Summary: Rei is Minako's assigned bodyguard and lover. After getting forcefully separated from each other by an incident, will they manage to see each other again? Of course, but Minako doesn't remember anything. AU & OC ReiXMinako yuri/shoujo-ai BSSM-based characters

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Chapter Twenty Three: How We Spent the Night

Rei held Minako's head lovingly. She looked at the blonde's eyes. They were tired, but still sparkly and beautiful.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were here? I would have recognized you." Minako started.

"I wanted to, really. But..." Rei did not continue, because she promised Sanctuary not to tell anyone about them.


"You...were confused. I've been watching you from television and once I tried to chase after you because you were running and crying that time. That was like four days ago. When I got the chance to talk to pushed me away." Rei said, embarrassingly.

Minako went pale as she recalled that day. 'So it wasn't a dream after all.'

"I...thought that you already remembered, and hated me for all the things that happened to you. I'm sorry." Rei said guiltily. Minako looked at her surprisingly and held her lover's hand.

"I would never hate you Rei-chan! I'm sorry I was just so confused at that time."

"You don't have to apologize." Rei said as she fixed Minako's blonde hair, she cursed mentally when she realized that Minako wasn't wearing any coat to warm her, and she's starting to feel the climate.

Rei immediately removed her lavender fur coat and wrapped it to her lover's fragile body.

"B-but Rei-chan what about you, you'll catch a cold!" Minako tried to remove the fur coat but Rei hugged her tight.


"Save the talk later. Let's go to where I'm staying at. I really missed you, Minako." Rei whispered to blonde's ear. Minako blushed and leaned her head to her lover's.

"You never fail to dazzle me...I'm all yours." She whispered shyly. Rei raised the hood of the fur coat and covered Minako's head to hide the pop star's identity. Rei once again kissed her blonde princess lovingly before gently letting go.

"Where are you going?" Minako asked as Rei picked up the books she bought that laid on the snowy ground.

"I'm going to call a cab or something available for us to ride." The pop star followed her and helped Rei pick up her books.

"Rei-chan, I want to walk with you." Rei looked up, a little surprised. Minako's gaze was slowly melting the former policewoman. The blonde looked like a snow princess with her lavender winter coat.

"Aren't you tired?" The raven-haired girl asked worriedly. Minako shook her head.

"I've always wanted to do this with you. I think now is the perfect time." The blonde replied, blushing. Rei couldn't help but to smile. She picked up the last book and returned it to the paper bag with the rest of the books before standing up.

Minako noticed that Rei's clothes were not just ordinary clothes. Selected stores sell Rei's fit checkered blazer. Although the combination of grey and black only made Rei look more reserved, she still looked great overall along with the plain blue denims and brown laced high-heeled boots that was inches below her knees. How Rei could afford it didn't matter to Minako. She thought that it looked really good on her girlfriend.

"So...What have you been doing when I'm not around?" The blonde asked. Rei didn't expect that question soon enough.

"W-well...I've been working undercover." The raven-haired girl replied. Minako wasn't satisfied with her answer though. The last vision came through her mind once again and made her nervous all of a sudden. Back in Tokyo, before they parted, Rei was yelling her name. Her tears were mixing with the blood flowing from her head injury. Minako wanted to move, and tell her that she's fine, but couldn't. Although she knew better that she was far from that.

"You're head was bleeding." Minako said without thinking. Rei looked at her with disbelief and started to wipe her head with her free hand and looked back at it.

"I don't see any blood." Rei said, her insides starting to panic. Minako looked at her lover's frightened face and giggled.

"Silly Rei-chan."

"Hey, now I'm silly." Rei snapped. She was obviously annoyed at that moment. Minako giggled because that part of Rei never changed. Her smile slowly faded as she recalled every detail before they got separated.

"Come on, hear me out first. The last time I remembered...before I lost my memories...You were taken by a group of foreigners...Who are they? Did they hurt you? Why did they take you away from me?" The blonde girl looked at her lover worriedly. Rei on the other hand was surprised at the sudden interrogation. She thought her answer carefully, making sure that there wouldn't be any lie and wouldn't blow up her cover at the same time.

