Rikku sat on the beach waiting for her long time childhood friend, Gippal, to show up. She was anxious and nervous because he told her to meet him at 9 by the beach. Though Rikku would never admit it, she had a huge crush on Gippal ever since she met him. But he always referred to her as "Cid's Girl" or "Brother's Little Sister".

Yuna always told her he says that to tease her because he likes her back, but Rikku wasn't so sure. She just wanted him to say it himself without dancing around it. Why are boys so difficult!

"Neggi?" She heard a voice ask.

Neggi was her Al Bhed name. She hated it very much, and she knew the person who called her that knew it too.

She smiled and responded, "Over here, Kebbym."

She saw him scowl at that name, "Man! Don't call me that! I hate that name!" He complained.

"And I hate the name 'Neggi', but that doesn't stop you from calling me it either, buster!" Rikku responded, equally angry.

Gippal's scowl turned into a huge smile, "Nice to know your little attitude don't go away when it gets dark." "Nice to know you're still a big jerk too."

Rikku smiled back, "Why did you need to speak to me?"

Gippal shifted his weight nervously, "Well...um...ya see..." Rikku watched him closely, waiting impatiently for him to say it.

"Spit it out already, would ya?" She yelled impatiently. He stopped and glared at her, "Well aren't we the little rude, impatient Al Bhed!"

"Yes I am and you still haven't said what you wanted to. I have a curfew, ya know! Yunie and I will be starting school soon...so will you! Are you even ready!" Rikku asked, getting up from the ground.

Gippal looked nervous again, "See that's the thing...I'm not going to school with you and Yuna..."

"FRYD? (WHAT?)" Rikku yelled in shock, "Gippal, please tell me this is some practical joke! And if it is, it ain't funny, Mister!" She punched him in the arm.

"Ok, first of all...OWWW!" Gippal began rubbing the arm she hit, "Second, it's not a joke, I wish it was. I'm moving, Rikku. Far away."

Rikku took time to process his words 'Moving...far away...' "What!...when...why...where..." She asked, trying to keep her emotions down.

"My parents told me yesterday. I won't be going to Besaid High...sorry. But we can...always write eachother...right?" He asked hopefully.

Rikku heard the hopefullness in his voice and wanted to cry, "Yeah. Of course, Gippal. We're buddies...not even distance can keep us from arguing." She replied with her head down.

"Really! Great! I'll write you as soon as I move in!" Gippal smiled happily, "Well, I gotta go pack! See ya later, Cid's girl!" He gave her a quick hug and ran off. Not noticing the tears falling down her cheek. "I have a name." Rikku muttered sadly.

Gippal didn't hear her, he was already on the other side of the beach. 'Boys...not only difficult but clueless.' Rikku thought.

A week has past since Gippal left and it was the last weekend before school started.

Yuna and Lulu were worried about Rikku, ever since Gippal left she's been...her normal perky self. Yuna thought she'd be crying her eyes out, while Lulu thought she'd stop wearing her usual bright yellow and greens and switch to dark depressing colors...actually Lulu hoped that would happen. Then maybe they can go shopping at the same store instead of waiting for hours for Rikku to pick something.

"Hiya!" Rikku smiled brightly, bouncing into the kitchen.

"Rikku..." Yuna smiled, still worried, "Uh...are you ready for school tomorrow?"

"Hmm..." Rikku thought a moment while pouring Chocobo Crunch cereal into her bowl, "I think I need more clothes."

Yuna was happy that her cousin was being her normal self...but still she sensed something was wrong.

Lulu sighed, "More clothes! Rikku you got enough to share with all Spira!"

Rikku sighed, looking at Lulu with pity, "Poor little naive Lulu, have I taught you nothing? You can never have too many clothes. Plus, we're Juniors now! Two years and we're FREE!" Rikku jumped up happily, knocking Lulu's cereal over.

Yuna giggled as Lulu rolled her eyes, "Yippee!" she said sarcastically.

"Sorry 'bout that, Lu." Rikku said sheepishly, wiping the cereal and milk off the counter.

"Right." Lulu responded, "Has Gippal wrote to you yet?"

Yuna held her breathe at that name then glared at Lulu for bringing him up. Rikku froze for a second then quickly recovered, becoming perky and hyper again.

