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Chapter 29: Shattered Dawn

(Malik's POV)

Marik's still in the psychiatric ward. They say it will be a few more weeks before he's stable enough to come home. I'm only permitted to visit three times a week; not nearly enough. Grandpa is the only other one allowed to see him. The experience with Kaiba and Minkah brought back memories for both Marik and me. In the beginning Mare had to be strapped to a bed to be kept from hurting himself. All the while he was muttering, eyes glazed over. He talks normally to me now but he still has moments where our father returns in his mind and no one can convince him otherwise.

After a week had passed we knew we'd never see Minkah again. There were no leads on where to look for Khalil and the others. They're most likely back with the leaders of Apophis now, in which case Minkah is dead. It aches to think that fate could be so cruel to him...

"You're the lucky ones. You got out."

My throat tightens as I remember these words he spoke to me what feels like forever ago. If only I'd understood them then. He was never free. Even over a continent away he was still under Apophis' control. He's never known the taste of self-ruling.

Ryou's been a mess. He barely eats. The poor kid has been sleeping more and more; curled up on the sofa with the family cat or buried in the blankets of Minkah's bed. Mr. Bakura asked that we visit every other day in a desperate attempt to cheer his son up. It's like we're all in this melancholic haze that the wind can't seem to dissipate. I'm not sure it will ever completely go away.

(Ryou's POV)

I lay with my head under a pillow on Minkah's bed. Misa is huddled under the bed, refusing to budge. I can't think straight. It doesn't make sense. Why would we go through all that shit only to have Minkah swiped away from us? I found out I had a half-brother then he's taken away from me. How is any of this just?


It's Otousan. He's been frantic about me not eating or going out. As selfish as it is, I'm finding I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. The world is dead to me.

"Ryou, we need to talk," he sighs.

The bed leans slightly to my right as he sits down, his weight causing it to shift. From the depths below Misa hisses, no doubt backing against the wall. A hand finds my shoulder, squeezing it gently.

"Ryou, I know this is hard for you. We're all having a horrible time coming to terms with what's happened," my father begins when I don't respond in any way. "But we have to accept the truth of the situation. Your mother and Amane wouldn't want us to give up now...I don't want to give up. All we have family-wise is one another. I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth."

My eyes clamp shut as the tears begin again. He doesn't let go of my shoulder. I don't reply to him though. I can't.

"We just have to press on. Things will get back to normal by and by. You'll see," he continues confidently. "Marik's going to be home in a few weeks...Then you can all go out for a movie or something and forget this ever happened..."

No, Otousan. I can't forget. I'll never forget. People are dead. We can't change that. How can you act like everything's going to be okay? How can you even think to say that to me?


The person I gained as a lover...and lost so fast. It wasn't anything, was it? Just a trick to distract us from the truth? Those deep brown eyes...the soft black hair...muscled arms crafted to utter perfection...Was it just a lie? Did he really not care for me at all?

"...things happen. But you've got to stay strong. When things get tough you just need someone there to help lift you up. We're all here for you, son..." Otousan's voice is only vague in the back of my mind as I struggle for answers to so many unrequited questions.

No. It couldn't have all been just an act. There was passion in those gorgeous brown eyes. There was real happiness in the clear laughter that rang like chimes in the breeze. There'd been passionate-ness in the kisses...the touches...


It's just an echo now. We both stiffen at the sound of the telephone. Otousan stands, walking brusquely downstairs. I bite my lip, suddenly sensing something's wrong. It's too quiet. Carefully, I slip out of bed, limbs aching at the lack of movement of the past few weeks. Tip toeing down the hallway I hear Otousan's voice. It's strained, troubled. I put my hands on the banister, fingers clenching around the painted wood.

"Are you sure?...Solomon, I don't...No. I'm not going to tell Ryou..."

My body tenses at this. I duck down as my father glances nervously in my direction before marching for the living room. I hurry down the steps three at a time, making sure to be silent nonetheless. There's the sound of the television being turned on, the voice of a news reporter suddenly present.

"...the bodies of what are believed to be the entire organization known as Apophis in an underground excavation site several miles from..."

I don't care to hear any more. I race into the room, heedless of my father now. All my attention—my entire being—is focused on the horrendous shots of the bodies strewn on the television screen.

"...believed to be a mass suicide. No doubt realizing they were..."

"Ryou! Don't...!" Otousan rushes forward to turn it off but not before I see.

The corpses: a teen missing his legs, burned almost beyond recognition. His skin is charred, chalky and dark like coal. That doesn't keep me from noticing the tip of his hairline—the bit that isn't burned: it's white; a black-haired teen, face partially burned off sprawled next to the other; both strewn amidst a pile of bloody carcasses.

"NO!" I shriek, pounding my fists on the screen even as the camera goes elsewhere into the site. "NO!"

Otousan sees too but he can't move. He just stands there frozen as I sob uncontrollably, beating my fists on the unforgiving glass. Minkah. Khalil.

They're really gone.

(Yami's POV)

Marik's home. It's the first good news in weeks. The whole group—save Ryou—came to the house to see him. There weren't too many smiles though. He'd been informed about what became of Apophis...became of Minkah. It's especially hard for him. He was the one person the gruff Egyptian seemed to have any respect for.

