Mystery of the Canned Cat Food

By W0nderboy

Chapter 1
Based on the report from the files of Monterey Jack

For the many years I've been with the Rescue Rangers, I've seen many things in my time, but when you seen a mere chipmunk solve a unsolvable crime, then you can claim you've seen everything. It started one hot day in July. Dale was at a comic book festival. And Gadget and Zipper were visit her relitives. There were no new cases becuase of the heat, so Chip settle down with a book. His was a book about deduction. Chip was wild about stuff like that, trying to imatated his hero. I preferred my own, "Cheeses of the World." I was about to get to chedders when I cry outside interupted both of us. Imagine our surprise to see Max outside of our house. He was shaking, more than usual. Chip saw it too. "I...I need your help."
"Get out of here you crooked cat", I said, "Tell Fat Cat we're not interested.
"But he's dead."

Chapter 2
Strange Scratches

Fat Cat's body was found in his headquarters where they left it. He was leaning over in a chair. His face was twisted into a face of horror. The knife which was the killer, was plunged in his stomach. There was alot of blood all over the place. Chip turned Max. When did you find him like this?"
"Around six."
"Where were you last night."
"Sleeping off a stomachache."
"What was it from?"
"A jar of peanut butter that was recently tossed out."
"Did you hear anything at all?"
"I heared him groaning, but I thought it was just stress from being beaten once again by the Rescue Rangers."
"Where are your companions?"
"Probably out in a stakeout."
"For what purpose?"
"Take a guess."
"Have you called the police?"
"Yes, they thought I was a prank caller."
"Thank you. I shall now examine the room."
Max left the room still shaken by the event. I admired Chip for his questions to Max. I'm sure that it would be done different by the famous detetive, but now that was over, it was time to gather evidence. "Look at this Monterey."
I went over and to my surprise, I saw scratched blood spelling this:


"There is some strangeness to this Monterey. I must find out more to this case."

Editors's note. This is based partially to the story "A Study in Scarlett." If you haven't read it yet, then you don't know what your missing. I'm sorry I'm starting it like the famous story, but I hope to have this story seperate into its own little mystery. We all know who I'm talking about. I'm not really good at mysteries, so if the clues seem simple, its because I need to work on my writing a little bit better.