Disclaimer- I don't own Kim Possible, nor the Incredibles or Emerson.

A Twin's Lament

Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

I love my sister. She means the world to me. And I'm proud to be her little brother. Proud to be able to point when she's on TV and say, "That's my sister up there! The one who just saved the world!" But however much I love her, I'm sick of only being Kim Possible's kid brothers. I want to be known for me, not for my sister. Me and Tim are special too, but it's hard to see that in my family. We make rockets, but Kim saves the world. No one notices us. So we don't want to do what Wade did and skip grades out of college. So we want to live as normal a life as genius twins can. We're still special, but all you see is Kim on the screen, not us. So we torture her. We make her scream, we make her yell. We remind her she's human, and that the world goes on. She reminds us we're special too, and by beating Kim Possible, we can beat the bad guys too. Because honestly, what's a bad guy compared to a Kim whose diary has just been posted on the internet? So we live on, as siblings do in an abnormal family of special siblings, where one is just a bit more special than the rest.

My brother is me. He's my other half, my best friend and more. We know each other inside and out, better than anyone else could. And I would never give that up. We work together; we learn together, we are part of each other. And if anything happened to one of us, I don't know what would happen to the other. And yet, we're always "Jim and Tim". Never just Jim. Never one person. Always a pair, always grouped. We have arguments too, though you wouldn't realize it. We fight, we prank each other, we hate each other occasionally. SO why are we always together in people's minds? Even my parents, though they don't realize it, and if they did they would try to stop. But to them we're either "the boys" or "the twins". Never Jim, Never Tim. Sometimes "Jim and Tim". Everyone needs to be there own person. I want to be someone, not half of a pair of someones. Uniqueness is a gift which most people don't have. As Ralph Emerson once said, "Insist on yourself; never imitate... Every great man is unique." But than again, as Dash of the Incredibles said "When everyone's special, no one is." So I guess I'm not special. I'm half of "Jim and Tim", half of Kim Possible's tweeb brothers. And while as great as that may sound, sometimes I wonder: What would it be like to be me, and just me?

Authors Note- I just wrote this story really quickly because i was watching a Kim Possible episode and it bothered me. The tweebs are always grouped together, but they never get any recognition. So I'm trying to change that.