"What if it isn't true?"

I'm pulled out of my mulling at this question from my younger brother who's snuggled with Marik, Malik, and I on the couch.

"What's that, shrimp?" Malik yawns tiredly.

"About Apophis," Yugi persists. "What if...?"

"We saw the bodies," I say softly in his ear. "The media was ecstatic. It was on every station. The whole world saw it. A terror ended for them."

"It's not right," Marik whispers sadly, eyes downcast. "Everyone celebrating."

"Well Apophis was a threat to so many," my koi presses. "It's understandable that they would..."

"But to film so much coverage of the bodies?" his brother hisses. Marik doesn't know the half of it either. We won't permit him to see it. He's far too fragile now. Besides, he shouldn't see it. No one should.

"He never had a chance," Yugi whimpers beside me, a tear gliding slowly down his face.

"He made the choice to fight back in the end," Malik puts in. "No one could decide for him. I just wish he'd told us. We could have helped him."

"Do you think so?" Marik snorts contemptuously. "A few teenagers living in Domino against an international assassination organization? What could we have done?"

"There must have been something..." my koi plods on desperately, hands in front of him making fraught gestures.

"There was," I say quietly.

They all look at me with befuddlement. I close my eyes for a long moment, wishing away everything.

"What Yami?" Malik's voice murmurs insistently.

I open my eyes, looking into each of theirs in turn. "We couldn't have saved him, this much is true but...We gave him the chance to be cared for...to be a regular teenager—if just for a little while. It's not much but it's something. It's all we had to offer him."

I can see in their eyes that they wanted to have been capable of giving Minkah something more. Protection. Companionship. Trust. Hell, I wish it too. But we have to settle with reality...and reality's shit.

(Niu's POV)

"How's he doing?"

I look up to find Kasiya standing in the small doorway. His large frame only makes him appear all the more giant as he bows his blonde head in order to enter. I sigh, glancing at Minkah who's sleeping in my lap, face buried in the front of my shirt; his golden skin seeming pale against my dark color. We have to take turns holding him while he rests; it's the only way he'll do so. The shit that happened with that Kaiba bastard brought back his past, having shaken him horribly.

"Still resting. I was starting to doze off myself," I snort rubbing what feels like a grain of sand from my eye with a finger.

"Afika wants us to all meet in the other room," Kasiya continues in a lower tone.

I scowl. "Don't tell me we're discussing about going back to Domino already?"

He gives me a look with his deep brown eyes. "You have a better idea? They're no doubt spreading news of us to anyone who will listen."

"I beg to differ."

We both turn to find not only Afika, but the other three as well. Our new leader smirks, striding forward into the dimly lit room.

"They'll inform the authorities—that is true—but I have a hunch they'll keep their mouths shut in order to spare others of the fate they themselves cannot escape—assuming they know we're alive. It's the type of lovey-crap they're on."

Kek makes a grunting sound, standing just inside the doorway with his bulky arms crossed over his massive chest. The guy is even bigger than Kasiya, pure muscle. Sevara stands off to the side, her blue eyes the only feature clear in the shadows.

"Even so—they know too much. But someone wouldn't let us kill them off when we had the chance," Kek growls, casting a glare at Afika.

"I wasn't going to risk Minkah's condition worsening due to more wounds or trauma in an outright fight. The police that came were no doubt better trained than an average officer, given the information they were no doubt told before we cut the phone line. Minkah was already in a life-threatening state physically and emotionally..."

"You mean mentally," the tall blonde sneers.

Kek tenses when there's a blade positioned under his thick neck. Afika stands before him, eyes gleaming. Though our black-haired companion is over a head shorter, he's the most skilled of us all; so when I note the unease in Kek's brown eyes I need not wonder why.

"We've all been through unpardonable conditions. That he is vulnerable at the moment does not give you the right to mock it. We aren't invincible, so don't try to convince yourself that we are. You'll only fall harder," Afika hisses, his own brown eyes narrowed menacingly.

Kek doesn't respond, though his hand moves from the gun attached at his belt. Afika's face is stone as he turns back to us, sliding his blade into its sheath in one fluid movement.

"Now, the question remains how we..."

His voice trails off as Minkah stirs in my arms, groaning as he awakens once again into this cold world. Gray eyes blink as they focus, finally settling on the group of people in front of us.

"We have guests," I smirk as he slowly climbs off my lap onto the bed.

"What's going on?" he mumbles groggily, white hair disheveled.

"Nothing you need worry about," Afika states firmly.

Weary gray eyes narrow. "You're going back without me, aren't you?"

Kasiya clears his throat. "You're in no condition..."

"It doesn't involve all of you!" Minkah protests angrily. "It was my assignment..."

"That nearly cost you everything, you ungrateful slime!" Kek growls from the doorway. "If you're going to put all the pampering we've been giving you the past few weeks to waste...!"

"Afik," Minkah beseeches with pleading eyes to the black haired teen. "I have to. You know I do! Otherwise...!"

