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The rain softly pattered against the window pane as it fell from the early morning Konoha sky. The two emerald eyes gazing through it watched each drop as it fell in front of her, silently, she prayed it would continue forever. The drops were endless... for now.


Somehow it was the symbol of her relationship with the man she loved.

For some reason, it was always raining when he came home. No matter how long the missions lasted, it was always raining when he came home. But lately, he hadn't returned. It had been almost a year and a half, and she would still sit in her windowsill every rainy day, and watch for the usual sight of his figure shuffeling down the street toward her, oblivious to the rain. Despite the his rumored death. Sakura would never give up on him.

In her eyes, this man was unbeatable. He always had been, even when she was a child. Now, it was just all the more real to her.

They had worked so hard, and he had endured so much, just to be with her. They had built a life together, and they both knew that he wouldn't let some shinobi ruin the life he had made with her.

His promises were never broken, and she'd like to think that the ones he made to her were even more steadfast. So he was coming home, he'd promised that when he'd returned they would celebrate her birthday, together.

So for now, she would wait in the window, dreaming of days of yesterday.

She would dream that his arms were locked around her, and his lips close to her ear, whispering soft words that only she was meant to hear. Sometimes, she would feel them around her, and hear his words if she envisioned them long enough.

At this particular moment, she could feel him stronger than she had ever felt it before.

She could feel his breath on her jawline.

"Are you going to look out that widow all day?" Her green eyes widened as she abruptly turned to look behind her, only to be met with a pair of lips.


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