Back in Business

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Disrupter

The alarm rang throughout the high tech government building as heavily armed guards busted down a large door to find several robotic soldiers holding a vital data of research. As the armed guards were being prepared to fire upon the robotic soldiers, an image of Slade appeared before them through one of the robotic soldiers.

"I think it would be wise that you don't fire upon my robotic soldiers" said Slade, "but if you should choose to use force against my soldiers, I will allow them to retaliate against you."

Before the heavily armed soldiers could fire upon Slade's henchmen, one of the robotic soldiers threw a smoke grenade, giving Slade's henchmen a cover to escape. The heavily armed guards started to cough and through the chaos, Slade's henchmen escape the government complex. Meanwhile, a strange trailer was parked near the government complex when the alarm rang. The trailer then began to follow Slade's henchmen as they got into a van and started to drive off. As the henchman at the wheel gazed through the mirror, it noticed a strange fire-like creature coming right toward the van.

"Looks like we got them on the run" said Grandpa Max at the wheel of the trailer.

"And now they're going to have to stay and fight" said Ben as Heatblast as he fired a heat beam at a wheel.

The henchman who was driving the van then lost control and the van crashed into a nearby wall. Slade's henchmen then managed to get out of the destroyed van just in time, but as they got out, they were shocked to see a fire-like creature standing in front of them. Even Slade was astonished to see this through the computer monitors of his robotic soldiers. He then quickly through the various controls on his console directed his robotic soldiers to advance on the strange fire-like creature. Ben as Heatblast saw this coming and fired several heat beams at some of the robotic soldiers, destroying them completely. The other robotic soldiers saw their chance and ran, but Ben then fired another heat beam at the robotic soldier carrying the vital research data in its hand. The heat beam knocks the robotic soldier down to the ground and the vital research data which was a disk on the ground as well.

"Go ahead" said Ben to the other remaining robotic soldiers, "I dare you to take it."

After Ben made that statement, Slade had to make a decision and then used the computer console to direct the robotic soldiers to retreat. As they retreated from the scene, Grandpa Max's trailer drove right up to Ben.

"Let's get out of here" said Grandpa Max, "the government can handle the rest from here."

"Well" said Ben, "we don't want to make enemies with the government."

"Just get in" said Gwen.

After Ben got into the trailer, he changed back into his normal self and Grandpa Max then went off on his way. As the trailer was leaving the scene, one of the damaged robotic soldiers managed to get the license plate of the trailer leaving.

"If the Titans were causing me problems" said Slade, "I was just a big fish in a smaller pond."

"What are your next moves on this new meddlesome hero?" asked Slade's butler as he came to Slade's side.

"It's time I see how things turn out from this event" replied Slade, "the Titans could come in as I would predict."

Meanwhile, as government officials arrived on the scene where Slade's destroyed henchmen were located, a man in a suit picked up the vital research data disk on the ground. After that, the Titans arrived on the scene too late to stop the villains who committed the deed.

"You're late" said the man in the suit to Robin.

"It was on the other side of town" said Robin.

"Well good thing for you" said the man in the suit as he took out some strange photos of a strange fire-creature, "we got data from some other strange vigilante who stopped whoever was behind this."

"Don't worry" said Robin as he received the photos, "we're on it."

"And it looks like Slade might be back in business" said Cyborg as he picked up a robotic skull from the wreckage and showed it to Robin.

"This time we're going to get Slade as well" said Robin as he studied the damaged robotic soldier's skull.