Lenne sighed for what seemed like the 100th time. No one was listening to her! She watched helplessly as everyone busied themselves around her, preparing to leave to meet the infamous Princess of Darkness, Samara.

She had to admit, she was impressed though. They all looked so determined, but then again why wouldn't they? Rikku was a very special person to all of them each in different ways. Yuna's cousin and guardian, one of Tidus' best friends and new in-law, and the love of Squall Leonheart's life. Lenne bit her lower lip consciously as she glanced over at her oddly quiet cousin Rinoa.

Rinoa sat in the chair, staring blankly at the engagement ring in her hand as people made their way past her. She felt her eyes water, but no tears fell. 'I'm going to be strong...I have to be strong...' She told herself over and over again.


Rinoa looked up to see Seifer looking down at her, he tried to mask it but she knew he was concerned about her, "I'm fine."

He gave her a cocky smile, "How'd you know I was gonna ask that? I was just wondering if you wanted something to drink...that's all."

Despite herself, Rinoa giggled, "It's just...I see the looks everyone's giving me. They're all thinking 'Poor Rinoa' or wondering if Squall's still going to be my knight...I'm wondering too."

Seifer pulled up a chair and sat next to her, sighing at nothing in particular, "Of course Leon's gonna stay your knight. He made you a promise."

"I know...but Rikku..."

"He loves her...true, but I know he loves you too...even if it is just as a friend." Seifer explained.

"Like you would know anything about love." Rinoa replied harshly. As soon as the words left her mouth, she felt bad, "I mean...I..."

"I know what you mean." He replied, emotionless. He stood, glancing down at her, "And you're right. What do I know about love? I'm the villain right?"

"Seifer...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." Rinoa's apology was cut off as he walked away, ignoring her.


"So where we going?" Yuna asked as she began loading her gun, stashing some bullets in her pocket just in case.

"Those aren't necessary." Lenne commented, referring to Yuna's weapons.

"Not necessary?" Tidus asked incredulously, "We're going to talk to the Princess of freaking Darkness! I think we should arm ourselves. Right, Squall?"

Squall shrugged, not really paying attention to them as he looked at his gunblade, "I'm bringing this."

"There's no point!" Lenne repeated louder, almost screaming in frustration, "For once will you guys just listen to me! Where we are going, there's no touching Samara because it's her world! Like Hades and the underground...when you're in his world he's immune to you! Samara's gonna be immune to whatever you try to do to her. We're just going to talk, remember?"

Yuna stared at Lenne, watching her run her hand through her hair, "So...she can hurt us if she wants?"

Lenne nodded.

"And we can't touch her?" Tidus asked with a hopeless expression.

"Do I have to draw you a picture?" Lenne retorted angrily.

"Ok, ok!" Tidus replied, setting his sword down, "I get it. No need to get personal."

Yuna secretly put her guns in her pockets. What Lenne was saying could be true...but Yuna wasn't taking any chances. This was her cousin!

"We ready?" Squall asked as he made his way to a gummi.

"Um...where you going?" Lenne asked, stopping him.

"The gummi...we need a ship to drive to the different world..."

"It's not another 'world' per se." Lenne admitted, looking down.

"Then what the hell is it?" Squall asked, confused.

"It's...darkness," She explained as Rinoa made her way to them, "I can connect you to Samara through the subconsciousness of my mind since we're apart of each other."

"All you guys have to do is go into a very dark room and lay there. It's like having your soul leave your body." Rinoa added, trying not to look at Squall.

He looked at them warily, "So our souls are going and not our bodies?"

"Exactly." The brunettes said in unison.

"Is that safe?" Aerith asked with concern. She didn't like the idea of having their souls in a dark presence.

"It doesn't matter. Let's go to the waterway in the 2nd District, it's dark there." Squall said, leaving before he got an answer from any of them.

Rinoa opened her mouth to say something, but was too late as she saw him walk out the door.

Tidus and Yuna glanced at each other, feeling responsible for the break-up. They wanted Squall and Rikku together, but the last thing they wanted was to see Rinoa hurt.

"Go on." Rinoa said with a forced smile, "I'm fine...really."

Lenne, knowing her cousin was telling the biggest lie ever, nodded, "Ok."

