homeland for about two years? I'm so excited! But wait a minute...where bodyguards?" Minako searched for her bodyguards. They were always behind her back since she started to become famous. They may look buff be like women, but Minako treated them as friends when they were together in every concerts.

"They can't join you in Japan, they were re-assigned to London for the fashion designer Les Grande' Mercile." Her manager replied. Wendy seemed to have expected that Minako would look for them.

"Oh, is that so? I'm going to miss them, they're really nice. So I don't have bodyguards for the meantime?" Minako thought that this was a very perfect opportunity to sneak out and do something wild once she arrived there. She felt like a teen rebel all of a sudden. She had been surrounded by over protective people who knew her every move. It was her chance to stay away from them, even for a just a day.

"I've taken care of that. The Tokyo National Police Headquarters had provided you a personal bodyguard, and she will meet us tomorrow to escort you to the hotel."

"Wait, personal bodyguard? You mean they sent me a pet dog to follow me around?" Minako asked in disbelief. Her great one-day escape plan was ruined in an instant. She sulked and imagined a worry-free looking Japanese girl following her around, but that was inappropriate. This bodyguard was probably as big and as mean looking like her bodyguards in Europe.

"What's the difference? Your bodyguards follow you around too, right?"

"But they've been my bodyguards and friends for almost a year and I get along with them." Minako frowned.

"Come on Aino, you'll only be spending a week with this person." With this, Minako smiled a bit. Then her manager added,

"Well, you should rest and sleep. We have a lot to do once we arrive there."

"I will." Minako rested her body on the couch-like plane seat.


Back in Tokyo National Police Headquarters

"What do you mean I'm going to be Minako Aino's personal bodyguard?! The word 'Bodyguard'? I understand that, but PERSONAL BODYGUARD?! Come on chief! I'm not a baby sitter, have someone else do it!" It was obvious that Rei didn't like the assigned job. So what if that's Minako Aino?

"Hino, there is no one better that I can think of other than you. Besides, we need a girl for this job, not a bunch of perverts in here! Since you're almost as old as Aino-san I'm sure you can get along with her." The head chief explained.


"No buts Hino or you'll be suspended for a year!"

"Argh...Yes sir." Rei bowed in defeat.

"Meet her tomorrow six in the morning, better not be late Hino or I'll make you clean my office for a month. Now you're dismissed, and make sure to rest and sleep early tonight." The Chief warned. Rei sighed and mumbled incoherently.


Rei woke up five in the morning; she prepared all her things including her 'Bodyguard' uniform. She took a warm shower before going to the Tokyo International Airport. It was 5:45 in the morning, 15 minutes before the plane from England arrives. She made it sure that she won't be late, or she'll spend half of her life cleaning their head chief's office. As she arrived in the airport she was welcomed by the airport assistants who expected her arrival. Some of them looked at her with lust in their eyes. Some were waiting eagerly for a certain pop star.

She noticed there were a lot of Minako fans waiting. They were looking overly excited. It must be because Minako Aino was coming and they were dying to see the pop star. The security was all over the area as she expected. And there were groups of media and reporters waiting for the pop star outside the airport main gate, she chuckled. They had no idea Aino-san won't be going out of the main gate.

Finally, it's 5:55am when the plane finally arrived.

"This is it." Rei whispered to herself as she fixed her coat, her hands were shaking a bit. Wait, why was she nervous? Well, Aino Minako's a big shot that's why. Rei kept her serious look and walked towards the backdoor waiting area. The stairs were already connected to the door of the plane.

As the door opened, Minako's crew came out first, and next were her dancers. Finally Minako Aino came out with a waving hand followed by her manager. Some of her fans who managed to get in screamed her name at the top of their lungs. Rei's mouth left slightly opened. Her fellow agents weren't joking when they mentioned Minako Aino was extremely beautiful. Minako had a long golden blonde hair, very nice and slender figure, skin a bit tan but smooth and flawless, must be from enjoying under the sun last summer. And Rei had witnessed the liveliest smile she only once saw in televisions, including the pair of live ocean blue eyes which glitter with joy and excitement. She never thought Minako Aino was this beautiful in person. True, she wasn't a fan of the pop star. But after seeing Minako in person, she had become interested and curious.

Rei removed her cool 'agent' sunglasses as she approached Minako and her manager. Minako's manager seemed to expect Rei. Minako on the other hand, seemed like her world had stopped for a second.

'Whoa, is this my personal bodyguard?' Minako blushed as Rei made a slight bow to show her respect.