"Nope...but I'm sure he will...I'm gonna go get ready, k?" Rikku smiled then skipped out of the kitchen.

Yuna threw a piece of cereal at Lulu, hitting her in the head.

"Hey!" Lulu yelped.

"Nice going, Lu! You know Rikku hasn't recovered yet!" Yuna said angrilly.

"She's acting like she has! I don't think she even misses him, calm down with the cereal throwing!" Lulu said as she dodged another piece of cereal.

"It's a cover up, Miss Know-it-all!" Yuna said while grabbing a handful of cereal, "No more mentioning him ok! Or your'e gonna know how it feels to be in a cereal shower. We're going shopping! Rikku is gonna have a good time, got that!" Yuna had a threatening look on her face.

"Yes, mother." Lulu responded, "What happened to you? You use to be so nice!"

"When it comes to someone I care about being hurt I tend to get tough." Yuna smiled bravely, "Now let's get ready!"


"Oh! Look! Yunie! Lulu! A SALE! A SALE!" Rikku said, hopping up and down.

Lulu looked at the place she was pointing at, "That's Victoria's Secret, Rikku."

"So! We need bras and panties too!" Rikku said, running into the store.

Lulu looked at Yuna, who in return shrugged and smiled, running into the store too.

"Why me?" Lulu asked herself, but deep inside she knew Rikku was right. Plus Rikku's clothes looked like underwear anyways.


"Um, don't 'chicks' do this? Why are we shopping, brudda?" Wakka asked, scratching his head in confusion.

"New year, new girls, new clothes!" Tidus responded, looking around the mall.

"That's just a cover up." Squall smirked, his arms crossed across his chest, "Tidus just wants to get his hair and nails done."

"Look who's talking Mr. Don't Touch The Hair!" Tidus replied.

"Hey! Leave the hair out of this!" Squall said angrilly. He loved his hair like it was his child.

"Whatever, bruddas." Wakka smiled, "You two do 'chick' stuff, I'm gonna find me some babes." He began walking towards a crowd of blonde girls.

"Good luck with that one!" Tidus yelled loudly. Wakka ignored him.

"Yeah, you're gonna scare them off with your sharp, pointy hair!" Squall yelled. Wakka stopped to glare at him, while the blonde girls giggled.


Rikku looked at and admired all the mini-skirts in Victoria's Secret. Occasionally 'borrowing' little yellow thongs. Hey, once a thief, always a thief, right?

She was still alittle hurt about what Lulu asked. True, Gippal hasn't wrotten her back like he promised...but he did say he was moving far away, maybe he wasn't there yet. Or maybe he was there and didn't care enough to write her...'Bad thoughts, Rikku,' Rikku thought, 'he's one of your bestest friends, he wouldn't be a jerk and not care about your feelings.' Rikku spotted Yuna having trouble on picking clothes. 'Hmm...Yunie needs help...this should be fun.' She smiled while approaching her cousin.

Yuna frowned as she looked at the skimpy outfits. This wasn't her style at all. She'd feel so self-conscious walking around school with her boobs and butt hanging out.

"Hiya, Yunie, need help?" Rikku asked with a huge smile.

Yuna turned to see her cousin, "Uh...Rikku, I don't know...this is too much...or too little. Depends how you look at it."

"Come on, Yunie! That summoner look you got going on is soooo old and boring! Live a little!" Rikku said, grabbing shorts for Yuna to try on.

"Rikku!" Yuna gasped, looking at the shorts, "those are..." "Perfect!" Rikku interrupted happily.

"I was gonna say 'slutty'." Yuna said. Rikku's huge smile turned into a frown.

"I understand, Yunie...you don't want my help...I'll just go to Lulu's dark store and cry..." Rikku said sadly.

"NO!" Yuna said, grabbing the shorts, "I want your help! I'll try them on right now, k?" Yuna smiled at Rikku, hoping that'll make her feel better.

'Sucker'. Rikku thought. "Ok." She said, smiling alittle. 'Well i guess being sad does have its advantages. I do feel bad for taking advantage of poor Yunie though...oh well. At least she'll look good.'


