A strange day at the damn big blue house.

All the little characters are sitting around doing whatever they do when A roaring sound is heard from outside. Bear falls to the floor crying and whimpering and cowers underneath the table. The puppets look at him slightly disgusted when the door breaks open and standing in the doorway is... Freddy and Jason fully armed to the teeth. The puppets look at each other then at Bear. "He's all yours" they say in unison and point at Bear. Freddy looks at Bear "God, I though that Bear where supposed to be like scary and like stuff." Jason looked at the puppets "What about you guys?"

"We're not retarded as him." Puppet one told him

The other puppets nodded in agreement.

Jason and Freddy looked at eachother and shrugged "Whatever." Freddy said and hoisted his main weapon up high. Bear started crying louder in big nearly pitiful wails as Freddy brought the saw down to his neck... and well you don't need to know what happens next.

The end. And the puppets were also killed with Bear and Freddy and Jason happily slaughtered all but the otters who drowned.