"...They are...They're my new companions...they helped me save you from the people who almost took you away from me that time...However, they needed something from me, and they didn't want you to be involved. That's why they took me away without you. I didn't have enough consciousness to refuse and fight from having myself taken away from you against my will. Minako, this is what I really want to tell you last time but..." Rei was standing in front of Minako, holding her blonde love's timid shoulders. The former pop star felt her beloved's burden. It was like Rei was caught in the middle of something mysterious and dangerous at the same time. After all the confession Minako finally understood why Rei needed to hide something from her until now. It was all for her, for her safety, for her sake, and for their love.

Minako shoved Rei's hair and caressed her ruby lips as slow as she wished she could. The former cop looked at her anxiously. Her amethyst eyes filled with emotions that Minako missed so badly.

"Rei-chan, I'm sorry that I thought you were hiding things from me because I thought you didn't trust me enough. I just realized that it wasn't fair of me to expect what you should be doing..."

"I'm so glad you understand. I know it's also unfair that I couldn't tell you everything right now but me no matter what. And when I say 'I love you'...I mean it. You're the only reason why I'm enduring right now, the only reason why I have not given up after almost losing everything. I need you more than any entity in this world."

The former pop star smiled, tears falling from her eyes as she mentally repeated Rei's heart-flattering words. She would definitely remember those words for the rest of her life. Rei must have been very, very lonely without her. She felt guilty again for not being at her lover's side when they needed each other most. But now that they're together, she would never let anyone get in the way of their love. Rei wiped the tears as she appreciated Minako's smile and beauty at the same time.

"Please don't cry. Your eyes are swollen already." Rei gently pleaded.

"But I can't help it! I love you too much!" The blonde said as more tears of joy fell down her cheeks. Rei chuckled mildly and wrapped her arms on Minako's shoulders. They continued walking to the silent, snowy streets of London.


Minako for some reason was in high spirits although she looked a little tired. She insisted to stop from one place to another as they walk in the streets, much to Rei's slight dismay. They would stop and rest at every amusing place such as Christmas exhibits, where huge and colorful Christmas lanterns were displayed. There were also carolers. Rei planned on eating in a restaurant but didn't want to risk exposing Minako with her. However, the blonde had other things in mind. She led Rei and pointed every small take-out fast food stands that were still open and ate. They also stopped at selected candy shops to buy sweets. Rei did all the buying since Minako might be recognized. The former pop star felt like a child again. She had been to many famous restaurants when she was on her pop star days but never really enjoyed the food no matter how expensive and exquisite it was. This was her 'ideal date', with her 'ideal woman'. Rei never thought that she would enjoy Christmas this much, especially with Minako having fun by her side. The noisy, outgoing and happy Minako was slowly going back.

The couple went back to where Rei was staying at that moment. Minako was amazed that Rei could afford staying in a luxurious hotel suite. The living room had huge sun jars in every corner, giving the room a dim aura. The sofa set was Asian inspired; which was recognizable because of its detailed embroidery. In the middle of it were a stylish glass table and a huge flat TV which Rei never used. Opposite the living room was a small dining area. Beside the bedroom was a stainless steel-themed kitchen with complete utensils. And to Minako's delight, there was also a huge bath with Jacuzzi inside. The blonde circled curiously around the place while Rei arranged the books she had bought for herself.

"Wow, this is incredible! I've been to somewhere like this but this sure is a lot bigger!" Minako took one last look around before looking at her lover. Rei noticed her lover's questioning gaze; she knew that the blonde girl was hesitating to ask her a question.

"It belongs to my comrade's friend. I was fortunate to be able to stay here for a few days." When the raven-haired girl noticed that her answer wasn't enough, she continued.

"...You know that I couldn't tell you everything right now. But there is something I want to tell you. Whoever I'm working for right now knew something about my past and it's something I need to once again uncover. However, I believe they do not exactly intend to do something immoral. Everything's at risk right now Minako...even you. That's why I need you to do something for me..."

"...What is it?"

"Everyone in Tokyo thought I disappeared...or probably was killed as far as I know. That's why they didn't want to tell you about me, I couldn't blame them either. They...the ones that I am working for right now didn't want me to be discovered alive in any way. That's why I've been forced to watch you from shadows ever since you arrived in Europe. I need you to pretend that you've never met me here, or that I'm not here at all."