"That wasn't funny, Brudda! I had those girls until you had to mention the hair!" Wakka whined. He was mad at Squall for embarassing him infront of girls who were probably going to be going to their school.

"Don't blame me." Squall said while looking around the store, "They seen it for themselves."

"Why we here?" Tidus asked, looking around, "This ain't my style." He looked at all the gothic clothing, jewelery, and girl's thongs.

"Belts." Squall responded, looking at some belts to match his black pants.

"You have a million at home! You're wearing 5 now!" Tidus complained, "Plus this place is weird."

"Says Mr. Gap." Squall said, picking up and leather belt and examining it.

"I don't shop at Gap!" Tidus yelled, angrilly, causing people to look and snicker at him.

"Ya, man, he's an Old Navy guy." Wakka smiled, watching Tidus turn redder from embarassment. The people looked at him and snickered louder.

"SHUT UP, WAKKA!" Tidus yelled, embarassed as the goth people laughed at him.

"Mr. Star player is embarassed because some school rejects are making fun of him? This is too good." Squall smiled. Taking some belts to the counter.

"I'm not shallow, Squall. I do care what people think of me." Tidus said, loud enough for Squall and Wakka to hear.

"You care about what the girl's think about you." Squall responded.

"LULU!" They turned to see a yellow-haired, green eyed, girl stumble into Hot Topic. She was wearing short brown shorts and a small yellow tank.

"Over here, Rikku." Lulu responded. She was standing behind the guys, listening to their conversation with amusement.

Tidus, Wakka, and Squall looked behind them, spotting her. She was wearing a short mini-dress that showed alot of cleavage. Her hair in a ponytail and had purple make up on.

"How long was she there?" Tidus whispered to Wakka and Squall. They shrugged as they watched the Al Bhed girl run to her.

"We have trouble! Yunie and I left our credit cards at home so we can't buy our underwear!" Rikku whined. The boys began snickering. Rikku, not even noticing them, continued, "and Yunie got these really cool booty shorts that she just HAS TO have!"

"Lower your voice, Rikku." Lulu said, noticing the guys, "I'll just let you borrow mine, ok?"

Rikku pulled Lulu into a tight hug. "Thank you sooo much!" She smiled. She seen something shiny out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see Squall handing over a silver belt to the cashier.

"Excuse me." Rikku said, pushing past Wakka and Tidus to Squall, "Where'd you get that belt? That'll look good with my cousin's new shorts."

"This was the last one." Squall said, not even glancing at Rikku. Wakka and Tidus glared at her for her just pushing them around like they were nothing.

"Can I have that one?" Rikku asked, ignoring the glares.

"No." Squall said, pulling out his wallet to pay for the belts.

"Please?" Rikku asked, giving him her best innocent smile.

"No." Squall responded, not even affected by the smile.

"Zang. (Jerk)" Rikku mumbled. She was about to turn around when she got a good idea.

Rikku 'accidentally' knocked his bag of belts on the ground. "Oops! sooo sorry!" She smiled.

He glared at her and began picking them up. Rikku bent down and helped him. Once they gathered all the belts up. He picked up his bag and muttered a 'lets go' to Wakka and Tidus.

"I don't get a thank you?" Rikku yelled as she watched them leave.

"What did you do?" Lulu asked, knowing Rikku's intentions for knocking the bag over.

Rikku pulled out the shiny belt, "He should really learn some manners."

"Rikku! You stole his belt?" Lulu asked, disapproving.

"He was a jerk! It ain't like I'm gonna see him again. Plus, This will match Yunie's school outfit." Rikku smiled.


"Perfecto!" Rikku smiled, admiring Yuna's outfit. Yuna looked uncomfortable in it.

"I don't kno, Rikku..." Yuna began, but stopped once she seen Rikku getting sad, "I mean...I look GOOD!"

"Exactly!" Rikku smiled, "Lulu, you ready! We're gonna be late!" She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for Lulu to walk down the stairs.

"Don't get your thong up in a twist, Rikku. I have to strap all these belts!" Lulu yelled from upstairs.

"Speaking of belts," Rikku pulled out the shiny silver belt and handed it to Yuna, "Here ya go, Yunie. I...er...bought it for you."

