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Chapter 2

Kakashi was very worried about this whole thing. He was pretty sure it had been a bad idea to leave Naruto alone with Sasuke, but he was also very sure he did NOT want to go back in there. Naruto had told him to go, which was surprising in its self. Kakashi thought, after Sasuke's display, Naruto wouldn't want to be alone with Sasuke for weeks, even months.

Maybe it had been a bad idea to play with Sasuke that way... Ha, the look on his face made it all worth it.

Besides, the little brat deserved it for what he put Kakashi through, let alone what he did to Naruto. If Kakashi hadn't realized Sasuke put him up to it...

Kakashi stopped, suddenly remembered what the terms of the bet were.

Poor Naruto.

Kiba sat looking at Shikamaru then at Lee. "What the hell is taking them so long! Sasuke said that he was going to go find Naruto and see how the bet went. He should be back by now!"

Shikamaru was laying back, eyes closed, "Troublesome."

Kiba growled. "This is so BORING! Why do I have to get stuck with you two? Where are they? Where's Shino? Even his constant talk of bugs is better than this."

Lee was still sitting in the corner crying.

"GAAA! I'm leaving! Maybe I'll find them and they'll actually talk to me."

Sakura was smiling as she walked through town. She hoped she wouldn't be in trouble, skipping out on training like she did, but she got to spend the whole day with Sasuke! Any trouble would be worth it!

They had shopped together and ate lunch. Sasuke even bought her a very cute change purse. He had been so nice, though quiet. It really wasn't much like him, but maybe he was changing! Sure, Sakura knew that he would never be in love with her or anything crazy like that, but at this point she would be happy with friends, and they did seem to be moving in that direction.

He'd asked her a couple very strange questions, too. Most of them about Naruto, though some were about Kakashi. He asked her if Naruto was still bugging her about dates like he use to and if she had seen him out with any other girls. Naruto hadn't asked her out in ages and the only other girl he ever really talked to, other than Hokage-sama, was Hinata and he was totally oblivious to her obsession over him. Poor girl.

Sakura looked up thoughtfully as she passed Naruto's house. He hadn't looked too well that morning. He hadn't even argue when Sasuke asked her to skip training. "He is on my team, even if he can be annoying," she muttered to herself as she walked towards his door.

Kiba growling his entire way towards Naruto's house. He didn't see what was taking them so long. He took a turn onto Naruto's street and saw Sakura walking towards his place as well. That seemed a little strange. Didn't she hate Naruto? He jogged to catch up and when he was within easy hearing distance he called out to her.

"Sakura, what are you doing out here?"

Sakura turned around and looked exasperated. "I'm visiting a teammate."

"Eh, I thought you hated Naruto!"

"He's my teammate. He seemed down today and I wanted to make sure he wasn't getting sick."

Kiba chuckled a bit. "Oh, he's not sick, he was just bummed out about Sasuke's dare!"

Sakura's eyes narrowed a bit. "Dare?"

Kiba was still laughing, not noticing the narrowing eyes that normal humans would associate with: 'get out while you still can!' "Yeah, Sasuke dared Naruto to seduce Kakashi-sensei! It was hilarious, you should have seen Naruto bit..."

Sakura had turned around and walked up to the door. Kiba hadn't noticed she wasn't listening to him until she was knocking on the door, loudly.

No one answered the door. Sakura waited maybe a total of ten seconds before she knocked again, some how louder. She heard rustling and an irritated voice.

Naruto opened the door quickly and only poked out his head. He was flushed and his hair was ruffled. They could see, even from the small bit that poked out the door, that he was only wearing his bath robe and it wasn't staying on all that well.

Both Kiba and Sakura stood dumbfounded. Sakura opened her mouth to speak, but didn't trust her mouth to say anything but 'Kakashi-sensei?' so she closed it quickly.

"Sakura-chan? Kiba? What are you guys doing here this late?" His voice sounded normal, not quivering or anything.

"What the hell." Was all Kiba said.

Naruto looked at him, confused, then looked down. His face went bright red. "I..."

"Naruto, just tell them to go away."

"Sa-su-ke?" Sakura somehow managed to get the name out.

Kiba's eyes went wide.

"It's not what you think!" Naruto insisted.

Sasuke opened the door behind him. His hair was everywhere his face flushed and he had no shirt. "Yes, it is. Don't lie to them, Naruto. Tell them to go away and get inside. I demand it, slave."

Naruto went, if at all possible, even more red. "Sasuke," he whined. Sasuke gave him a meaningful glare. "Yes, Sasuke-sama. Good night, Sakura, Kiba." Naruto then closed the door.

Sakura just stared at the door. Her brain was not excepting the information in front of it. 'So, that was why all the questions earlier about him having a girlfriend.' Sakura thought.

Kiba burst out laughing. Sakura glared at him, but it didn't shut him up. Sakura rolled her eyes and walked down the street past him. Kiba calmed his laughing and walked after her. "So I guess Naruto lost his bet."

Sakura turned a questioning glare toward him.

"Well, if Sasuke won Naruto had to be his slave for a month, that means that Naruto lost."

"Well of course he lost! Kakashi isn't a pedophile, he likes his men well over 20." Sakura shot back.

Kiba gave her a 'I don't even want to know how you know that, do I?' look.

"No, you really don't want to know," she assured him. "I don't want to know, but I can't change that."

There was an awkward silence.

"For a whole month?" Sakura asked.


"Poor Naruto."

AN: So, sorry this was much shorter. Also, probably not what you were expecting, but I didn't really want to make this a long story, and I don't really know how to write anything explicit! Hope you liked it.

Kiba: And no one saw them for a month!

Sakura: Don't be silly! They couldn't live in Naruto's little house with only his ramen for a month! Especially with doing the type of activity I'm sure they would be doing. They'd have to get food, and healthy food!

Kiba: Fine, no one, but the grocer, saw them for a month! Happy now?

Sakura: Yes.

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