Peewee stared into the pool. He felt his eyes struggle to contain the hot tears of his rage and sadness. They struggled, but didn't succeed. Not completely. A single bitter tear ran down his face. Peewee didn't dare to wipe it away. His makeup was smudged enough as it was.

Peewee stared into the pool and wondered how long it would take to drown himself in it. Sure, his new playhouse was filled with anything and everything he could want. He had toys and gadgets and talking furniture. He had his puppet friends. He had his human friends. He even had a personal genie. But Peewee knew that it was all there for a reason. You can't just have wacky fun in a vacuum (though he had tried that once).

No. Peewee was full aware of the shame his parents had for him. He had heard their conversations at parties, their attempts to justify him in front of their friends.

Yes, he's our son.

He's just not feeling very well today.

He's just wearing this suit until he gets a new one.

He doesn't always talk that way. It's just him being funny.

Who? No, that's our nephew. Not our son. No.

I've never seen that guy before.

I don't see anything. What are you looking at?

And then they sent him away. Peewee just wanted to live the way he wanted. Why was that so wrong? Didn't everyone like singing songs and playing games? It wasn't like he wanted to be a kid. He hated kids. Peewee just wanted to have as much fun as he had when he was a kid, just as an adult. Was that so weird? It must have been, because his dads built this house for him. Actually, they really just dropped him off in the middle of the woods with the supplies and said "Knock yourself out" and "Don't forget to build a padded door" before speeding away in their Tourino. He'd never felt so alone in his life.

Everything was different now. He had the coolest playhouse in the world, and yes, it did have a padded door. He had made friends with the other weirdos who seemed to gravitate to the woods. Which now included Tito, the sexy lifeguard with his super tan and super deltoids. And because of Tito, Peewee had a new swimming pool too.

"Something wrong, Peewee?" an operatic, vaguely British voice sounded. Peewee saw the reflection of Cowntess's giant head as she sidled next to him.

"Wrong! No! Haahaa!" Peewee laughed. "I was just thinking about having a pool party!"

"I hope so mooore people come besides me and Tito and Cowboy Curtis and Miss Yvonne and Captain Carl and Mrs. Steve and Dixie and The King of Cartoons and Reba the Mail Lady and Cowboy Curtis and the puppets in your house," Cowntess said.

"I hope so too, Cowntess." Peewee smiled into the bright blue depths. He didn't need his dads. He had everything he needed in his playhouse. There was no time to contemplate suicide, anyway. Peewee had a pool party to plan!