Terra and BB's first formal date. Setting: after Terra's return . See what antics the crew can get in to. The story was finished with the encouragement of several others. Thanx and enjoy. As always, I don't own the TTs.

Chapter 1: First Date

Raven sat on Terra's bed waiting for her to emerge from her walk-in closet. This was her third outfit change in the last twenty minutes. The door swung open and Terra emerged dressed in a small black leather mini-skirt and pale yellow short-sleeved sweater.

"How do I look?" Terra held her arms up and turned around once so Raven could inspect her new outfit.

Raven folded her arms across her chest and gave her new outfit a thorough going over. Terra nervously placed her hands on her hips. Her long blond hair fell softly around her face. She looked beautiful; Raven could see why Beast Boy was attracted to her and why he had fought so hard to have her back. The fences between Terra and Raven had been mended in the following months and truth be told she had become good friends with Raven. She didn't really need to ask for a second chance, Raven knew all about second chances; she was the poster child for that lot. She had been the go-between for Beast Boy and Terra's budding romance, though she warned both of them against dating people you live with. Neither one of them listened so she eventually gave up and went with the flow, after all who was she to get in the way of their relationship?

Terra looked impatiently at her friend who was lost in thought. "Well?"

"You look fabulous," Raven replied.

Terra swiveled her head around and inspected the back of her outfit in the wall mirror. "This skirt doesn't make my butt look too big, does it?"

"You can't be serious, can you?" Raven said with a slight smirk.

"Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous about tonight."

"Chill out will you," Raven tried to reassure her friend. "If you're this bad, think how Beast Boy is faring right now."

Terra laughed at the thought. "Yea, he's probably turning his room upside down looking for a clean shirt. Accessories; fanny pack or purse?"

"Fanny pack."

"Choker or necklace?"

"Go with the quartz-crystal choker."

"OK, can you help me get it on?" Terra quickly made her way over to her jewelry chest and extracted the piece Raven suggested.

Raven stood up and walked behind Terra. Terra turned and gave her the choker then sat down in front of her mirror. She pulled her hair up and Raven pulled it around her neck and fastened the clasps. Raven stood behind her as Terra straightened the choker on her neck. She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror.

Terra began to nervously fiddle with her hair. "Should I put my hair up?"

Raven placed her hands on Terra's shoulders. "Naw, guys love long blond hair. Will you try and relax. What shoes were you thinking of wearing?"

"Shoes?" Terra nervously replied. "I was going to wear my boots."

Raven frowned. "Those things will never do. Besides, they're filthy."

"What do you suggest?" Terra replied.

"I've got a pair of black elf boots. They're pretty comfortable. Stand up and let's see if our feet are the same size." Raven pulled her foot out of her boot as Terra stood up and put her foot next to Raven's. "Good, our feet are about the same size so they should work."

Terra looked down at her foot and frowned. "Do you think I should paint my toenails?"

"Only if you're going to start wearing sandals, otherwise you're wasting your time."

Terra sat back down and sighed. "You're right."

Terra's door opened and Starfire entered. She was dressed in a tight pink belly shirt with plunging neckline that set off her cleavage. Her hair was pulled back and held back by a black braid. A black mini skirt and knee-high boots polished off her outfit.

"Whoa, Starfire you look killer!" Terra called out with a smile.

Starfire halted, looked down at her outfit and shot a puzzled look at her friends.

"She means you look great," Raven quickly interpreted for her.

"Thank you, you also look killer," she tentatively replied as she looked over Terra's outfit for the evening. Terra smiled in relief. "Shouldn't we be going soon?" Starfire continued. "We're going to be late for the boys"

Raven and Terra looked at each other and laughed. "Let the boys stew for a bit. Girls are supposed to be late for dates," Raven replied.

"Why do we make them wait?" Starfire asked.

"Because girls are supposed to make boys wait for them. It's just what we do," Raven continued.

"Please forgive me. I was unaware of Earth dating customs," Starfire explained. "Do you think Robin will like my clothing selection?"

Raven and Terra looked at each other and smiled knowing what each other's response would be. "If he doesn't notice you wearing that, then we'll know he's been working too hard," Terra said half laughing.

"Wait here and I'll get my boots," Raven commented as she left the room to retrieve the boots she selected for Terra. She quickly returned and placed the boots in front of Terra. She pulled out a small bottle of baby powder and sprinkled some on her feet then slid them in. Terra took a couple of steps around her room then looked at her outfit in the wall mirror.

"They feel great Raven, are you sure you don't mind us going out tonight?" Terra asked. "I feel a bit guilty leaving you and Cyborg to take care of things while we're away."

"Yes, are you sure you don't mind Raven?" Starfire added.

"Come on you two, don't feel sorry for me. You know I think you're both crazy for dating people you live with," Raven commented to the pair. "Besides, dolling myself up and going out for the night isn't my thing." Terra and Starfire were unconvinced. "Honest you guys, I'm fine with this."

"Raven, you've got to have feelings for someone around here," Terra lightly lectured her. "Girl, we're going to have to get you a man."

"Yes, we will have to prowl for someone for you," Starfire added shaking her head in agreement.

"Please, don't do me any favors," Raven corrected the pair. "Worry about your dates before you try and set me up with anyone."