"We'll be back..." Yuna said, not knowing what else to say in this situation.

"I know." Rinoa replied, "Go...bring Rikku back."


Squall made his way to the waterway to find a big surprise.

"G-Gippal?" He asked as he spotted the blonde Al Bhed sitting on the ground, his unpatched eye blank, "What are you doing here?"

Gippal snapped out of his daydream as he spotted Squall, "Oh...hey, Leon. I'm just...thinking."

"About?" Squall shocked himself as he found himself settling next to the Al Bhed who use to be his biggest rival.

"Rikku." Gippal replied.


"It's just weird. I was so sure we were going to be together when we were kids. Sure it took me awhile to realize her crushing on me...but it wasn't until I moved that I realized that...she was it for me." Gippal continued as Squall looked at the ground uncomfortably.

"About that..."

"You don't have to explain, man," Gippal smirked, "It's my own fault I guess. I should've written to her like I promised, but then things came up so quickly."

"Like Paine?" Squall asked, remembering the first time he met Gippal.

"Hey!" Gippal replied, offended, "We were just friends...with benefits!"


"Can I tell you something?" Gippal asked, poking nervously at the ground.

"Do I have a choice?" Squall asked back.

Gippal smirked, "Nice to see the old 'Leon' coming back."

Squall shrugged, "What you gotta tell me?"

"I'm...I'm happy Rikku chose you." He admitted, "I knew she would...I was just being stubborn because you were the biggest prick I've ever met."

Squall's eyes widened in shock as he heard Gippal's confession. Was he saying what he thought he was saying? Gippal was actually happy for them? Wait a minute...!

"Did you just call me a prick?" Squall asked as he realized he was being insulted.

Gippal shook his head, chuckling, "Nothing gets past you, Lionheart."

Squall got up from ground, taking this little conversation as a truce between him and Gippal, "Yeah...well...takes a prick to know one." He smiled as he extended a hand to help Gippal up.

Gippal laughed harder as he accepted it, " better take good care of my girl or I'll kill you."

"I'm more afraid of Yuna and Lulu." Squall replied as he heard footsteps approaching them, "And believe me...I'm done hurting Rikku."

"Good." Gippal smiled, "Because I'm tired of having to punch you."

"Whatever." Squall rolled his eyes, "Oh and Gippal..."


"Call me Squall."

Gippal smiled, "Sure thing, Squall."


Tidus entered the waterway to find the two men talking. His first thought was 'aww, Gippal and Squall talking'. Then he realized their history of 'talking'.

He quickly ran towards them and stepped infront of Squall, "Stop! When will you see that this fighting is useless?" He asked as he pushed them away from eachother.


"No, Squall! I will not move out the way! Hasn't losing Rikku shown you guys that life is too short for this?" Tidus asked.


"People get hurt you know! Both physically and emotionally! I still have back problems!"

"Tidus!" Squall shouted as he hit Tidus in the back of the head.

Tidus stopped rambling as he rubbed the back of his head in pain, blinking, "Ok...OUCH! What was that for?"

"We weren't fighting, genius!" Squall replied.

Gippal smacked Tidus in the back of the head.

"OUCH!" Tidus yelled, glaring at Gippal, "And that was for?"

Gippal shrugged, "I always wanted to do that. I always wondered if your hair would stab me or something."

"Why are you guys abusing my fiancee?" Yuna asked as she saw what happened.

"It seems they're friends now." Tidus muttered, rubbing his head, "I liked them better as enemies."

"Really?" Yuna asked incredulously, "Squall, you and Gippal are friends now?"

"Yuna! They hit me!" Tidus pouted.

"Shush!" Yuna said, her attention on Squall and Gippal, "When did this happen?"

Gippal shrugged, "Five minutes ago."

"This is great!" Yuna smiled as she pulled them all in for a group hug, "Wait till Rikku hears this!" The mention of Rikku's name brought everyone back to reality.

"I'm guessing we're ready?" Lenne asked as everyone fell silent.

"...yeah...we should get going." Squall spoke up.

"Squall," Laguna said as he entered the waterway,. "Can I talk to you, son?"

