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Important Note: Also, this takes place when Naruto and Sakura are fourteen, which means that Sasuke is still with Orochimaru. I'm changing some thing around, like making Sakura Tsunade's apprentice BUT having her, at the same time, working with Morino Ibiki. Also, Itachi will be twelve while Sakura is fourteen (although he's way stronger than her). In other words, this romance is between a twelve-year-old and a fourteen-year-old.

Summary: Sakura accidentally took the wrong potion and drugged Itachi. Now he's turned back into his twelve-year-old self and his mind is changed back to before he killed his clan! ItaSaku

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Chapter 1

Two years since Sasuke's departure and Sakura had not only become a powerful and successful medic-nin, but also worked with Morino, Ibiki. And that's when the story began.

It all began one fateful day.

The news of it spread fast throughout the bustling city of Konohagakure: Uchiha, Itachi had been caught. He would have just been executed, but the Hokage decided that she wanted to find out Itachi's reason for the massacre of his family. So, Ibiki had to interrogate Itachi. Unfortunately, another missing-nin of the Leaf was also caught and Ibiki, along with the Torture Squad, were to try get the missing-nin to reveal to them the hideout of a very powerful ninja. Ibiki decided that this was a more important task than questioning the infamous Uchiha prodigy. After making sure Itachi was drained of chakra and after tying Itachi with a special chakra rope to prevent any escape attempts, he gave Sakura the task of interrogating Itachi.

So here she was in the Hokage's special room of potions. Tsunade had told her to do whatever she needed to do to find the answer to Itachi's reason for killing his family. Tsunade had always been great with not only healing but also creating potions. She was the best in the world at making potions; her potions were undetectable and odorless. Even the Jiraiya wouldn't be able to realize Tsunade's drug in his food.

To make sure Itachi wasn't dying, Ibiki ordered for Sakura to give him some food. And then it hit her. She would go to Tsunade's potion room, take a Truth potion, and drug Itachi's food. Then Itachi would be forced to tell her the answers! It was genius and foolproof. Sakura scanned the hundreds, if not thousands, of potions.

Transformation to Cat Potion

Healing Potion

Sleeping Potion

Paralysis Potion

Love Potion

She finally found what she was looking for at the top of the shelves: Truth Potion. She reached for it and was about to grab it when…

"SAKURA-CHAN!" a pair of arms pulled her into a tight hug.

"Naruto!" she exclaimed, pushing him away.

He laughed. "Sorry. Anyway, today, January 23rd, is Shino's birthday! We're all gathering at a ramen restaurant on the intersection of Spiral Avenue and Sand Street to celebrate. Please come by, ok? The party will be in a couple hours at 7 P.M. and it'll last until 9 P.M. We'll really appreciate it. I know you're very busy and all…"

Sakura couldn't help but slightly smile at Naruto. "Yeah, I'll come by."

"Thanks!" he said happily and then leaving her alone.

She quickly unscrewed the top and poured the transparent drops into Itachi's food. Then she capped the bottle and placed it back on top of the shelf and left the room. What she should have done was check the bottle, because the bottle wasn't labeled Truth Potion. It was labeled with another title, a horrifying title.

Transformation - Youth Potion.

Sakura gently opened the door to see Itachi tied to a chair. A table was set in front of him with another chair opposite of where he sat. Sakura sat down and placed the food before him.

"Ibiki-san said that you haven't eaten since your capture. I thought you'd be hungry. I hope you like the food I have chosen for you," she said, breaking apart the chopsticks. "I'll feed you since your arms aren't free."

He stared at her, not knowing why she seemed to care enough to get him food.

She smiled, using the chopsticks to pick up the rice. She held it to his mouth, but he refused to eat it. She sighed hopelessly. "Come on, eat the darn food. I spent freaking five bucks for it, so you better eat it! Either eat it or I will make sure you eat it. Don't make me use force; you know I have the upperhand in this situation."

After a few more seconds, his stubbornness finally subsided and he opened his mouth to eat the food. Sakura saw this as the beginning of her interrogation and began to speak while feeding him. "So, they say you're part of Akatsuki?"


"I hear you were the original heir to the Uchiha Clan."


"Ever since I was small, I envied the Uchiha Clan. Not only were its member very strong, but they were also good-looking. The Uchiha Clan wasn't as big as the Hyuuga Clan, so the members seemed to be close to each other. I wanted to be part of a ninja clan. I'm the only person in my family that chose to become a ninja; no one supported my decision," she reflected back on her memories.


"And I always wondered, why did you kill your clan? Your clan seemed perfect. Wealthy and omnipotent –"

"Excuse me, miss…"

"Yes, Itachi?" she looked up at him.

Shock and horror filled her face at the scene.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Tsunade raged.

Sakura squint her eyes at the dangerous chakra emitting from Tsunade. She stuttered fear, "I-I-I said that…I'm sorry, I took the wrong potion and now…uhm, Uchiha, Itachi is back to his twelve-year-old self…"

"Where is he now?" Tsunade asked.

"I left him in the waiting room…"

"Great," she said sarcastically. "What are we going to do now?"

"I'm really, really, sorry, Tsunade-shishou!"

Tsunade sighed. "It's alright. Anyway, I've come up with an idea. Since he has amnesia, we will forget his actions. He will now be, again, a Konoha shinobi. And since this is your fault, he will be living with you."

"What! Why me? Why not Naruto, or Kakashi, or the Hyuuga Clan?"

"Naruto? Please, do you want the poor boy to die of starvation? Kakashi is busy on missions and don't forget that the Hyuuga Clan, for a long time, was in rivalry with the Uchiha Clan."

"But I-"

"No buts, Sakura. Your mistake, you pay the price. I'll give you extra money for you to give to him. It won't be that bad. He's not a psychopath killer anymore," Tsunade assured her.

"….I-I guess….." Sakura muttered.

Sakura left the Hokage's office and returned to the Hokage's waiting room to see Itachi sitting there in his large clothes. He looked at her and she smiled back.

"Hey, Itachi," she said.

"Can I go home now? Kaa-san must be worried."

"Uhm…well, you see, Itachi, you've been in a coma for a while now," she lied. "During your comatose, your whole clan was…massacred."


"Yes, I'm sorry…" she said. "Well, Sasuke wasn't killed. He managed to escape but…he…he left Konohagakure to seek out the murderer."

Itachi remained quiet. No emotions were visible on his face.

"So, Tsunade-shishou told me that you are to live with me!" she said, forcing a smile on her face. "Don't worry, it's gonna be great! And…uh, well, I'm a medic-nin so you won't have to worry about wounds or injuries…or, yeah…"

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Haruno, Sakura," she replied.

"Thank you, Haruno-sama, for allowing me to live with you. I'll try not to be a burden to you and your family."

Her eyes softened at his kind consideration. "Just call me Sakura and…I live alone."

She left the Hokage's Tower and he followed behind her.

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