'Who could resist someone this, she is far from that, and she looked awesome!' She had imagined her new personal bodyguard to be big and a bit masculine just like what her bodyguards in England looked like. This was far from what she imagined.

This personal bodyguard was perfect in any angle; 5'9'' tall, long black hair that show shades of purple when light passed through it, though it is pony tailed. Almost milk white skin, and for the first time in her life, she saw a pair of glowing amethyst eyes. The most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen in her entire life. Not to mention the cool uniform she's wearing, a black suit with probably white long sleeves inside her dress, a cute brown necktie with white strips hanging on her sexy neck and slim black slacks paired her blouse and black shoes. They can tell she's the expected bodyguard because of the earphone that Rei was wearing in her ears. (I remembered Agent Smith from The Matrix trilogy. ^^)

'Maybe...could it be?'

"You must be the one that the Tokyo police had sent." Said Minako's manager.

"Indeed, I'm agent Hino Rei. Pleased to meet you miss...?"

Rei she expected the manager to continue her speech.

"...Wendy Denverland, I'm Minako Aino's manager. And she's here right beside me." her manager said as she pointed her hand to Minako, who blushed and waved cutely at her. Minako's manager was thankful that this Japanese agent could speak English, not mention how fluent it was. Rei reached her hand to shake Wendy's hand and then turned to shake hands with Minako, whose blush had worsened as she reached her own hand to the woman in front of her.

"It's nice to meet you Aino-san. And welcome back!" 'God, Minako's hands were really soft...' Rei's smile was a bit forced but both Minako and Wendy never noticed. Rei was never good at conversations. She had practiced the 'Welcome back' line for almost fifteen minutes before taking her shower this morning.

"Nice to meet you too..." Minako giggled and whispered 'cutie' when she turned and faced the direction of her manager. They all walked to the hallway of the airport, and the excited airport assistants were calling and waving to Minako who exchanged smiles and waved her hands to them. They went to the very back of the airport to avoid reporters and media, which Wendy had requested to the Police.

"Tokyo N-P-H, this is Raven speaking." Rei said as she held the speaker of her earphone.

"Tokyo N-P-H this is Condor come in, Raven." A male voice came out from Rei's earphone.

"Yes Condor, I have pop star and her manager here. We are heading to the Hotel." Rei said as she assisted Minako and Wendy inside the black luxury limousine. Then she got herself inside the car on the driver's seat and started the engine to drive. Great. Now I'm a chauffeur.

"Whoa! Rei is she really there with you right now? What does she looked like in person?" 'Condor' asked. She heard the other voices of her fellow police in the earphone said 'Yeah Rei, what did she look like?' and 'Rei, get her autograph for us pleeeeaaassseee!' Rei's gritted her teeth.

"Autograph your ass, go ask for it yourselves! I'm not doing any favors from you guys!" Rei hissed, having the great difficulty to control her annoyance and keep her eyes on the road at the same time. She realized she wasn't alone, she blushed profusely.

"...s-sorry about that..." Rei said with an honest apology. Minako just giggled, Wendy blinked a few times then smiled a bit. Rei placed her hand on her forehead as she slapped herself mentally for embarrassing herself.

"Big boss is going to make me clean his office forever if he hears this..." Rei mumbled and sweat dropped, Minako was just watching her with amusement. She heard what the cute policewoman had whispered.

Rei sighed then continued as she kept her eyes on the road while driving.

"Welcome to Tokyo. I'll be driving you to a five star hotel. It will be a short ride but please make yourselves comf--"

"Do you like music, Rei-san?" The pop star started.

"E-eh? Well...I guess I do."

"What type of song you like the most?"

"Whatever that sounds pleasing to my ears. I prefer instrumental songs though." Rei could tell that Minako was a bit disappointed that she doesn't like pop too much. She was just answering the pop star's question honestly. But the blonde girl still smiled nonetheless.

"Are you staying with us? You're my personal bodyguard right?" Minako asked Rei with a husky voice. For some reason, she felt like flirting. Rei looked young and timid. Minako could tell that this girl was the serious type, her type. Did it mean that she liked girls? No, Minako thought. She never felt any attraction from a girl before. Not to mention that she was a celebrity and was always surrounded by handsome and beautiful people. However, the raven-haired girl before her right now was an exception.

"Uh...well...I don't know. I'll have to ask my superior about that once we arrive at the hotel." Rei suddenly felt a little discomfort when she heard the 'staying' thing. Wendy was mildly surprised that Minako started a conversation with the bodyguard. It was a bit awkward for Minako to be the one interviewing somebody else. As for Rei, she wanted to get to the hotel as soon as possible. For a short drive this sure was the longest.


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