Squall sighed, knowing what was coming. He didn't have enough time for this, "Laguna, look, I don't wanna..."

"Here." Laguna interrupted, putting a ring in Squall's hand, " was your mother's wedding ring. Rikku...Rikku's a special girl and..."

"Are you serious?" Squall asked in shock, "You're actually allowing me to choose my destiny?"

"You make it seem as if I didn't want you happy." Laguna smiled, "I do, Squall, and Rikku...she's one strong woman if she can put up with your stubbornness..."

"And jealousy." Gippal added.

"And abuse." Tidus added.

"Ok!" Squall said, glaring at them, "I get it."

"Just goes to show that not all destinies are right." Laguna said, regretting his past mistakes.

"T-thanks." Squall said, putting the ring in his pocket.

"This is just all too weird." Tidus said, looking around warily, "Gippal and Squall friends? Laguna and Squall getting along? I'm just waiting for Lulu to walk in here and tell me what a genius I am."

"Tidus," Lulu said as her and Wakka walked in with Aerith and Yuffie, "You're still a sexist idiot."

"Darn!" Tidus muttered, "I was sure it was a sign of the apocalypse."


"Just lay down and relax." Lenne said as Squall, Tidus, and Yuna did as she said, "Close your eyes as the darkness secludes us from everything else."

"Is it ok for us to be in here with you guys like this?" Aerith whispered, not wanting to mess with Lenne's concentration.

Lenne silently nodded, "Just be very quiet till our souls leave our bodies."

"We can do that!" Yuffie exclaimed loudly.

"Yuffie!" Everyone in the room yelled.

"Sorry." She mumbled, looking down.

Squall closed his eyes as he felt the darkness enter his whole body, feeling as if he was floating in the air.

Help me!

Don't let her hurt me!

Over here!

I don't wanna give in to darkness anymore!

Squall struggled to keep his eyes closed as he heard several voices scream in his head. All of them filled with pain and agony.


That voice caught his attention as his eyes quickly snapped open to find him, Lenne, Yuna, and Tidus in a dark room with weird designs on the wall.

"I know this place." He said, examining it carefully, "Hallow Bastion."


"Yeah, this is the meeting room for all the villains." Lenne said, looking around warily, "She stays in here because it's so dark."

"W-where is she?" Yuna asked, grabbing Tidus' hand.

"High summoner Yunalesca," A voice said from behind them, "Pleased to meet you."

Squall quickly pulled out his gunblade as he spotted the Princess, "Samara?"

"Princess Samara." The woman corrected. She was pale with long pitch black hair and light violet eyes that pierced into his cold blue ones, "And I don't take good to threats."

"He wasn't threatening you." Lenne said as she lowered Squall's gunblade, "We came to talk."

"Talk?" Samara asked in amusement, "You mean make a deal?"

"We want Rikku!" Yuna yelled angrily.


"I can care less what you want!" Samara hissed in reply, "That little blonde can rot in the lowest level of hell for all I care."

"You bitch!" Yuna cried out, pulling out her gun, "Don't ever talk about Rikku like that!"

"Yuna, calm down." Squall said, remembering what Rikku told him, "She can use your emotion against you."

"Such anger." Samara smiled, her eyes lightly glowing, "You shouldn't let it consume you so much."

Yuna gasped as she felt a sharp pain in her chest, her heart beating loudly.

"Yuna?" Tidus asked as he caught her before she fell to the ground, "YUNA!"

"Samara, stop!" Lenne cried out as Yuna's body became covered in darkness, "Don't!"

"Don't what?" Samara asked innocently, "I'm not doing anything."

"Your turning her! STOP!" Lenne screamed.

"Ugh!" Tidus gasped as he felt a pain in his heart too.

"Oh! Look! Two for the price of one! Their hearts are intertwined so it's affecting him too!" Samara smiled, enjoying the scene infront of her.

"STOP IT!" Lenne yelled. She was afraid this was going to happen. She knew they should've left Yuna and Tidus in Traverse Town where it was safe. They were too emotional.

"We came to make a deal." Squall spoke up, trying to remain calm.

Samara's eyes slowly moved to him, "Now you're speaking my language."

