Blind date -
Dean and Sam waited patiently at a booth in a dancing club.

"Dean we should be out working not here…and-and are dates aren't even here!" Sam said

"you've spoken to soon Sammy look over there" Dean nodded toward two girls standing at the bar.

The first one (the older one) had black hair that fell to her shoulders her eyes were a pail blue. she had a elegant-but I'm ready to party- burgundy dress on that came to her knees thin dark red satrapy two inch heals on, her face was gorges and her make up was done perfectly, she was altogether beautiful and young.

The second (and younger) girl looked a bit more wild.

She had blonde hair and dark green eyes her face was also beautiful her make up was done perfectly , she had on a (I'm ready to party) black dress that stopped right before her knees, and black thin one inch heals on there was only one strap to keep the shoes on.

Dean had on a more casual look a pair of nice blue jeans and a blue striped shirt and his best pair of black shoes.

Sam was wearing mostly the same thing but he had a teal stripped shirt.

Dean stood up and walked toward the girls.

Sam stood up and followed keeping his distance. "are you Iona?" Dean asked the younger girl.

She was shorter then Dean.

"yes" she said

"Iona is this your date?" her friend asked

"Mercedes this Dean I possum" Iona said

"you would be right and…Sam get over here!" Dean said

Sam walked over to them slowly he was trying to look nice but failing horribly.

Mercedes walked up to him.

"hello Sam I'm Cady" Mercedes said

Sam nodded.

(half an hour latter)

Sam and Mercedes were sitting alone in the booth together.

Bother were silent.

Then finally Mercedes broke the silence.

"common Sam lets go dance" she said Sam nodded

Dean and Iona were already dancing they looked like a copal that had been together since time began .

"alright" Sam said he stood up and followed Mercedes to the middle of the dancing floor.

And Sam started to take the lead on a dance.

Dean had gave him a short lessen before they came.

(one hour latter)

"thank you guys so much for bringing us here!" Iona said gently

Dean had a sparkle in his eyes and Sam new exactly what he was thinking "oh Sam Iona was great I'm thinking of a second date" Sam said it in a stupid voice to himself.

"Well good bye…Dean and Sam" Iona finished.

Mercedes smiled walked up slowly to Sam and hugged him.

Then they left.

Dean Smiled and sat back into the booth.

"so Sammy how was your date?" Dean asked

"interesting" Sam said

Dean looked serious again.

"Sam I know that you think no one can replace Jess but you have to give someone a chance" Dean said

"yeah its not like you've ever lost someone that close to you" Sam looked at a the bar tender.

Things by the bar had slowed down and she was washing of the bar table.

Dean followed his gaze and saw the girl to.

"you little creep" Dean said holding back a laugh "all this time and you've been dreaming about the bar tender".

Sam gave him an angry look.

"NO!…well…Oh just shut up" Sam said Dean thought he looked a little shy witch was unusual.

"its okay Sammy" Dean said in a teasing voice.

Then Dean realized how beautiful she actually was.

She had reddish hair pulled back into a ponytail.

And blue eyes.

She had on a black apron a long sleeved plane white shirt and plane blue jeans.

She didn't look rushed just like she was enjoying herself.

"go talk to her" "no"


"make me"

"fine ill go talk to her" "NO! don't" Sam said

"look…see she already has a date" Sam said triumphantly.

"what ever Sam" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------