"Thanks, Rik." Yuna smiled, grabbing the belt to put on.

Besaid High was a school for the 'rich' kids. Your parents had to be loaded for you to even look at the place. It was so important because they also paired you up with your perfect weapon and prepared you for the future.

Rikku knew she was born to be a thief or at least a person to invent stuff on the field to help her partners. She was hoping for a cool weapon. Maybe one that matched her clothes and hair...and it had to be cool and deadly or she'd refuse to use it. She wasn't picky...just fashionable.

Yuna was born a summoner so she already knew what her job was. But she still had an interest in guns. Since she wasn't use to doing hand-to-hand combat she knew she couldn't fight. She liked how she had good aim with guns and how they made her feel. She knew she was suppose to be a good girl, but something about shooting things got her excited.

Lulu was great in Black Magic. She didn't prefer weapons, she liked watching elements like fire do the work for her. Plus she didn't want to get blood or any other bodily fluids on her clothes or stuffed moogle. Everyone knew if you washed black too much it'll eventually turn grey. And grey was not Lulu's color.

Rikku, Lulu, and Yuna stood on a hill, watching as the barely-dressed girls and uptight boys walked into school. Some were sitting down by a fountain or their cars talking though. Lulu sighed as she seen a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl grim at them.

"Another year, another school, more stuck-up little daddy's girls." Lulu said, still staring at the school, tightening the grip on her moogle back pack.

"Come on, Lu, these girls don't look so...mean. They look...nice." Yuna said as a girl 'accidentally' bumped into her.

Rikku stuck her tongue out at a girl, "C'mon, girls. We're gonna be late for 1st hour. Just ignore the frunac! (whores)"

The girls looked at her in confusion, not understanding Al Bhed. Rikku knew it was against the rules to speak Al Bhed because they were hated so much, but Rikku refused to just abandon her heritage to fit in with some High School sluts.

Yuna smiled, happy that at least Rikku had her cocky, confident attitude. With that, no one would bother to start trouble. Or Rikku might end up punching one of them, like she did in Middle School. But that's a long story...

Rikku grabbed an anxious Yuna and a reluctant Lulu and dragged them into the front doors of the school.

Squall stared at the school. His second year here, and already he was accepted by the 'beautiful' people. But it was mostly because of his good looks, father, and because everyone knew he was going to become a 'lionheart' and get a cool gunblade. Only people in his family were worthy enough, he wondered who his soceress would be...

BEEP ! BEEP! Squall turned around to see Tidus and Wakka drive up in a new yellow sports car.

"Like it? I bought it yesterday." Tidus said as he and Wakka got out the car, "Isn't she a beauty?"

"Whatever." Squall responded.

"You're no fun, Brudda." Wakka smiled, "You'll like it better when you start attracting girls with it."

"Yes, because that's all I live for is clingy, overbearing girls." Squall said sarcastically.

"Exactly." Wakka said, not noticing Squall's sarcasm.

Tidus smirked at Wakka's stupidity, walking up behind them and placing his hands on their shoulders, "Welcome back, boys, are we ready to raise hell?"

"Hell yeah!" Squall smiled, clapping hands with Tidus.

"Can't we wait till tomorrow? I want to hook up before the girls see what a big jerk I am." Wakka whined.

They stared at him like he was the stupidest thing on earth. "Wakka, they already know you're an idiot and jerk! But it's ok, with friends like us, we'll have you hooked up with the hottest girl in school." Squall smiled.

"I want the hottest!" Tidus whined, "I'm the star blitzball player here!"

"Actually...I'm the lionheart, I get the hottest girl. Don't worry you guys can have their less attractive sisters." Squall said, watching Wakka and Tidus get sad.

"Whatever, let's go." Tidus said, walking towards the school.

"Hey!" Squall yelled angrily, "that's my line!"


"I hate chemistry! I usually end up blowing things up." Yuna muttered while walking into class.

"Don't worry, Yunie! We're Al Bhed, inventing stuff is in our blood!" Rikku smiled, she felt someone push her out the way into a wall.

"Watch it, Loves." The girl said angrily, walking past Lulu and Yuna. She had short blonde hair, a really big bust line (probably fake), and two guys were following her. One was hugely fat, while the other was very thin.