The darkness around Yuna and Tidus disappeared as they gasped for air. Tidus quickly pulled Yuna into a protective embrace, just incase Samara tried something else.

"Now that we're all calm," Samara glared at Yuna, "And ready to talk business...I'll make you a deal to get your precious Rikku back."

Squall held his breath in anticipation as he waited for her to say the deal. It could be anything. She could ask for Traverse Town...or his own soul in return. It didn't matter to him, as long as Rikku was back and safe.

"I want you to stop being Rinoa's knight." Samara finally said.

"What?" Everyone asked, shocked.

"That's it? That's all you want?" Yuna asked, expecting it to be something bigger.

"Yes, dear, what else would I ask for?" Samara asked.

Lenne narrowed her eyes at her, "What do you have planned, Samara?"


"Bullshit! You never ask for something without it benefitting to you! What is it? You want Rinoa or something?"

Samara looked at Squall incredulously, "Did my little Lenne just cuss? Wow, you guys must be some bad influence on her."

"This isn't a joke!" Lenne yelled, fearing for her cousin's safety, "You tried to kill Rinoa twice..."

"And the little pest doesn't seem to die, huh?" Samara asked with a smirk, "Anyways, I already got Riku. He's all I need to take Kingdom Hearts. Such a strong boy..."

"Shut up!" Lenne screamed as she slapped Samara hard across the face. Yuna and Tidus gasped as they watched the red mark on Samara's pale face fade away, but there was a red mark on Lenne's face.

"I thought you said we couldn't touch her." Yuna said in disbelief.

"You guys can't, but I can. Because we're one with eachother." Lenne replied, glaring at Samara.

"Silly girl." Samara smiled as she touched Lenne's cheek, "You know every hit I receive goes straight to you. Hitting me is like hitting yourself."

Squall was silent as he weighed his options. Stop being Rinoa's knight? It seemed simple enough. If he stopped, someone could always be her new one, right?


"Squall..." Lenne said, unsure of his choice.

"Be quiet, Lenne, it's his choice." Samara smiled as she approached Squall. He swayed cautiously but did not move as she advanced towards him.

"You can't go back on your deal, Lionheart. This is final." She whispered in his ear.

"I know." He nodded.


A bright light appeared behind Samara, catching everyone's attention.

Yuna was the first to spot the blonde hair and spiral green eyes as a figure stepped out of the light, "RIKKU!"

"YUNIE! CHOCOBO HAIR!" Rikku cried out as they got off the ground to embrace her. Lenne just watched in fear as she felt the stinging of her own slap on her cheek. She knew it was stupid of her to lose control and hit Samara, but she had a way of provoking people to get angry. Especially a usually nice Yuna.

Squall tried to move towards the others but he was stopped by Samara's hand enclosing around his arm, "You should thank me."

"What?" He asked, reluctantly moving his eyes off of Rikku to look at Samara in confusion.

"You all should thank me." She replied, louder for Rikku, Tidus, and Yuna to hear, "Did you think it was fate that brought you two together? That allowed all this to happen?"

"Don't do this..." Lenne pleaded as she knew what Samara was talking about.

"What does she mean, Lenne?" Yuna asked.

Rikku tried to move towards Squall but couldn't, "Squall!"

Squall moved, only to be intercepted by Samara again, "You didn't tell them, Lenne? You didn't tell Mr. Leonheart that he was never even suppose to go to Spira in the first place?"

"What?" Squall and Rikku asked.

"It's complicated." Lenne said.

"Then I'll explain it!" Samara exclaimed, alittle too happily, "Squall here was never suppose to go to Spira. A matter of fact, he wasn't suppose to leave Radiant Gardens until he was 17...where he would meet Rinoa Heartilly, fall for her and live happily ever after."

Rikku stared at Squall in disbelief, "We weren't suppose to meet eachother?"

"Nope...never!" Samara replied, "But I was the one that had a message delivered to Laguna to have him bring Squall to meet you Rikku. I was also the one that had Gippal move so your romance with Squall could begin."

"What...why?" Squall asked.

Samara shrugged, "Call me your own personal cupid. Remember Lax and Dell?"

"You didn't..."

"It was all me." Samara smiled, proud of her work, "So you was me that hated you! Not fate! I caused all those problems!"