" will this mean that you won't be with me always?"

"I will be, it's just I can't stay all the time. If I have to see you every day or night, I will. After that, when everything's settled with them, I can finally be with you. Every hour, every second of every day, I promise you that."

Minako smiled and shook her head.

"You don't have to make a promise, I trust you with all my heart. I'll do what I can to help you with this. Although I'm a little angry that they took you away from me...I want to thank them, for taking care of you when I'm not around."

Rei sighed in relief. If there was one thing about Minako that changed, it was her being more matured. She held her blonde lover's arms and leaned her forehead on Minako's, smelling her love's scent to calm her nerves. They started doing waltz for a few minutes before Rei spoke.

"You've changed. I so proud of you, but I still like my old Mina-chan though." The blonde smirked. She pushed the former police to the nearest wall and kissed her passionately. Rei was surprised by the sudden action.

"You were saying? I was just being polite at first, you know, after being separated for a while and everything. The moment my memories came back, my naughtiness and my ecchiness came along with it as well." Minako whispered huskily on Rei's ear and sent shivers all over her body. Damn, she's right and she missed that too.

"Hey, I thought it's my turn this time?" Rei protested as Minako already started removing her girlfriend's blazer. The raven-haired girl noticed her blonde love's face was a little flushed. As the other girl slowly undressed her, Rei placed her hand on Minako's forehead and felt her temperature. The other hand moved down to her lover's right cheek.

"I think it's too soon for us to do this again, Minako." Rei said gently as she hugged the other girl who stopped halfway from unzipping the brunette's jeans.

"What do you mean?" Minako pouted but Rei kept a stern face.

"You may not realize it but it bothers me to look at your obviously tired face. I think you're even a little feverish." Minako put her own hand on her forehead and she was indeed a little hot. She puffed her cheeks and looked at Rei with puppy eyes.

"But, I really want to do it with you right now..."

"Believe me, I want it badly, too. But I had to stop myself. I don't want you to catch a cold or worse, flu. There is always tomorrow." Rei said in a sweet tone as she wrapped her arms on Minako's now lazy shoulders. The blonde took the opportunity to stare and enjoy Rei's shirtless form. Her hands wandered from the raven-haired girl's breasts down to her flat stomach. Rei's body remained the same. It never failed to arouse her. She wanted not to resist but when her eyes landed on Rei's left shoulder, she stopped. There was a small medical plaster that covered the former policewoman's injury. She remembered Rei being shot by one of the people who almost kidnapped her. She lifted the other girl's bandaged arm and caressed it lightly as she spoke.

"Okay...But you'll have to take care of me until I get better...and then we can do that, right?" Minako thought it was embarrassing to still think of sex after everything that happened but she just really wanted to be with Rei, to talk to her, to make love to her everyday if she could. That's what she really felt and she didn't want to deny it. Rei nodded in response and bent down to retrieve her long-sleeved blazer. She was about to wear it when Minako stole it from her hands.


"...At least let me have some seeing you without this." The raven-haired girl was surprised when the blonde threw her stolen clothes a few feet away. The blonde hugged her beloved and slowly rubbed herself on Rei's bare front as the raven-haired girl moaned from the bold contact. Minako received a light kiss on the forehead and she lifted her head to reach the other girl's lips. She received some quick and hungry kisses from Rei but the former pop-star gave a hint for a hot, passionate kiss by opening her mouth, which Rei gladly took. The kiss lasted longer than both of them expected. They have never done this even when they were together before. Perhaps it was because they were separated for a while. However, it was fate that they wanted to thank most that they were together right now. Even if there were upcoming obstacles in their relationship, they knew if they trust and love each other, they would make it no matter what.

"If you're going to—take care of should...give me satisfaction...slave." Minako whispered as she finally felt the need to breathe from the kiss. The other girl smiled.

"I'm going to spoil you then, my queen." Rei breathed as she offered her other hand which Minako took and led her to the huge bed.

