Nor do I own any characters (human or alien) associated with this story, with the exception of Mike who is based on me so I will I ask you to please not steal him! Thanks! I hope you like the story! This is the first story I've posted here so I would appreciate some constructive criticism (no flames please). The first couple of chapters are a bit short, but they get longer later on.

Part One: The Invasion

CHAPTER 1: Animorph's Wish


"Ram the Bladeship."

That was the last sentence of the longest (and probably best) book series I had ever read. And as I closed the final book of the series, I couldn't help but feel extremely disappointed.

Hi, I'm Michael by the way, but you can call me Mike. I'm thirteen years old and quite tall for my age, but I'm not really fat or thin. My hair is short and my hair and eye colours are both dark brown.

Most importantly, I am a 100 devoted Animorphs fan! For five years now I have been loyal to the book series that has inspired me like no book series ever has. Five years have I followed Jake, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, Tobias, and Ax (Aximili-Esgarouth-Isthil) by reading about their exciting and unpredictable adventures. I have read through the good times and the bad times, only to be left with K.A. Applegate finally ending the series with the worst possible finale. The dreaded 'Cliff-hanger'. Okay, so maybe that's not entirely true, the ending was well written and suspenseful all the way through and was certainly fun to read. However, I couldn't help thinking that the way the book had ended wasn't quite right. The Yeerks may have been defeated, but the Animorphs somehow became victims as well.

Feeling a bit depressed, I put the book at the end of my book shelf (reserved for Animorphs books of course) and went to find my brother, Stephen (I just call him Ste), to tell him what happened at the end of the series.

My brother is two and a half years older than me and (although he rarely reads the books himself) insists that I tell him what happens in the Animorphs books. I found Stephen in his room playing on his latest game for our Wii console.

"Hey Ste, you want to hear about the last Animorphs book or not?" I asked.

"Sure Mike," he said turning the game off. And so for the next half an hour, I told him what happened.

After hearing several groans from my brother, I decided to go online for a while. After checking on some sites and posting on a few forums, I checked what homework I had to finish over the weekend. I almost cried when I saw how many maths question I had to finish.

Screw that. I thought. No way am I doing maths on a Friday night. I briefly considered calling my best friend Dan and inviting him over, until I remembered he was away at his cousin's house for the weekend. Dan isn't a huge Animorphs fan like I am, but he has read some of the books.

In a valiant attempt to avoid starting my maths homework, I decided to write more notes for a story I'd started working on a few months ago. It's a series about a radiation leak at a military base, which infects half the Earth's population with the DNA of animals, allowing the people infect to turn into six different animals. As you can guess, my inspiration for this story came from reading the Animorphs series.

Thinking about the end of the series made me feel a little sad, so I thought some extra sleep would make me feel better. Besides, I was becoming sleepy very rapidly and by the time my head hit the pillow I was asleep (this has never, ever happened to me before in my entire life).

I remember my last thoughts before I entered Dreamland were: I wish I could have been there with the Animorphs; I could have made a difference.

I was going to regret making that wish. I was to regret it very, very much.