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things to know:
The teenagers (rory, logan, etc) are all the same age.
They have never met each other before.
Takes place summer after senior year of high school.
No Tristan or Jess as exboyfriends, just friends, and Dean may pop up later, i'm not quite sure.

i think thats it...enjoy and review. oh, and i think its going to be a rogan/sophie.

Chapter 1

"So, Emily, how is that daughter of yours? Lorelai, was it?" Emily smiled for at the question for what seemed like the fiftieth time that night.

"Oh, she's wonderful, Shira. She and my granddaughter just love it down at that island she decided on."

"I can't believe she's been gone for three years already. It seems like just yesterday her and her daughter were attending your dinner parties. Now they're opening their inn down in the Bahamas."

"Ah, yes. It's been quite successful. That or Richard's lying to me." They both laughed, Emily taking a sip of her champagne.

"So, is Rory going to school down there?"

"Oh, heaven's no! She'll be coming up at the end of the summer to begin Yale. She's very excited."

"Yale! We'll have to introduce her and Logan. I know he's thrilled to be starting Yale soon."

"Let's just get them through this summer first, but I definitely agree."

Shira smiled at Emily from behind her champagne flute, taking another drink.

"How is Logan?" Emily asked, carefully eying the other guests around the large room.

"Oh, he's fine. He's happy to be done with high school. He and his friends are going on a little trip this summer, too."

"It's so important that kids travel these days. They need to be cultured." Shira nodded her head vehemently in agreement.

"Well, Shira, it's been a pleasure, but I must find out where these desserts are coming from, I didn't order them. Enjoy the party!"

Shira laughed and walked back over to her husband, who was talking with Richard, probably business.


"Mom! Where are all these people coming from?" Rory ran from the kitchen to the front desk, glancing out the large glass doors outside to the morning heat. People swarmed around outside, trying to find their luggage.

"They're swearing revenge on you for throwing your Oliver Twist book at me this morning," Lorelai said, carrying a cup of coffee and standing next to Rory behind the counter.

"You woke me up! That's what you get." She looked around. "Where's Steph?"

"Showing some couple to their honeymoon suite. Be happy its not you. The couple looked awfully cuddly on the way up there for it only being," she looked at her watch, "ten o'clock."

"Ew, stop."

They both rested their elbows on the counter, holding their cups of coffee, looking outside. They had finally achieved their goal, well, Lorelai's goal. Their own inn in the Bahamas. What more could they want?

It had taken so much to get away from everyone. Lorelai's parents had only recently forgiven them when they had found out that Rory would be attending Yale, Richard's alma mater.

And this is what they had created.

It was a large inn, and some may have considered it a hotel. But, The Dragonfly was homey and cozy, but still incredibly beautiful and not cluttered with old, ugly antiques. Large glass doors opened into the lobby, with an ocean view and a surly French man who occasionally showed them to their rooms.

Sookie, the amazing chef, worked in the kitchen, providing the guests with amazing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, with Lane, a girl Rory's age, serving the food and helping guests.

Michel was the French man with an attitude and more sarcasm than any normal person would want to deal with.

Luke was a local diner owner and the unofficial handyman of The Dragonfly.

Steph worked at the front desk with Rory, checking in guests and showing them to their rooms, and was also heading to Yale with Rory in three months, at the end of the summer.

And finally, Rory was Lorelai's daughter. The little girl that Lorelai had had when she was merely sixteen. They had packed up when Rory was fifteen and moved here to follow their dreams and start fresh without the frowns from Hartford society for their lifestyle.

Now what would they say, they live in a hotel for God's sake. A hotel that they own.

"Oh God," Lorelai grumbled, "Here are some frat boys with daddy's money." Rory followed her mother's gaze and sure enough, there were three rich-looking boys, who couldn't have been older than her, walking in through the glass doors.

Steph had just walked up to them, a bubbly blonde with bright green eyes, and stood next to Rory.

Rory turned and smiled sweetly at her, "You can take this one, right, Steph?"

Steph was shooting her death glares, and she started laughing, "You owe me, Gilmore. And don't go too far, I may need backup."

Rory laughed again and walked to the room behind the front desk, a little break room, if you will.

"Welcome, what can I do for you?" She heard Steph say.

"Two rooms under Huntzberger, and your number, love," Rory heard a guy with an Australian accent tell her.

"Rory, crazy Australian, party of one," Steph called to her, and Rory walked out of the room to the front desk.

Steph moved and Rory took her spot and looked up at the guy who had been talking.

"What did you say the name was?"

"Huntzberger, love. But its not me. I'm Finn. And you areā€¦?"

"Rory. Two rooms, correct?"

Finn nodded as she held out the keys. "Do you need help finding your rooms?"

"Nope, love, I think we can manage." He turned and hit one of his friends behind him on the arm and they turned to him.

He held up the keys, "We need to put our crap in the rooms."

"How are you even up, Finn?" one with blonde hair asked.

"Jet lag, it messes with me, mate."

"Ah, right."

"Just get me a drink and I'll be good as new," he said, smiling brightly.

"If you need anything else, just ask," Rory said, looking at the three guys who were now staring at her.

They all picked up their bags and made their way to the elevator. Rory and Steph looked at each other and started laughing.

It was just another crazy day in the Bahamas.