"Why?" Rikku asked, still trying to move to Squall.

"Because she's a life ruiner...she had this all planned." Lenne replied softly.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Yuna asked, looking at Lenne.

"What were you going to do if I did, huh?" Lenne asked, "I was too late! Squall and Rikku...they were already in love! Who am I to ruin love?"

"We had a right to know!" Rikku said, practically struggling to move.

"What I didn't expect was the bun in the oven." Samara said, looking at Rikku.

Rikku and Lenne turned pale as Rikku stopped struggling, "Shut up."

"What's she talking about?" Squall asked, "Bun in the oven?"

"Er...Lulu I think." Rikku replied hastily as her and Lenne glanced at each other.

"You didn't tell him?" Samara asked, raising an eyebrow at Rikku, "Oh well, doesn't matter. Just to let you know, I'll be visiting you soon."

"Samara..." Lenne said, knowing what she meant.

Samara ignored her as she looked back at Squall, "So, what I'm trying to say owe me."

"What? We already made a deal..."

Samara stuck out her hand into his chest, grabbing his heart, "I know. But this is for calling me a bitch!"


"He's bleeding!" Rinoa cried out as she spotted a crimson red spot on Squall's clothes, "Why is he bleeding? What's wrong with him?"

"Oh gawd!" Yuffie said as she pulled off her head band to try to stop the bleeding, "Aerith, Alittle help!"

Aerith tried to find a pulse, "His hearts not beating! Something's wrong!"

"Squall!" Laguna yelled at the unresponsive body, "Son, can you hear my voice?"

"What's she doing to him?" Rinoa cried out as she frantically watched the blood spill out of his chest.

"She took his heart." Seifer answered.

"What do you mean she took his heart?" Rinoa asked, turning to him, "Why?"

Seifer shrugged, "She's turning him into a heartless."


"SQUALL!" Rikku cried as Squall fell to the floor.

Samara examined the bright heart in her palm, satisfied as it floated into the air and disappeared, "I love happy endings."

Rikku felt her body working again as she ran to Squall's body, cradling him in her arms, "No! You can't leave me! You promised!"

"Geez, some guys just can't keep their promises." Samara said, looking at Lenne, "He also promised Rinoa, did he not? And Riku made so many promises to you, Lenne..."

"I'm surprised, Samara." Lenne spat viciously, "You've forgotten?"

For once in a long time, Samara was the one confused. "Huh?"

"Have you forgotten?" Lenne asked as she looked at Rikku who began to glow.

"W-what? What's going on?" Samara asked as Squall's chest began to glow too.

"They're in love, something you know nothing about." Lenne explained, a smile on her face, "And before Squall left...they shared a paopu fruit. I guess everything isn't going according to plan."

"Paopu fruit?" Samara asked, glaring at the couple, "You shared a paopu fruit?"

Rikku ignored her as she watched Squall's eyes open, "Squallie!"


"What the-?" Squall asked as he felt his heart beat again. Rikku's eyes softened as she pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Your hearts were with eachother all along. That's why you and Rikku couldn't stay away from eachother. That's why Rikku couldn't be turned into a heartless, instead she had to have a spell cast on her to make you believe she was a heartless when you went to go save her."

"Impossible!" Samara screamed, the darkness around her stirring.

"Not even you can control peoples' destinies, Princess." Lenne said, "I'll be seeing you soon. You can't keep me from seeing Riku."

"Is that a threat?" Samara asked, shocked at Lenne was actually getting ballsy.

"It's a promise...bitch." Lenne smirked before she quickly transported their souls back to their bodies.


"He's stopped." Yuffie commented as the blood stopped pouring out of Squall.

"That a good thing?" Rinoa asked, looking at Seifer hopefully.

"Could mean he's dead..."

"You wish." Squall muttered as their souls reentered thier bodies.

"SQUALLIE!" Yuffie cried out as she pulled him into a tight hug.

"What is it about me that's so huggable?" He winced, knowing better to push her off. He's been getting hugged so much lately that he just decided to let it happen...with girls only. Boys was different, so Tidus was shit out of luck.

