Epilogue: La Vida es Sueño

Three Years LaterNew York City 2018

"Are you sure about this Rose?" the Doctor asked, looking intently into her brown eyes.

Reaching over she placed her hand over his, "I've never been surer about anything in my entire life" she responded warmly, looking into his very soul with her tender gaze.

"Fantastic!" he whispered as they entered the infirmary of the orphanage. Led by one of the nuns they were taken to a small crib that lay in the corner. Peering inside they found a bouncing baby girl – her hair a soft brown and her eyes a deep green.

"She's absolutely precious" Sister Mary exclaimed as she picked up the small infant and placed her in Rose's arms.

Rose couldn't help cooing at the small fragile being in her arms. The Doctor placed his head on Rose's shoulder as he looked down at her, he could tell that she was special not only because of her origins but because she had been destined to be theirs.

"I must confess that the two of you just dropped out of the sky for little Hannah, as if angels that have come to take her in" the nun couldn't help but still feel amazed at how quickly they had stepped up to adopt the baby, she was a special child with just as special needs.

Looking at each other Rose and the Doctor shared a knowing smile. No one would every truly know why she was so unique, except for them.

Hannah was not like any ordinary human baby because of the plain fact that she wasn't human – she was an alien like the Doctor, making her and him the last of their people. They still weren't quite sure how she exactly came to be but they knew that they needed to protect her.

In a way Sister Mary had been right – they were like angels, guardian angels to be exact.

One Month Later

Sitting in the new nursery they had fixed up in the Tardis Rose rocked the small child in her arms as she slowly lulled her to sleep.

She still couldn't believe how frail she was and vulnerable, noting at all like she had been in the future. Her eyes had been dark and full of so much pain and hate, her skin so pale that you could see the veins running through them – Rose just couldn't imagine the two ever being the same person.

But all that was different now, her and the Doctor had changed the dark future and had in the end begun a new path not only for her but for them as well. Hannah played an integral part in the universe since there was another one just like her out there somewhere, they would someday meet if she kept in the path of good and together they would once more bring into existence the Gallifreyans once more.

The Doctor had practically cried in enjoy, at the possibility of someday, once more, being among his own. It was the reason why they had devoted a year to tracking her down, from the lab that had created her as some sort of sick past time to the orphanage on earth she had been dumped in – as if some sort of genetic reject.

Together they would raise her, love her and lead her down the correct path to her destiny. They would not let her down; let her become the monster they had seen in the future. Their love and compassion would save Hannah.

Rose now felt as if she finally knew her purpose in this life. It was to be by his side and raise this child – salvation she would deliver and in the end, hope was her gift to this universe.

One Year Later

Hannah was pure hope for his kind. He could hardly believe that he had stumbled upon such a rare opportunity and although he wasn't one to tamper with time he couldn't help himself this time, not when it promised a greater good such as this.

The one unexpected turn of events was having to become parents, but there had been no way around it, they had to start from the beginning with Hannah if not she would be doom and so would the future of his people.

Smiling to himself the Doctor looked over across the kitchen table as Rose struggled to get Hannah to keep her food in her mouth and not all over the place. She was growing so fast he thought to himself.

Somehow she would always find a way out of her crib and would crawl like a maniac to the control room. Looking down without fail he would always find her sitting by his feet, extending her chubby arms out to him.

Scooping her up into his strong arms he could remember thinking, just when Rose had returned to his side, that he could never be happier than that particular moment, but he had been wrong. Having Hannah as a part of their family was truly being complete to him – his two hearts finally felt utterly full now that he had the two loves of his life, his Rose and their daughter.

Ten Years Later

"Will I be a time lord as well?" Hannah asked as she read her Nancy Drew mystery novel.

Rose leaned against the kitchen counter, sipping her tea.

"Yes, sweetheart you too will be a time lord" she answer honestly, her and the Doctor had decided that being completely frank with Hannah would be the best policy.

"But will I age really slowly like you and dad? Cause you guys haven't really changed at all. You look the same as those pictures taken fourteen years ago" Hannah explained her observation calmly; she was a very observant child and was completely in wonder of everything around her.

"We don't age sweetheart…" the Doctor stepped into the kitchen just in time and took a seat next to her. Giving a Rose a wink he indicated that he would take over the questions for now. "…you see one doesn't become a time lord at birth, it's a change that happens once you accept the responsibility. Whenever you do you're given the special gift of immortality which means that you pretty much stay the way you are for the rest of your thirteen lives. Unless for some reason you fall into grave danger and die, you will regenerate – still same mind, heart and soul just a different body. That's why we're immortal, as long as we have those thirteen lives."

Hannah opened her mouth but then closed it again – she understood and asked no questions. It was her destiny and she was proud to some day be a time lord.

"Any questions sweetheart? Anything that bothers you?" he asked a bit concerned at her sudden silence.

"No, I was just thinking about how I really wouldn't have it any other way. I can't wait to grow up and be a time lord, have adventures of my own and my own Tardis! Do I get my own Tardis?" her enthusiasm was completely contagious as the Doctor let out a loud bark of laughter.

Reaching out to Rose he brought her over to his sit on his lap, needing her energy near him – wanting to share the joy that ran though him.

How could he of ever gotten so lucky? Never had he imagined himself being so utterly content, sometimes it was just too much. Life in a matter of years had changed so much and it had all started with one single word – RUN.

Grinning wildly he looked at his two loves. "Yes you'll have your own Tardis and you may even be able to pick up a few strays along the way" he hugged Rose a bit tighter to him, her giggle reflecting her understanding of his little inside joke.

"Strays? Is that such a good idea?" the child asked innocently.

"Oh yes Hannah, I picked a few here and there…" the Doctor gazed into Roses Brown eyes and gave her a gentle smile, "…best thing I ever did".


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