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Chapter 2- Can't help but cry

Sasuke was excited. He'd known Sakura for about a whole month now, and not only did he and her get along, but Sakura had been favored by both of his parents, that meant his father too.

After a sparring match, between himself and Sakura, he'd found out she was super-smart, like that Nara kid in class, and had perfect chakra control, like his brother.

He had gotten mad when Sakura had called herself weak in front of him and his brother, and he saw his brother's blood boil too.

Today, Sakura was going to show him a trick on using more power in his attacks, so he'd be able to catch up to his brother faster.

He ran to school, and when he got there, he found Naruto alone, looking for him.

Sasuke ran up to the blonde boy and smiled, "Where's Sakura-chan?"

Naruto frowned and pouted, "Hospital."

Sasuke eyes widen, "WHAT! WHAT HAPPENED? IS SHE OK? WHO DID IT? WHY DIDN"T ANYONE-" he kept going until Naruto's firm hand clamped his rampaging mouth shut.

The whole class was covering their ears. The never knew that their precious Sasuke-kun could be louder than the loudest mouth in Konoha... note to selves, never freak Sasuke out.

"Sakura-chan's fine." he calmed, "Her parents were on a mission and got pretty hurt, so she's staying there for today." Naruto grinned, "YOU GOT ONE HEC OF A YELL!"

"NARUTO, SASUKE!" Iruka yelled, making the boys grin sheepishly, and get on with the rest of the day.

By the end of school, Sasuke had decided he'd get his family to come and visit the Haruno family, and so that he could keep on watching his Sakura-chan.

Well what do you know? The Uchiha clan is possessive. (I think even Naruto could figure that out.)

Sasuke finally arrived at his family's estate, when a cold, bone-chilling gust of wind, felt to him, had passed through his sole.

He ran around a bit, and saw his grandparents, aunt and uncles, cousins and other Uchiha, spread across the estate, like a battle field.

He held back a scream and ran to his parent's room. He opened the door, just in time to see his father fall on top of his mother, dead.

He looked up to see his brother, Sharingan activated, and all.

(I'm not going to say anything, if you don't know what happens... -.-' you're an idiot...)

Sakura was walking to her best friend, Sasuke, 's estate, so she could visit him, and apologize for not being at school earlier.

She saw him crying, lying in the street, huddled up in a feeble-position, eyes wide. She ran up to him, and looked around, she saw his family every where.. Or at least what was left of his family.

Every single step, blood was found, she had even stepped in a puddle of it, and chocked back the sad sobs, the tears threatening to fall.

She grabbed Sasuke and sat down, she pulled to young boy to her chest and tears had flowed freely, like waterfalls from the tween children. "S-Sasuke-k-kun... I-I..." she couldn't even speak, and Sasuke was in too much shock to listen.

Sasuke passed out unconscious, from something his brother had put on him, and only remembered seeing her tear-stained face.

Sakura looked up and saw Uchiha Itachi sitting on the post, "W-Why... Itachi-kun, why?"

Even to his parents, right now, no one would know that his eye soften, and he had winced, but Sakura saw it, and kept it secret.

"Same that I told him... To test my capacity.." Itachi said and turned on his Sharingan again.

Before Sakura fell unconscious, Itachi saw Sakura smile weakly, and she had spoken in a hushed whisper, "L-Liar..." and fell into the darkness.

Sakura heard beeping. Wait, why was there beeping? It had been a Friday the day before, so she shouldn't have her alarm set.. Wait... her alarm was different, this was the same beeping her parents had, had with those weird machines.

Her emerald pools snapped open, remembering the past events, and she shot up from her bed, wincing from her hard and stiffened muscles, clenching and unclenching, just like her fists.

Sakura noticed a second beeping, and looked at a curtain next to her own. She peeked behind it, and her eyes widen, "Sasuke-kun!" she yelled warily.

She ran to his side and cried again. Why had this happened? No... Why had this happened to him.

She cried, realizing she couldn't have done anything only made her cry more.

He heard crying. It was a female, but he knew that his clan was gone, and he tried to hold back his own tears, but he cried silently, and opened his eyes.

He saw his best friend, hair spilled over his sheets, crying, clutching his sheet, out of frustration and anger, mainly for herself.

Sasuke's eyes soften. She shouldn't have been crying, but he was glad she was crying for his misfortune, it made him know he still had people who cared.

Sakura's head lifted to see his red eyed, tears still leaking from them, and she got onto the bed, and grabbed onto him for dear life, like if she let go, he would be gone.

Both cried for his clan's death, and Sasuke knew that Sakura, his dearest friend, had gotten rather close to his mother, feeling, that because her mom was gone, Mikoto was her second, most loved mother.

They held eachother, and Sakura looked up again, "I-I...I'm s-sorry S-Sasuke-kun..." she cried, tears wouldn't stop leaking from her eyes.

His Sakura-chan was sorry, for what? "?"

"I-I couldn't h-help y-you, or Mikoto-c-chan, Fukagu-san... I couldn't stop h-him... I-I w-was too w-weak... I-I didn't e-even t-try! I c-could have l-landed something on I-Itachi-kun...I might have g-gotten him down and hurt i-in his t-tired state...I-I w-was a c-coward Sasuke-k-kun!" she cried, and Sasuke noticed now, she had cried too much.

How could he tell? She had no more tears. All replaced with the blood thriving in her large, fragile, heart.

Sasuke only pulled her closer, because he was the same. Neither of them tried. Neither of them had been strong enough... they were weak.

They had tried to stop. They were only kids though... being a kid means only one thing after what the two, Haruno and Uchiha, went through...

They can't help but cry.

End Chapter–

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