"Your good looks and charming personality!" Rikku said from her spot on the ground. She suddenly regretted saying anything as everyone's attention was on her.

"RIKKU!" Someone screamed, Rikku wasn't sure who it was as she was suddenly tackled by a herd of people. Being pulled into hugs and kisses.

"Ok, who touched my butt?" She asked the crowd of people as she was passed around like a newborn baby.

"So...are you ok?" Rinoa asked, referring to the dried blood on Squall's shirt.

" was just a scratch." He smirked, feeling alittle awkward now, "Rinoa...look..."

"Don't." She said, smiling, "I understand. To tell you the truth...I knew this was going to happen...I was kinda rooting for the 'Squikku' team."

"Oh god, not you too." Squall sighed, hearing Rinoa refer to him and Rikku as 'Squikku'.

Rinoa giggled, "It's catchy." She placed a hand on his shoulder, "Here, It belongs to her."

Squall looked down at Rinoa's hand to see his necklace and Lionheart ring, "Thanks."

Rinoa shrugged, "I'm just happy you're finally happy."


"Where's Lenne's body?" Yuna asked as she noticed Lenne was no longer there.

"What?" Rinoa asked, looking around to find her cousin gone too, "Didn't she return with you guys?"

"Maybe she left back to Hallow Bastion, unfinished business or something." Tidus said.


"Rinoa, you're panicking again." Seifer said.

"She's fine." Squall said, actually believing his own words, "The girl may be mysterious and full of so many secrets but...she can take care of herself." He remembered the way she stood up to Samara, it shocked him to see her so brave. She was usually timid and scared.

"So..." Rikku spoke up, "How was my funeral?"


Rikku laid on the balcony of the 1st district, waiting as everyone from Spira got ready for their trip back.

"What you doing?" Squall asked, squatting next to her.

"Looking at the moon." She answered, "Beautiful, ain't it?"

"Not as beautiful as the sun." He smirked.

Rikku sat up, smiling back, "Aww, Squallie, you're such a sweetheart."

"If you're gonna insult me then I'll just leave." He joked as she lightly hit him.

"Really you are!" She watched him watch the sky, sensing him deep in thought, "Gippal told me you guys are friends now...and that you broke it off with Rinoa."

"About that..."

"You never listen, Squallie." Rikku smirked, "If you would've just listened to me..."

"Ok, ok! I get it!" He interrupted, knowing she was making fun of him and how he use to scold her, "Sometimes you have to do things."

"Exactly, which is why I had to save you. Couldn't let you die could I?"

"I still disagree with that decision though." He replied, "But...I don't know. Don't you find it odd or ironic that it was Samara who placed us together? I mean...the woman hates love. The thought of her being our fate is just...scary. What if she's not through with us...?"

"Shh, you think too much." Rikku interrupted, "You're forgetting that everything didn't go according to plan for her. You're here, I'm here, we're safe. Maybe fate doesn't hate us."

" doesn't." Squall smiled, remembering his mother's wedding ring in his pocket, "Rikku, you know I love you right?"

Rikku giggled, "I'd like to think so since you saved my butt so many times, mister."

Squall pulled out his mother's ring, "Will you marry me?"

Rikku's jaw dropped as she stared at Squall with wide eyes, "I don't know...I...OF COURSE, SILLY! YES!" She practically leapt into his arms, planting her lips on his.

"My eyes!" Yuffie shrieked, looking away, "Quick! Cover your eyes!"

Rikku and Squall looked up to see who she was talking to only to see the shocked face of Rikku's dad staring at them.

"Pops!" Rikku smiled sheepishly, "We ready to leave already?"

"I just came up here to talk to Squall." Cid said as he sighed. Why did he always catch them in awkward positions?

"Kinda makes you wonder what we would've walked in on if we came later, huh?" Yuffie asked with a huge grin.

"You're not helping." Rikku replied as her dad's glare darkened.

Yuffie shrugged, "I know. It's a gift I guess."

"Hey Rikku-is that an engagement ring?" Yuna asked, spotting the sparkling object in the moonlight.

"Engagement ring?" Cid and Tidus asked in unison.

"Ohmigod! Squallie proposed!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"You know what this means?" Yuna asked with excitement.

