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Author's Note: This is just different days in Syd's life after she joins it. In this Bridge and Syd are born in 2004 and Sky is born in 2001. Jack and Z are born in 2003.

September 1, 2022

I've decided to have a separate diary for my life at SPD. Wow SPD—I'm in SPD. My friends wanted to know why I joined. I think mainly it's because I've never done anything like this before. I love a challenge. I'm also good at anything I try, so odds are I'll be the best at it. My Dad gave me a lecture on how I still need to work on things, but I guess we'll see. This also gives me the opportunity to give back, and I love helping people. I mean not everyone-well actually no one is as good as me. I mean I am a top model, actress, and singer. Who else is as good as me? No one. Everyone loves me and not that I can blame them. But one day I don't know, I felt like everything in my life was the same. I talked to my parents about it who suggested SPD. Now I was in shock, why would they want their precious princess to be in something like this. My Mom's a teacher, not for the money, she says she loves it, and my Dad, well he does business stuff. Plus on the side we raise Pomeranians. My Dad explained that it was kind of like doing service, so I should try it. Here I am.

The first day was pretty cool. I made it through all the tests easy enough. Now granted the uniforms are drab, I mean they're gray. They couldn't be pink or something? Oh well, not everyone has my taste. Anyways, the plus side—the guys. There are some pretty cute guys here which definitely makes life easier. I think some talk to me because of who I am—Syndey Drew. There was someone, who when they talked to me, well they made me feel like I was just a normal person—special, but normal. I've never felt that way before, it was nice. His name is Bridge Carson. He's a new recruit too. We're both on the same team. When I first heard his name I thought it was a little weird—but at the same time it fits him. He was very sincere when he said hi. He's a couple inches taller than me, brownish-reddish hair and I think green or hazel eyes. He's got a cute smile too. We had lunch together. We talked about so many things. He can ramble—a lot. I know he has a point—I just wish he would get to it faster. He also wears gloves. I mean all the time. I wonder if he's one of those people who don't like to touch things. I wonder.

The commander here is Anubis Cruger. He's a dog—really. He seems kind of scary, but I only met him when he briefed us, which was like 2 minutes. I share a room with Liza. She's ok. She tends to talk a lot. It's not like when Bridge talks. I think Liza just talks to be annoying. I'm sure that in time Bridge could have potential of getting annoying, but Liza, it's just horrible. I hate sharing a room, it's so unfair. Maybe I'll talk to Mom and Dad. Money does many wonders.