"You ok, Rikku!" Yuna asked with concern, Lulu and her ran to help Rikku up.

"Yeah...stupid big-boobied girls these days..." She was about to get up when she felt Yuna and Lulu fall on top of her, them crushing her onto the ground again.

"Ladies, Wakka is here!" Wakka smiled walking into the room, not noticing he hit Yuna and Lulu, causing them to fall on Rikku.

"Well, 'Wakka Ladie's Man' you just hit our new students with the door." The teacher, Mrs. Adia, said, "Care to apologize?"

Wakka looked down at the three girls as Squall and Tidus made their way to their seats. "Uh...sorry." He said before running to his seat.

"Once I get up I'm gonna make 'Tubby' sorry!" Rikku muttered angrily as Lulu and Yuna got off her.

"Not before I turn him into a stuffed moogle! An ugly one! A very ugly stuffed moogle!" Lulu hissed.

"I'm sure he's really sorry you guys." Yuna said, helping Rikku up. Rikku and Lulu glared angrily at her, "I mean...yeah, let's get him back!"

"Nice try, Yunie." Rikku smiled, Yuna wasn't good at acting like she wanted revenge. You had to get her really mad to bring 'Bad Yunie' out.

Mrs. Adia walked infront of the class, tapping her ruler lightly on the desk to get the rest of the class's attention. It took the class a few minutes to calm down because Squall, Tidua, and Wakka kept causing some girls to giggle uncontrollably.

"We have new students. Lulu, Yuna, and Rikku. Will you girls like to say something about yourselves?" Mrs. Adia asked, turning to look at the girls.

"Hey, don't the blonde and raven haired one look familiar?" Wakka asked Tidus.

Tidus examined them closely, "I think. Let me ask Squall. He should remember the blonde." Tidus leaned over to Squall who was flirting with Calli.

"Psst, Squall, that blonde look familiar?" Tidus asked, interrupting him.

"If she ain't an ex or very hot then I don't care." Squall said, not looking away from Calli.

"No, seriously, look. She's the chick from Hot Topic. Aren't you missing a belt?" Tidus asked.

At the mention of his belt, Squall quickly looked up to the front of the class to see the Al Bhed girl, all happy and smiling. He looked at the brunette next to her and saw her wearing a certain belt he paid 30 gil for. 'She STOLE from me? Why that sneaky little...now I know why people don't like Al Bheds.' Squall thought angrily.

"Well, I'm Lulu, I'm 18. I'm from right here in Besaid. My specialty is Black Magic..that's about it. You wanna know, ask me yourself." Lulu said, ignoring the glares from the girls.

"Uh...I'm Yuna, 17. I'm from...Bevelle. I'm a summoner. Also good with guns if the teachers would give me a chance. I'm currently residing with my Uncle Cid and cousins, Brother and Rikku." Yuna said, no one seemed to be paying attention but the three boys in the back. The brunette kept staring at her belt. 'Weird...' Yuna thought.

"Rikku, 16. I really don't have a hometown because I'm Al Bhed. That's right I said Al Bhed," Rikku smiled at all the dirty looks she got, "Um, I like long walks on the beach and chocobo races!"

"Thanks, girls." Mrs. Adia smiled, "Yuna, sit next to Leblanc. Lulu, next to Tidus, and Rikku next to...Squall."

'Shit! Fate hates me.' Squall thought, as he raised his hand so Rikku could see who he was.

Rikku bounced happily towards and sat down. Squall leaned towards Rikku, "You owe me 30 gil." He said angrilly.

Rikku looked at him like he was crazy then remembered him. It wasn't easy to forget a boy with a large scar on his face.

"Uh oh..." She said, realizing she was busted, "uh...ya see, what happened was..."

"What happened was you stole the belt from me. Either I get the belt back or you pay me." Squall interrupted.

'Who does this boy think he is! Yeah I stole his belt but he can't give me options! I'm the thief here!' Rikku thought angrily. "Don't be giving me options, buster! Sorry I stole it but you deserved it!"

Squall was shocked about what she said, "Excuse me! How did I deserve it? I've never done anything to you!"

"You were rude, plus I said 'please'." Rikku said, turning her head to look forward.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" Squall said outraged, "That's not a good reason to steal from me!"