Minako's clothes and undergarments were replaced by a red silk sleeping robe. She hated to take some medicine but since Rei was taking care of her, she would take even the most bitter-tasting medicine. She allowed her lover to wipe and cool her body down with a wet towel. The blonde would moan when Rei purposely wiped her sensitive areas, particularly her breasts. She knew Rei felt a little guilty for not doing it with her that night. But having her lover take care of her in an erotic way was not so bad at all. In fact, she loved it too. Finally, sleep took over her exhausted body. Everything that happened the past month, the wariness, the loneliness and doubt quickly disappeared. All it took was to sleep beside her most beloved, Rei.



Mark was sitting on his study area silently in the middle of the night. He was researching online something using his laptop. He found out that the former politician, the mastermind behind his parents' death, LudwigDuckheimer IV(*1) was found dead in one of his rest houses in Dublin two weeks after Sanctuary's unexpected visit. He was very sure that the one who killed him was none other than Stephen Shards(*2) because of the evidence, the same weird-shaped figurine left beside the corpse and the way the former politician was killed, suffer first then die. He smirked mentally when he read that Sanctuary was one of the main suspects because of the stunt they did almost fours weeks ago in the former politician's mansion. He just couldn't figure out why that man would kill someone who hired him before. Maybe someone else hired him to kill the former cabinet member. The mystery behind this murderous man only made Mark desire more vengeance.

It had been months—no years since he decided to seek revenge for his parents and his wife. Normally, in front of everyone, he wore a very thick mask. This mask shadowed his emotions, his doubts, especially his fears. At times like this when he was alone, he would think twice. Was he really doing the right thing? He knew it was already too late to ask that question. He knew that many things had happen, and there wasn't any way to bring it all back to normal. They had killed many people, including innocent ones, involved five young and talented people because of his selfish desires. He had hurt so many to satisfy his hunger for revenge; of course the recent victim was none other than Rei. It was all like a nightmare to him, how he wished it never happened. However, he already started this, and he'd be the one who would finish this. That was the only thought that kept him going. He knew that he was no different from the ones involved in his family's death. But the difference was he knew when to stop when it's too much.

"You know you're the only person I know who would sulk and does self-reflecting every Christmas." The sandy blonde-haired Henry said as he entered the study. He was holding two cups of hot chocolate and placed the other one on the table in front of Mark. The red-eyed man just looked at it.

"Drink, you know I hate coffee. I made it extra special. Try to loosen up sometimes, Mark."

"I am doing that right now."

"No, what I meant is try to have some fun. You're still young, yet you act like a 50-year old geezer who thinks that even breathing was his burden."

"...Perhaps I am like that." Mark said as he picked up the cup in front of him. Henry frowned and sighed.

"Don't be so selfish. What would Edward and the others think? They joined Sanctuary, believing that you gave them a reason to continue living. No matter how unexpected things turn out, we will always be on your side. Despite all the bad things that happened, we don't care. You...gave us a place where we belong. You gave us a home to return to...Oh, I sound like a drama actor! What a loser..." Henry laughed at himself and scratched his head with a free hand. He stopped when Mark closed his eyes, seconds after he surprised the blonde man by laughing out loud. It sounded menacing, but Henry knew better that it was Mark's natural laugh. As the laugh died down, he took a sip of the hot chocolate.

"I don't know what I did that you guys are still here, helping me out despite the cold personality I posses. Even if there is a part of hatred burning inside of me, there was also a part that was glad that I am here right now, with these people who trusted their future to me...I owe you one, Henry."

"It's nothing. I'm just a little concerned that the ones that are always having fun were the four of us and not you. But ever since the cop girl came into our group, you showed a little emotion, you even had fun by teasing her."

"...Is that so? That girl is just too stubborn than anyone I knew, sometimes I don't know what to do with her. Although I admit that seeing her cute, annoyed face already became a habit of ours. Plus, she made our stalking job easier."

"We'll have to wait a few more days before that short-tempered girl comes back. For the meantime," Henry walked towards the door and opened it quickly to reveal Edward, Leonard and Grey listening on the other side of the door. Realizing that they were caught, they all quickly composed themselves and smiled gingerly at the other two.

"And I suppose you did not happen to pass by, did you?" Mark said, smiling a little. Grey was the first one to talk.

