Hello. This is my first Soul Calibur fanfic. It is based on the SCIII Chronicles of the Sword mode but I integrated some of my own characters from an original story I'm writing called The Guardians of Panthea. After each chapter that includes an original character, I'll supply directions on how to make them if you want to see what they really look like. I don't own the actual characters the mode provides you with such as Abelia, Girardot, or anyone like that but the original characters are mine and I'd appreciate it if you got permission if you wanted to use them for another story.

This is the prologue. From the third paragraph on, it will be told by the Fates. If you don't know about Greek Mythology, then let me enlighten you. They are three mythical beings resembling the past, present, and future. Together, they weave the threads of destiny. By weaving them among others they decide the path one will take, the people he'll meet, and the choices he'll make. Where the thread ends is the end of the person's life. They will be referenced often throughout the story as they are the chief deities worshipped by the characters.

Enjoy the story and please review.


This is another tale of souls and swords.

Once, there existed on a great continent 3 countries: The Grandall Empire, The Kingdom of Dalkia, and The Halteese Republic. The Kingdom of Dalkia and the Halteese Republic waged a great war against one another for countless years. The Grandall Empire stayed out of the conflict, amassing their army quietly. In a time when King Chester, the great tactician and instigator of the war which later became known as the Mantis War, had not yet appeared in the annals of history, the key figure of the war was a mere cadet of the Grandall army...

"Two opposing swords of foreign origin… With no knowledge of their true powers, man worshipped the swords as a symbol of wealth and authority. Nations destroyed each other over the swords, and countless wars have been waged."

"Blind to reason and justice, once again man learns the art of war."

"And in time, he too will learn…"

Yes it is short…but the chapters will be long I promise. I hope you will enjoy the future chapters as I know you didn't this one.