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An Ancient Warning Crystallized in Time

Extract of an ancient diary, preserved in a Memory Crystal excavated in Astera Cavern.

It is done. The enchantments have been cast. The Pillar System is now in place. The Rune Gods are waiting, deep in slumber, for the ones who will awaken them, lest the Pillar, anchor of this fair land Cephiro fall. In my dreams, I have seen the abolition of the Pillar. That which was meant to save, shall also destroy, withering the soul of the chosen heart.

Crimson fire will banish, dispelling the torment of the Pillar forever, but will find a new way, seeking that which has been lost in myth and the rift of time. There are three. There are three more to fight for Cephiro. Wanting to be sought and united with their brethren. I leave this riddle, as the danger from before will break the seal and return.

'Shadow will bind,

Earth will strengthen,

Light will purify.

Water, Fire and Wind will grow,

Ascendant power rising.

Locate the six points of the Spirit Compass,

Cephiro's Soul will awaken and flourish.'

I must go. The crown of the Pillar is calling me.

Last account of Breanna, oracle and first Pillar of Cephiro.

The mystical glow emanating from the crystal faded as Clef withdrew his magic. His mind was now filled with dark thoughts about Cephiro's future. Now that the wellspring of strength, the Pillar was gone, Cephiro had begun to crumble, land falling into the void at an incredible rate. Even as Clef sat on his throne, within the crystalline depths of Cephiro Castle, the mysterious Proof of the Pillar was shifting into a form suitable for its next bearer.

A paradox had presented itself before the Crown Room. Eagle Vision, Commander of the spaceship, the NSX, had shattered the barrier confining him to his cell and escaped. Hikaru Shidou, the Magic Knight of Fire, in the company of the Wind and Water Knights initiated a thorough search of the stronghold. Ominous, malevolent beings had materialized inside the citadel, within the sector designated to the Cephiran people. Umi, the Water Knight and Fuu, the Wind Knight had remained behind to defend them.

Hikaru had travelled alone, running aimlessly through the labyrinthine corridors, until an errant wish activated Lantis' pendant and led her to his exact location. Eagle and Lantis were fighting, engaged in a fierce battle. Former friends now changed into the deadliest of enemies. Hikaru had called out to both of them, exhorting them to cease their useless conflict.

In that same instant, the two remaining Keys: the Magic Sword, in the guardianship of Lantis and the Sorcerer's Ring, protected by Master Magician Clef, had begun to resonate, pulsing with energy. A soul worthy of becoming the Pillar now dwelled inside the sanctuary. All three had been teleported to the upper floor of the palace. Both Eagle and Hikaru had survived the trial, emerging alive from the Crown Room, both apparently qualified to become the centre of Cephiro.

But which one? Clef thought desperately. The weight of seven hundred years of life weighed heavily upon his spirit. If Cephiro surmounts this crisis, what happens next? A primeval force from distant days returns. But for what purpose, I don't know.

The bleak night closed in upon the Mage, enclosing him in a velvet shroud of darkness. Thunder rumbled over the ravaged land of Cephiro, the cacophony heralding a primordial countdown that would destroy or heal that once beautiful realm. Deep within the dreary twilight, three ageless forces began to stir, waking to a violent dawn.

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