"Well, yeah—No, were just wondering if both of you were planning to enjoy Christmas by talking about unnecessary things—erm, not that necessary but—"

"We kinda decided to cook...although the food looked weird I'm sure you'll like it." Leonard chuckled.

"It's a little lonely without Rei-san, though. But Grey said we'll have another celebration with her once she goes back. Right now we really want you to celebrate and have fun with us, Mark." Edward said, playing with a red and green feather.

"...I guess I'll have to take out that fifteen year-old whine I was saving..."


--Somewhere in an abandoned building, Dublin--

Christmas Eve. It was a very normal day for a certain murderer. He never believed in anything, for death was the only thing that was certain for him. The day that his eyes opened he already knew he was destined to be a psycho killer. He was a special case. He was more than aware of his surroundings, like he was a part of it. He was like a living death god, designed to inflict pain and suffering. He had outstanding skills, but was used to destroy his own kind for money. He had been silent for years, thinking that everything was just too boring for him.

However, recently, something caught his attention. He had ignored Sanctuary before because he thought they were just one of those lame youngsters who foolishly tried to seek him for revenge and gave up, until he saw them in television. For some reason, he was highly amused that they went back for more. He had heard many great things from this group, particularly Mark, the leader of the group. He also heard that some of them were 'gifted' like him. He smiled menacingly; this only meant one thing for him, a game. He picked up a piece of wood and started to carve something with a small but sharp knife. He was watching a video recording of Sanctuary's appearance in Ludwig Duckheimer's mansion four weeks ago using an old television.

" still chose seek me, Mark Lindeburg? And what do we have here...a little sixth member? I say I have seen those violet eyes before...but I hardly remember when, though..."

"Maybe she's one of those hookers you had slept with before?" An annoyed and jealous voice of a woman was heard. The man ignored what the woman said.

"I don't think so. You're the only woman I've slept with and allowed to live...I'm not sure why Mark would recruit a timid looking girl though. But if he wants a challenge...I shall gladly give it to him. I've never been this excited before." He finally said before blowing the bits of carved wood from the finished product and placed it with the rest of the figurines he made on a small old table.


-Back at the Hotel Suite-

Rei couldn't sleep. She was either too happy or was too overwhelmed to do so. At first she thought it was just a dream, but the feeling of her bare skin on Minako's was enough proof that it wasn't. Besides, she promised she'd take care of her blonde lover. To her relief, Minako's fever completely disappeared. Now, all the girl needed was a good sleep.

She recalled everything that happened since she met Minako. She recalled her treasured memories with the blonde, the complicated situations. But the memory that scared her the most was seeing Minako injured, hurt, there was so much blood that she never want it remembered anymore. She just realized that losing Minako was her greatest fear. She had thought of so many things when she was with Sanctuary, but never thought of anything like this. The anger she felt for herself still existed. For her, being unable to protect Minako was definitely unacceptable. She swore to herself that she would never let anything happen to her lover, that she would protect Minako with her life.

Looking at the blonde's restless form for a few minutes, Rei couldn't help but to take advantage of the unconscious beauty in her arms. She traced the shape of the girl's perfect face, she let her fingers linger on the shaped nose and finally, she traced the pale-pink lips that she was kissing earlier. Rei leaned and kissed it lightly, and then ever slowly, she trailed her lips down on Minako's sexy neck and collar bone. It took all control she had left to stop herself from doing 'perverted' things on her sleeping lover. The blonde girl shifted as her sleeping head leaned just below Rei's cheek. Her wandering right hand seemed to be trying to find something. Found it. The hand finally rested on one of Rei's breasts. The raven-haired girl sighed and contented her self by smelling Minako's scent and by hugging her in a most possessive way possible. She had let Minako's cotton candy scent fill her lungs and finally lulled her to sleep.

'Tell me, what is our ending? Will it be beautiful?'



1.) Ludwig Duckheimer IV-a fictional character I added from Chapter 21. He hired Stephen Shards to murder Mark's parents and wife.

2.) Stephen Shards-a fictional character I added from chapter 19. He is the main villain here...that's enough hint so no spoilers for the meantime.


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