"Alright, are we ready?" Terra finally relented. "Do any of you know anything about this place the boys are taking us to?"

"Blue is on of the best trendy restaurants in the city. The meals cost $100 and the waitresses wear less clothing then you'll find in their napkins," Raven explained.

Terra reinspected her clothing and frowned.

"Don't even think about changing again," Raven quickly interjected squashing any other fashion changes Terra was contemplating. "OK, let's go. The boys are waiting on the docks for us."

The girls exited the tower into the warm starry night and took flight from the island and headed towards the dock. The city lights shone brightly. It was a perfect summer night to be out on the town.

Raven, Terra and Starfire landed on the docks just out of the circle of light shed by one lone streetlight. The boys were standing nervously near the T-car. Robin's bike and side car stood under the streetlight. Next to it was Beast Boy's shiny new candy-apple red moped. Both Robin and Beast Boy were dressed in tuxedos with their hair slicked back. Robin wore his mask, which strangely did not look out of place.

Raven and the other girls stepped into the street light revealing themselves to the boys. Robin and Beast Boy smiled in approval as their dates approached them.

"Whoa, Terra. You look fabulous!" Beast Boy said as Terra approached him.

"A tuxedo!" she said seductively as she ran her hand across Beast Boy's shoulder. "Is that a tie or a clip on?" She fiddled with his collar trying to inspecting it more closely.

"Hey take it easy with that," Beast Boy lightly clasped Terra's hand. "It took me an hour to get this thing on." Terra laughed and lightly touched her hand to his face.

"And you shaved for me!" She snuggled closely to his neck and started sniffing him. "I smell aftershave too, how sweet." Beast Boy dropped his chin slightly embarrassed.

"Come on you two," Robin interrupted. Starfire had taken her place behind him. "Our reservations are in twenty minutes and I don't think they'll hold them even for us." He gently clasped Starfire's elbow and escorted her to his bike. He pulled out two the helmets from the side car and handed one to Starfire. She quickly put it on her head and climbed into the side car.

Terra and Beast Boy made their way over to the moped and quickly put their helmets on and took their seats. Terra gently wrapped her hands around Beast Boy's midsection.

Raven walked over to Cyborg as they watched their friends get ready to leave.

"Are you sure you two are OK with this?" Robin looked back at Raven and Cyborg. "I feel kind of guilty leaving you two alone while we're out."

"Beat it, will you?" Cyborg replied.

Robin shrugged then put his helmet on, took a seat on the bike and cranked it over. Both couples waved to their friends before departing. Raven and Cyborg casually returned their gesture as they leaned on the T-car.

Robin gunned his bike and sped out, spewing smoke and cinders on Beast Boy and Terra. Robin's bike quickly ran up the street then halted on the next block. Beast Boy cranked his moped's sputtering engine to life and slowly pulled down the street after Robin. Cyborg and Raven watched as the lights of the two bikes made their way up the darkened street then turned off onto one of the side streets.

"Did you disable Robin's communicator?" Raven asked her partner as she continued to look up the darkened street as the last sounds of the bikes' engines faded.

"Yup," Cyborg replied.

"Good job with Beast Boy by the way," Raven turned to her friend.

"Thanks," Cyborg turned and smiled back at her. "You didn't do too bad yourself."

"I swear Terra changed her cloths twenty times tonight," Raven commented. "I'm not really worried about them; Robin's going to be in more trouble than Beast Boy if he's not careful."

"Yea," Cyborg laughed. "Starfire isn't someone I'd like to piss off. At least I didn't have to lend Robin $200 for the night."

"Lend?" Raven raised an eyebrow knowing the chance of Beast Boy repaying his debt was remote at best. Cyborg sighed and lightly slapped his face with his hand realizing Raven was right.

"What time do you think they'll be home?" she asked.

"Let's see, diner at Blue's, a movie, then dancing at that all ages club." Cyborg listed out the night's activities for her. "I'd say four o'clock if it's a good night. Is that OK Mommy?"

Raven shot her friend a nasty look. "Watch it."

"OK, sorry." Cyborg quickly replied.

"Do you think we'll be busy tonight?" Raven asked.

"Probably, but we can handle it," Cyborg continued. "I'm hungry. How about we find someplace to eat?"

"Sure, what are you in the mood for?"

"How about Wen's all-you-can eat buffet?" Cyborg suggested.

"Great," Raven dryly replied. "The other girls get a trendy $100 meal and I get cheap Chinese take-out."

"Well, umm," Cyborg sputtered.

"That's OK, I can't eat there anyway," Raven continued. "The MSG gives me a headache. I know someplace we can try, I'll drive." Raven walked around to the driver's side of the T-car and opened the door to get in.

"Fine with me." Cyborg's face suddenly became concerned. "Hey wait, it's not one of those places you take us to with the depressing music and poetry is it?"

"Just get in will you." Raven took her seat, closed the door, fastened her seatbelt and started the car.

Cyborg opened the passenger door and took his seat. "I've got the radio if you're driving."

The car lights flickered to life as Raven shifted the car into gear. The windows slowly opened to let in the warm summer air. A heavy beat drifted out of the car as it made its way up the darkened street.