Feel The Pain

Summary: When Sam's visions spiral out of control, Dean will have more to worry about than just headaches.

Rated PG-13 for violence acts, gruesome imagery, and some language

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural, much to my disappointment

Chapter 1: The Vampire Warrior/First Pain

The warehouse was huge. She knew this was the right place, but never expected for them to stay in such a frickin' big place. Glancing up, there were easily ten floors in the building. This was going to take a while and it was already almost dawn.

The Warrior ran across the parking lot without a sound, the result of training her entire life. Her ears strained to listen for anyone who might be watching for her, even though she knew that if any of them heard her, she wouldn't live long enough to care. Flattening herself against the wall, she felt how fast her heart was beating in anticipation of the fight. Willing herself to calm down, she gripped her battle ax, felt the comforting weight of the bow and arrows against her back. Better get to work.

Slipping into the door, she glanced around. So far, so good. Kneeling, she whispered a quick prayer to the Unknown Glorious One.

"Darlin', if praying helped, we would have died out a long time ago."

The Warrior whipped her head up. How in hell did Varsius manage to get so close so fast? Not to mention the twenty or so other vamps standing on the balcony above her. She cursed herself. She knew she had grown cocky in the recent months, but never thought this would happen. The Warrior flicked her eyes across the room, taking in the view. This nest was bigger than she thought, but they shouldn't be a problem. The real challenge stood before her. Pulling herself up, she stared into Varsius's black eyes.

"Nice to see you again. How's your mom?"

"You tell me. You're the one who drained her dry."

"Well, yes. She was incredibly delectable. But I doubt she would compare to your blood." Without skipping a beat, the young girl shifted her weight, allowing easier access to the stakes in her sleeves. Man, was she glad she decided to come tonight packed. Extra weapons didn't always make the job easier. Just a bit more fun.

"Oh I don't know. I've always considered myself a bit too much for vamp's tastes."

"There's only one way to find out." Varsius glanced at her neck, the hunger radiating from his eyes.

"Okay, this is just getting annoying. Can we please just fight now?" The Warrior rolled her eyes, tired of these games. Varsius wasn't fazed. It would take more than a smart mouthed little bitch to discourage him and he had killed plenty of those in his lifetime. Shrugging slight, he nodded.

"All right then." Time seemed to stop. No, not stop, but almost. Everything happened in slow motion, and yet the Warrior felt herself still moving in real time. This always happened during the hunt and it thrilled her to feel this alive. There's nothing like fighting for your life with the blood pounding in your ears. Glancing up, she watched as every vampire flew down, shrieking in ecstasy. She smiled. This was too easy.

Dust filled the air. Breath rushed in her lungs. The Warrior knew the hunt. She lived for this. She was the destroyer of evil. Twenty new born vamps were barely a challenge. As the air cleared, she stood alone, stake and ax in hand. Glancing up, she stared into Varsius's eyes, her face saying one thing. "You're next."

Varsius stood, waiting. He knew she would make the first move and would simply wait until she did. He was right.

In a blink of an eye, she flung her ax at his neck. She could see the comprehension in his eyes as he realized he underestimated her. She missed her mark, but still cut a chunk off. He hissed at his bleeding shoulder, baring his fangs at the girl. That hurt. No one had made him bleed in centuries and this little bitch sure wasn't going to be the one to kill him.

The warrior gasped. She missed. She hadn't missed in a very long time and this was definitely going to be the last time that happened. Varsius stood there, waiting again for her to move. The young girl smiled. He was going to be sorry he didn't move. With a single flip, she cut the distance between the two fighters in half, hurling the stake toward his chest as her body sprung up again. Except it didn't. She looked at the stake, not believing her eyes. It's not possible. He caught it. She glanced at Varsius, glimpsing the pure glee and satisfaction emanate from his eyes. The stake was flying again. No, this can't be right. Pain seared as the stake pierced her chest, grating against her chest bone as it went almost the full foot in. She fell to the floor, struggling for breath. Bloody bubbles poured out her mouth. Oh god, the pain. It was more than anyone should ever have to deal with. A haze covered her eyes as the blood poured from her body. A fresh pain blossomed on her chest as her heart began to slow. All the warrior could do was scream silently.


"No. No! NOOO!" Sam's panicked eyes flew open, searching for something familiar. He found it as his eyes crossed his brother, sitting across the hotel room at a table with a Winchester rifle in hand. The rest of the weaponry and some cleaning supplies lay out on the table. It was obvious Dean had been awake for some time.

"Mornin' Sleeping Beauty." Dean glanced at Sam, a grin flashing across his face. "Not the best way to wake up, huh?"

"No, it's really not." Sam squeezed his eyes close again, trying to block out the sun rays blaring through the window directed onto his face. Oh, what a beautiful frickin' morning.

"Vision or nightmare?" Dean asked casually. This was routine now; Sam waking up screaming and Dean checking to see if they had gotten a "mind email" about where to head next. Lately, more often that not, the dreams were only nightmares. Poor kid would probably never get over these stupid dreams.

"I don't know Dean." Sam sat up, leading his back against the head board, running his fingers through his long hair. He couldn't shake the image from his mind. The girl, laying on the floor, bleeding to death, in excruciating pain. Dying. "It felt… different."

Confusion crossed Dean's face. "Different? Like now you got a brand spankin' new kind of 'shinning' thing on top of the nightmares and visions?"

"No. It… I don't know. It just… doesn't feel like what they feel like, but it's really close." Sam sighed, rubbing his temples.

"You ok, Sam?"

"Yeah, just a headache."

Dean though for a second before turning back to the gun in hand. "Headache means vision, right?"

Sam grimaced as the pain increased slightly. "Yeah, usually. This one felt really familiar though. Like I already…" Sam's voice cut of suddenly as his throat closed, shortening his air supply.

"Well, don't hold me in suspense Sammy-boy." Dean called out without turning around. "I'm dying to hear how a vision feels on the brain. Kind of like a rough massage, right?" grinned Dean, laughing inwardly at his own joke as he knew just how wrong that description was. Wait, Sam never answered me. "Sam?" Glancing behind, he saw his brother's mouth move soundlessly, hands gripping his chest with his eyes screwed closed against the pain.

"Sam!" Dropping the gun, Dean leaped over his bed in a single jump, grasping his brother's face. It was both cold and scorching hot at the same time. Sweat began pouring off his brow. Something wasn't right. Without realizing it, Dean's thoughts ran through the actions of last night's hunt. They had been fine. Sam wasn't even touched by the ghost, so there weren't any injuries. Nothing that could have caused this pain.

"Sam, what hurts? What's wrong!" Panic and helplessness started to fill his mind as Sam grew pale and whimpered slightly with pain. All of a sudden, Sam's eyes burst open, flaring in pain, his mouth screaming a soundless scream. His head rolled down, staring at his bare chest.

Dean looked down. Without warning, a gaping hole ruptured on his brother's chest, spurting blood like a geyser. "No no no no!" Dean repeated over and over as he pressed his hands on the gap. Sam stared into Dean's eyes, filled with horror at what just happened. Blood kept flowing, barely slowed down by Dean's efforts. Sam became ghostly white as his body quickly began to run out of blood. A haze began to close over his eyes. A tear ran downSam cheek as the pain flared across his chest.

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