"You're not going and that's final!" Kek shouts furiously.

"You can't...!"


Afika stands before us, brown eyes fixated on Minkah. The white-haired teen stares right back adamantly. I almost feel sorry for the kid. I know there are family issues tied to the whole ordeal. We can't risk another fumble though. Besides, Kasiya's right in saying Minkah's in no condition for assassinating people...especially in a place where he underwent so many traumas.

Our leader finally speaks. "Kasiya and Sevara, the two of you will be in charge of destroying the bases in Ireland and England as well as the weapon center in Scotland. Bring back the materials I've instructed as well. Kek, you will be off to the Americas to settle the same there. I'll head over to our bases throughout Russia and other parts of Asia..." His eyes lock with Minkah's. "And you'll exterminate the scum in Domino, Japan."

"Now wait just a...!" Kek explodes

One look from Afika silences him, though I can see his massive frame trembling in rage even from here. Kasiya's jaw is clenched but he does not speak. Sevara looks indifferent, leaning against the wall.

"What about me?" I press after a moment of this, though I already have an idea.

Afika turns to me with a serious expression. "You're going with Minkah." He holds up a hand when the white-haired teen opens his mouth to protest. "I'm not having you go back alone. You yourself are capable of understanding why. Take it or leave it."

I glance over at Minkah whose face is contorted in a scowl. He and Afika stare at one another for a long moment in an argument with no words. Afika wins. Gray eyes glower at the floor.


(Malik's POV)

I walk alone down the street as the sun begins to fade behind the trees masking the horizon. It's getting colder out. Soon winter will be upon us in all its fury. I inhale deeply, the scent of the decaying leaves and wet soil spreading through me. The others are no doubt waiting up for me at home. The fear has dissolved from the city now; the assassins no longer of this world. Were they really ever part of this world in the first place? I'm not so sure now. Were they perhaps just passing phantoms that haunt the dreams, warping them with reality?


The warmth of his body...his moist lips on my own...silken hair that flowed through my fingers with such ease...gray eyes so intense, always burning...He was real. There's no doubt about it. It wasn't a dream or some figment of my imagination. Yet his world was not mine. He was in a whole other realm, cut off from what life should be like.

I put my hands in the pockets of my jacket when the wind circles my fingers. Some people say in order to move forward one must stop looking backward. But how can I stop looking when I don't even understand what I'm looking at? I try to ignore the wild blinking lights as I pass by Discotheques. I don't want to remember that night. I don't want to remember any of it. None of this is fair.

I haven't ever told Yami about the day in the dressing room. I don't think I ever shall. Why contemplate on a relationship that was never allowed to be? Telling him I started making out with Minkah—that I had feelings for the Egyptian—won't do anything but hurt our own bond. Besides...Minkah's gone.

"You'll lose your own relationship if you don't stop living in a fantasy world," he whispers, eyes downcast. "You've worked so hard to fit into society after the tombs...Don't let all of it go to waste."

"You're going to fit in in time," I say reassuringly. "Just come back with me and..."

"Just try to accept the truth of the situation," he sighs, getting up and unlocking the door. I stand, fists clenched. "Go home to Yami."


He gives me a somber smile, opening the door. "Good bye, Malik."

I open my eyes, allowing the last glowing orange embers in the sky to fill my vision as tears well in my eyes. Biting my lip, I hold my head up as I continue on down the block. It's not over for me like it ended for Otogi and Minkah. The two of them made sure of that. I won't give up. They both sacrificed too much for me to surrender to life's chaos now.

I turn, taking the long way. My eyes fall on the house as it draws closer. My body stops when I'm at the front walk. All the lights are off, save one. It's the window in the upper corner. Just a small bedside light that has a slight reddish tinge. Ryou's still in his room then.

"Good-bye, Minkah," I whisper softly before turning and continuing on home through the dark.

You and I

Knowing I want you

Knowing I love you

I can't explain why I remain

Careless about you.

I've been a fool to allow

Dreams to become great expectations.

How can I love you so much

Yet make no move?

I pray the days and nights,

In their endless weary processions,

Soon overwhelm my sad obsessions.

You and I

We've seen it all

Chasing our hearts' desires

But we go on pretending...

Stories like ours

Have happy endings.

You could not give me

More than you gave me.

Why should there be

Something in me

Still discontented?
I won't look back anymore,

And if I do, just for a moment.

I'll soon be happy to say

I knew him well.

But if you hear today

I'm no longer quite so devoted

To this affair.

I've been misquoted.

You and I

We've seen it all

Chasing our hearts' desires

But we go on pretending...

Stories like ours

Have happy endings.

This is an all too familiar scene

Hopeless reflections of what might have been

From all sides the incessant and burning questions

Bearing in mind your predicament now

What you'd defend

I'm just dying to know:

Would you do it all again?

But they know for well

It's not hard to tell

Though my heart is breaking

I'd give the world for that moment with you

And with I'll bring you

That our love would last

That the cold would pass

With the warming far too fast.

You and I

We've seen it all

Chasing our hearts' desires

But we go on pretending...

Stories like ours

Have happy endings

There you have it.

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