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Dear Mametsuki-san,

I just want to inform you that we have arrived in London safe and sound. The couple is preparing too much on the contest that I am really bored. That is the reason why I wrote to you. However, I know that you and Mr. Clint are still on your honeymoon so I know that I should not really disturb you. I even doubted I should write to you. But anyway, I wish a happy life for the two of you.

Since Yoichiro-sensei is really busy, he was not able to come with us here. But to tell you the truth he's not only busy with the academy, he's only busy taking care of Chiyo. You should have seen Chiyo in her ballet class. She looks so cute when she does this split-thing! Also, Yuri wanted to come by but because of their naughty brat, she decided to stay in Tokyo.

We still have this problem between the couple representing the whole of Japan. I am even doubting whether they should be paired or not. Both of them are on sudden mood swings, fighting and not, and fighting again. They're really crazy that I have this emotional burden due to their insistent fighting.

I do really hope that you can come by. Aside from keeping me in company, can you also teach me those new moves you were boasting about when you last wrote? You looked so graceful when I saw you in the picture. Maybe I could also have them in my shoes.

With love,


P.S. Oh, and guess what! This evening, I found my mother in a very heavy mood swing, and she was vomiting at the bathroom. Can you conclude on that?

"I think I can," Mametsuki said, chuckling as she replaced the letter in the envelope. She stood up and opened the blinds of her window. After that, she opened her sliding door and stepped out to the balcony, inhaling the fresh air.

"I envy you very much, Fuuko," she said to herself, putting a hand on her belly. "Do we really have to do Kamasutra to achieve a child?" she then said.

However, as she ran her hand across her belly, an unexpected thing happened. She suddenly vomited her waste on the heights of the building.

"What happened?" her foreign husband asked, running towards her.

After wiping her mouth, Mametsuki faced Clint and said with a smile, "I think it's something good."


Three years later…

"Kazeko-chan!" a girl called out, knocking on the door.

"Yes?" a girl with lavender hair and blue eyes replied, slightly sticking his head out of the door. It was obvious that she had just taken a bath.

The maid looked nervous. "Please call your father immediately," she said, passing to her the wireless phone.

Kazeko rolled her eyes. "Is it time?" she asked as she typed Tokiya's number. "Hello? Otou-san… yes, it's time… I'll drive for her?"

The maid, in instinct, gave the car keys to Kazeko. "Hell, I can't drive!" She took her cellphone from her pocket and after managing to untangle her phone from its numerous trinkets, she called for Chiyo.

"Kazeko-sempai?" the girl said.

"Please call for sensei," Kazeko said. "It's my mother…"


Kazeko ran towards the living room where her mother got all this sweaty. "What are we waiting for?" Fuuko asked in her temperamental tone.

Before Kazeko could speak, they heard horn-blowing outside. It was Yoichiro, along with Chiyo.

"Let's go!" he said, carrying Fuuko.

Kazeko's phone rang. It was Tokiya.

"Otou-san?" Kazeko greeted.

"Tokiya?" Fuuko shouted. "Give me the phone! Now!" she suddenly shouted as Yoichiro placed her on the car.

"Good luck," Kazeko greeted with a sigh. "Okaa-san, I think it's not good for you to…"

"I don't care! JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN PHONE!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, followed by a painful whimper.

Kazeko, with no choice, gave the phone to her mother. "Fuuko?" Tokiya said in his normal voice. The phone was in loudspeaker.

While the car was on the go, the company could hear Fuuko shouting at Tokiya. "What do you mean by you'll just follow?" she shouted.

"I'm in a field work here, Fuuko. I can't actually fly…"

"I don't care! Just be here or else!" Fuuko dared in her scary tone.

"Fine! Don't you even think I'm not driving from Tochigi to Tokyo?" the man said in an angrier voice now.

Fuuko was also stubborn. "If you're not here…" she said, her voice faltering.

"Mikagami Kazeko, you are responsible for your mother!" Tokiya said on the phone.

"I know," Kazeko replied with a salute (though her father won't really see it). Before hearing another statement, she hung it up.

Yoichiro was laughing and Chiyo was actually trying to muffle hers. "It seems like dear Fuuko fell asleep," he said, gazing at the now peaceful face of Fuuko, lying on the car seat.

"That's better, sensei," Kazeko replied, smiling. They reached the hospital and sought assistance from the emergency room. Fuuko was then brought to the laboring room.

Two hours had passed.

"Do you think okaa-san could wait for otou-san?" Kazeko asked Yoichiro. In reply, he only shrugged.

Kazeko stood up from the bench when a nurse came out. "We will now take your mother to the delivery room," she said. The girl nodded in reply.

At the moment the nurse closed the door, Tokiya came running towards Kazeko. "Kazeko, what now?" he asked while panting. He sat down the bench.

"They are now taking her to the delivery room," Kazeko replied. "Do you want to join there?" she asked.

Tokiya was still panting but her half-nodded. The girl knocked at the door and a nurse came out. "My father wants to accompany my mother," she said brightly. She then lightly pushed Tokiya inside.

"All we have to do now is wait," Chiyo said.

After four excruciating hours, the three of them were called inside a hospital room where Fuuko was sleeping. Tokiya was at a stool beside her. "She almost tortured me," Tokiya muttered under his breath along with some other curses. He was holding the side of his neck.

"Otou-san!" Kazeko greeted, apparently not hearing his whispers. "How's everything?"

Tokiya just smiled painfully at her. Then, the door opened with a nurse carrying the new bundle… of joy?

"Oh, I asked someone to bring him in here, even just for a while," Tokiya said.

"What are you going to name the baby?" Chiyo asked excitedly.

"Then, it's a boy," a voice from the doorway said. A woman entered, carrying a little girl with chestnut hair.

"Obaa-san!" Chiyo shouted, running towards the woman. Mametsuki placed the little girl in her arms on a chair and hugged Chiyo back.

"Is that Cho already?" the girl then asked before carrying the little girl (that's also not a baby) in her arms. It smiled at her and made gurgling sounds. "Do you know me, Cho? I am Chiyo!"

"Chiyo!" the little girl repeated (so much for a genius). Because of that, Mametsuki made a small laugh.

"So, what are you going to name him?" the woman asked Tokiya.

"We were actually battling about that when she was in the delivery room," Tokiya sighed. "She even scratched me," he further said. He then removed his hand from his neck and revealed reddish marks from scratches.

"Then, what's the decision?" Mametsuki asked.

Before Tokiya could open his mouth, Kazeko said, "I'll name him Souhi…"

"Who gave you the permission to name him?"
"Can't I? That's passing down a great family secret (wink!)," she said in a sly tone. "Water, am I right?"

"Did your mother…? Never mind," Tokiya said, eyeing Mametsuki's curious looks. "Souhi, then."

"Yay! I finally named a sibling! I named a sibling!" Kazeko chanted around the room, trying to dance with Cho, who was just laughing and trying to imitate the words she sang.

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Yuukiyo – 'Yuki' means snow and 'Yo' is an extension that means beautiful. In short, I could say it means "Beautiful Snow."

Kazeko – 'Kaze' is wind and 'Ko' is something that they add that means 'child of' like Fuuko that means "Child of the wind." So the two names had the same meaning.

Souhi –In my research, it means "Blue Water" or something like that.