Ok heres my second lost fic. It's skate, but I always try to make my fics Jate friendly so If you are a Jater please read on! Hope you all enjoy it

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After "Henry Gale" escaped, the whole camp was in panic.

Everyone believed he and the "others" would plan an attack or revenge, already people were demanding guns and Sawyer hardly knew what to say.

Within an hour of his escape, Jack had gone into the jungle after him, unarmed, alone.

"I need a gun Sawyer." Kate stood in front of Sawyer, a stern look on her sweet face, arms crossed. "geez Freckle's," Sawyer said, "you're the about the hundredth person to ask me that today. Now why do you want it? Scared they gonna get you too?" He had that stupid grin on his face-the grin that made Kate want to punch him sometimes, and yet the same grin which could plaster a smile across her face and make her laugh.

"Sawyer, please." She begged, Sawyer sighed. "I'll give you one," he said seriously, "but only if you tell me what for." Kate frowned. "Isn't it obvious?" she stated. Sawyer shook his head. "Nothing obvious with you Freckles! Now you tell me the real reason you want that gun, and I'll give it to ya." He stared up at her, that stupid grin on her face, and Kate knew she wasn't going to win the argument.

"Jack…went into the jungle about an hour ago." She said quietly. Sawyer's expression instantly changed, "ah the doc-," he began, but Kate cut him off. "Sawyer, he's out there alone, unarmed." She lowered her voice, moving close to him. "I know what they can do, they held a gun to my head, and they shot you." She paused, letting this take effect on him. "Please, Sawyer."

Sawyer suddenly seemed concerned, "you going out there-alone?" he stood up, grabbing a backpack from his tent.

"What are you doing?" Kate asked.

"I'm coming with ya Freckles; two guns better than one, aren't they?"

Kate wanted to tell Sawyer no-that he couldn't come with her, but she knew he'd never give her a gun otherwise. Inside she was still hurting from his betrayal; inside she wondered if she'd ever trust him again. And then there was Jack.

Wonderful caring kind Jack who everyone would tell her was the better choice. Hero Jack, Leader Jack. But she didn't smile as much around Jack, didn't laugh as much around him. He didn't make her feel the same way Sawyer did. Jack who was a good person, Jack who was too good for her….

Then there was Sawyer, Sawyer who wanted to be hated, to be selfish. Sawyer with his sharp mouth and quick wit-Sawyer who had so much of her in him. But Sawyer was the kind of person she promised herself she'd never end up with...

She knew she'd have to make a choice, sooner or later. But Kate never made choices if she had to, all her life she'd run, but here she couldn't keep running from Jack and the kiss they had shared-she couldn't run from Sawyer and his cocky grin.

"Here," Sawyer handed Kate the pistol, he already had his in the back of his jeans. Kate quickly stuffedhers in the back of her jeans as well, and picking up her backpack she was just about to set off when she heard a voice. "Hey!" Kate turned round, to see Locke coming towards them. "You going after Jack?" he stated, rather than asked. Kate nodded. "Mind if I come along," Locke asked, shrugging his shoulders, "since you know, I can track, might make it easier if we have two trackers, you could be out there awhile." "Sure thing Yoda," said Sawyer with a grin, "the more the merrier."

It was strangely quiet as they tracked Jack. He had left a distinct trail that was fairly easy to follow, and Locke seemed to have no trouble following it.

The whole time they were always on the look out for the "others", but they saw no sign of anyone except for Jacks trail.

Three hours wore on when they finely stopped for a rest. "Shouldn't we keep going?" asked Kate, as they sat down. Locke looked up at her, "It's better to take a rest Kate, it'll keep our minds sharp, if we keep going we might overlook an important clue."

"But we'll never catch up." Kate pointed out frustrated. "Calm down Freckles," Sawyer said in his usual carefree manner. "Its the doc we're talkin' about here, he ain't gonna get far."

"Shut up!"

The sudden outburst surprised not only Locke and Sawyer, but Kate herself. But she wouldn't let it bother her, Sawyer deserved it. He was always mouthing off, making a joke out of serious things…

"Kate," Locke said quietly, "we won't be long, just sit down and rest, Jack can take care of himself." Kate shook her head. "No. you stay here, I'll go ahead."

"Kate," Locke began, "don't be silly, we'll only be 20 minutes!" "Freckles you ain't serious are you?" asked Sawyer. Kate glared at them. "I'll be fine; I can take care of myself." She began to walk away, ignoring there cries.

"I can't believe she ran off like that!" Sawyer growled as she showed a tree branch hastily out of his way. "Why did she get herself all worked up over the doc like that anyway?" He ripped a bunch of leaves off a nearby tree and threw them.

"If I didn't know any better," Locke said calmly, "I'd say you were jealous." "What?" Sawyer faked surprise. "Why would I be jealous? I'm just worried that's all. If you haven't noticed, Yoda, there's a bunch of people out there who seem to like dragging us off into the jungle every now and then, oh and there's a monster that likes to eat trees, so excuse me for bein' a little concerned about sweet checks and hero out there."

Locke laughed. "Sounds to me like you're only worried about one person, James." Sawyer glared at him. "Don't do that." "Do what?" "Whata mean 'do what?' Call me that!" Sawyer shouted, frustrated.

Locke suddenly came to a stop. "Well," he asked, "why Sawyer." "What?" "Why'd you chose Sawyer?" he was staring Sawyer straight in the eye. Sawyer opened his mouth to reply when a terrifying and familiar sound stopped him in his tracks.

It was the almost mechanical sound and the crashing and groaning of uprooted trees that accompanied the monster.


"Sawyer!" Locke grabbed hold of him, tackling him to the ground."Sawyer, no wait! Do you want to get yourself killed!" "Let go of me!" Sawyer threw Locke off him, and crashed into the jungle after the sound.