Last Time….

As she watched the barrier and Kikyo fade into nothingness, she whispered quietly, "Perhaps we are not so different after all."

Feeling a tingle at the base of her spine, she turned around and her breath hitched as she stared into brilliant golden eyes, "Inuyasha…"

Chapter 10:

Ever After

"Kagome … why was she here?"

For a moment, they both stood silent merely looking at each other, until…

Kagome exhaled a sigh and smiled weakly suddenly feeling weary, "Kikyo and I, had some things to discuss; her, you, me… us. There was so much bitterness and jealousy

that we couldn't allow ourselves to understand each other. Now we realize that I am who she will be, and she is who I was; and we are alright with that."

She fidgeted nervously, and smiled; the late afternoon sun hovered behind her setting her ebony tress aglow. Inuyasha's breath caught in his throat, she looked radiant the urge to

kiss her rose and swelled in his throat; desperate to squash the notion he bit his tongue hard. Shit! That hurt, he mentally swore, but the desire to taste her lips persisted… She'd

never… Surely, she'd sit me… what was that shit Miroku was always spewing? "It WAS worth it. Aw, Fuck it! You only live once right?

His mind made up, he stepped closer to her, "Kagome…"

Kagome looked up and barely had time to breathe before, "Inuy- MMPH!"

His soft lips were on hers nibbling, licking, and devouring; one clawed hand was fisted in her hair at the base her neck, the other clutching her for dear life. She forgot to think,

forgot to breathe and surrendered to his attack; kissing him back tentatively at first, then passionately gaining confidence that this was real, he was there and she thanked the Kami

that this wasn't another damn dream.

As the parted for air, much too soon in both of their opinions; all she could think is Wow. He looked into her eyes and thought, might as well

"Kagome… I love you."

The smile on her face had to be the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, her eyes sparkled mischievously and she replied, "I know. I love you Inuyasha."

He kissed her repeatedly until the sun began to set; and they silently agreed to head back to the village, hands intertwined; as they walked towards the village Kagome lay her head

on his shoulder. She realized that it wasn't perfect, they would still squabble over petty things and jealous would occasionally rear its ugly head… but they had each other and that

was enough.

In the distance, three pairs of eyes watched the newly formed couple one with amusement, one with confusion, and the other with a deep sorrow.

A phantom pang rang though her hollow chest and Kikyo whispered, "Be happy with her Inuyasha…"

Shippo looked on with large confused eyes, "Kaede, what was that all about and why were they slobbering all over each over?"

Amused, Kaede merely replied, "It's something you'll understand when you're older." Smiling to herself she stooped to pick up her herb basket and thought, It's about time.

The End

Owari Da!

Author's End Notes:

First, I'd like to thank all of my readers for their continued support and my beta editors for their patience and perseverance.

Second, this story is the culmination of my frustration with the way the T.V series ended and Rumiko's inability to tie up loose ends. Plus, a distinct lack of fluffy moments in the manga lately. Also, the lack of decent fan fiction stories about Inuyasha & Kagome as a couple is down right infuriating… Come on people, Kagome as a gothic punk, who strips? It doesn't work very well even in an A.U and Kagome looks OCC. Then there's the stories where everyone calls them "Inu" and "Kags" shudders if you have seen the series then you'd know Inuyasha hates being referred to as a dog, and therefore would object loudly to this. I also hate how Kagome strings Kouga and Hojo along it isn't right for them to be plan b; no one likes being fallback guy.

Third, I like to thank those fantastic writers out there who do produce superior works; they inspire me to write. Here's to them making many more good works!

Doggieearlover, Fenikkusuken, EmeraldDragon, FrameofMind, ThatNanda, SoutasSister, Simonkal of Inuy, Wicked Oni, Black Mamba, Scherezade7, aishiteru-inu, alandrem, Queen, Becky Tailweaver and many more. Check their works out.

Lastly the sound track, I wrote this to all different styles of music.

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I don't wanna wait – Paula Cole Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper

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