"Good enough for me." Rikku replied, not even glancing at him.

'This girl has issues. Whatever, like Tidus said I have millions more.' Squall said, turning in his seat too. Calli was about to whisper something flirtaciously to him, but Squall waved her off, "I'm not in the mood." He mumbled angrily.


After class everyone went to their lockers. Squall, Wakka, and Tidus weren't in a good mood because the 'new girls' weren't be so nice to them.

"True she was infront of me, but I gave her a charming smile and she still wouldn't let me cut!" Tidus complained.

"Oh no. A girl turned Tidus down, the world is going to end." Squall said sarcastically, putting books into his locker.

Unlike Wakka, Tidus heard the sarcasm, "You're mean, you know that?"

"So I'm told." Squall said, remembering what Rikku said to him, "I have a plan."

"I ain't killing them, Brudda." Wakka said, glancing around, making sure no one heard him.

"No, Wakka, we're not gonna kill them. I'm gonna have Dona find out info on these girls. So we can get to know what makes them tick." Squall said.

"Dona! My ex!" Tidus asked, "Can't we just...ask someother non-stalking girl to do it?"

"Dona's good at finding stuff out. Plus we need all the help we can get. These girls aren't like every other girl we've met." Squall said. Spotting the girls across to hall.

"Yeah, they're evil." Tidus said, watching Rikku politely introduce herself and Lulu and Yuna to a boy.

"I don't know. They look harmless and nice, ya?" Wakka said.

"Sarcasm, Wakka, look it up." Tidus said, "the Al Bhed's friendly. Have Dona start with her."

Squall nodded, watching Rikku hug the boy, causing him to blush. "Yeah she is...a little too friendly. We break her, we break the other two."

Dona walked confidently towards Yuna and Rikku. Lulu left to use the bathroom, causing Rikku and Yuna to wait for her outside.

"Hi there, I'm Dona. Head cheerleader and Newspaper columnist. May I ask you guys some questions?" Dona asked, with a big cheesy smile on her face.

Yuna examined her unsuringly, she didn't trust her. But knowing Rikku, she'd accept anyone, not taking a second thought.

"Sure!" Rikku smiled, "I'm Rikku, this is my cousin Yuna. What kind of questions?"

"Um, nothing big...just how do you like it here? Have any boyfriends? That kind of stuff." Dona smiled.

"Oh! It's good here! No boyfriends, right Yunie?" Rikku asked, turning to look at her cousin who was still staring at Dona with caution.

"Yunie?" Dona asked, pulling out a pad and pen to write stuff down.

"Huh?...oh right...yeah." Yuna responded, smiling. She didn't like the look in Dona's eyes. She didn't like Dona period. She wished Lulu would hurry up so they can leave.

"No boyfriends, hmm? Any one you like?" Dona asked, staring at Rikku.

Rikku thought a moment, "Nope. None at the moment."

"How about an ex?" Dona asked.

"Are these questions really necessary?" Yuna asked.

"Well..there was this one boy I liked..." Rikku began.

"Rikku!" Yuna yelled in shock. It wasn't like Rikku to talk about Gippal to complete strangers.

"It's ok, Yunie. I'm over him." Rikku said, assuring her cousin that she was fine.

"Name?" Dona asked, anxiously.

"Gippal, but he moved away. Far away." Rikku said, looking down.

Yuna saw a flash of pain in Rikku's eyes. "That's enough! No more questions." She said, grabbing Rikku and walking away from Dona.

"Gotcha." Dona smiled evilly.

"So his name is Gippal?" Squall asked. Dona got the info to them, telling them how she sensed Rikku really liked this boy.

"Yup, Gippal. Another Al Bhed I guess. What you gonna do? Find the boy and hook him up with another girl, take pics and show Rikku?" Dona asked, hopefully.

Squall looked at her, "You're evil. No. I'm gonna find this guy and get info from him."

"Why's it so important that you learn about this Rikku girl? You don't like her do you!" Dona asked, disgusted.

Squall glared at her, "No I don't like her. But if she's gonna be trouble for me I wanna be prepared, ok!"

"Ok, sheesh. It was just a question." Dona said, walking away.