"Pops is about to have a heart attack?" Rikku asked as she got off of Squall.

"Yes!...I mean no!" Yuna said as she grabbed Rikku's hands, "DOUBLE WEDDING!"

At that moment Paine walked in to spot the two girls jumping around, she quickly turned and exited.


Squall felt the same way he did when him and Cid had their first 'talk'.

"Look...I know you expected Rikku to marry a nice Al Bhed guy..."

"Nonsense, Lionheart." Cid smiled, "You saved my daughter more then once. That's good enough to marry her in my book."

"Ok...then what you wanna talk about?" Squall asked.

"Rikku lives in and help the keyblade master..."

"I decided I'm moving to Spira." Squall said, "After I help Sora, of course."

Cid nodded, "Welcome to the family, son."


"Rikku? What's wrong?" Yuna asked, feeling her cousin get suddenly nervous.

"I...I haven't been completely honest with you guys." Rikku admitted shamefully.

"What is it?"

Rikku sighed and whispered into Yuna's ear.

"Are you serious?" Yuna asked.

"I should tell him, shouldn't I?"

"Duh, Rikku!" Yuna said, looking at her like she was stupid for even asking.

"Ok, ok, sheesh! No need for those looks! I did just come back from the dead you know!" Rikku muttered, walking off.

"What's up?" Tidus asked, noticing Yuna's shock.

She sighed and whispered something in his ear.


Rikku approached her father and Squall, thinking of ways to tell them. Samara knew, Lenne knew, it was time she told them. How would Squall react?

"Rikku? What's wrong?" Squall asked with concern.

Rikku opened her mouth to answer him...only to have Tidus beat her to it.


"TIDUS!" Yuna screamed at her fiancee, giving Rikku a look that said 'I'm sorry'.

"WHAT?" Cid asked, before passing out.

"HEY, LU! YOU HEAR THAT? RIKKU'S PREGNANT, YA!" Wakka shouted to Lulu who was standing with a huge group of people, "SQUALL'S GONNA BE A DADDY!"

"Chocobo hair! Tubby! YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Rikku shouted as everyone looked at her in shock.


"Until The Day I Die" Unofficial Song For Squikku (listen to lyrics and you will know why i named the fic this)

Until the day I die
I'll spill my heart for you, for you
Until the day I die
I'll spill my heart for you

As years go by
I race the clock with you
But if you died right now
You know that I'd die too
I'd die too

You remind me of the times
When I knew who I was (I was)
But still the second hand will catch us
Like it always does

We'll make the same mistakes
I'll take the fall for you
I hope you need this now
Cause I know I still do

Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
I'll spill my heart for you
Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
I'll spill my heart for you

Should I bite my tongue?
Until blood soaks my shirt
We'll never fall apart
Tell me why this hurts so much

My hands are at your throat
And I think I hate you
But still we'll say, "remember when"
Just like we always do
Just like we always do

Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
I'll spill my heart for you
Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
I'll spill my heart for you

Yeah I'd spill my heart!!!
Yeah I'd spill my heart for you!!!

My hands are at your throat
And I think I hate you
We made the same mistakes
Mistakes like friends do

My hands are at your throat
And I think I hate you
We made the same mistakes
Made the same mistakes

Until the day I die
I'll spill my heart for you, for you

Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
I'll spill my heart for you, for you
Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
I'll spill my heart for you
Until the day I die (Until the day I die)
Until the day I die!!!


A/N: This chapter was really rushed, but at least I got it done. If it seems unfinished, it is. But this is the end of this story.

For ppl who keep asking me if im gonna write any more Squikku, im not sure. Rite now im not becuz next summer of '07 im gonna begin working on my other fic which is rilenneku (based around lenne and riku from KH) and im finishing my xmen x-mas fic i wrote for my cuzin ashley before xmas (which is almost done). im not sure if im gonna type that and put it on fanfiction tho...and after that im writing my own novel wit my own characters so...i'll be very busy. but if ppl want to write their own fics about squikku wit inspiration from my fic then go ahead (for example, what is rikku having? Is there something there between Seifer and Rinoa still? Or yuna's and rikku's double wedding.) but jus let me kno cuz i'd luv to read it. Bye! see ya next year!