Chapter 10: Dance

Cyborg crouched at the bar staring out over the dance floor. The music was loud, the lights were swirling and he was all alone; a fifth wheel. He sighed to himself wondering when he was going to give up and head home for the night. Beast Boy and Robin had lost their coats and their bow ties hung loosely off of their now open shirt collars. Sweat poured down their faces. Terra and Starfire weren't doing much better but at least they had fewer cloths on to start with.

"Well at least they're having fun," he said to himself then smiled and took another swig of his drink. He wondered if there was anything he could have done to keep Raven from bolting out of the place so fast. He regretted the fight they had had earlier. Beast Boy was right, she marched to her own beat and he had to respect that. He vowed never to be cross with her again.

Cyborg cringed as he felt something wet in his ear. "Aw man," he cried in disgust then reached up and put his finger in his ear trying to wipe out the offending saliva as has fast as he could. He turned around on the verge of an angry outburst.

"Whoever did this is gonna PAY!" He quickly swung around wondering what villain had just given him a wet Willie. Cyborg gasped in surprise; Raven was standing behind him with her index finger pointing up in the air and a wicked smile plastered across her face. "Raven!" he gasped in disbelief.

Raven said nothing to her astonished friend; she had made her presence known in a most effective manner. She pulled her cape off her neck and flung it onto the back of the stool. Cyborg sat dumbfounded on his seat unsure what she was doing. Raven's hair dangled over her narrowed eyes as a sly smile washed over her face. She reached out and pulled her friend from his seat.

"Raven, what are you doing?" Cyborg stood up but received no answer.

Raven looked out over the dance floor though a sea of bobbing heads. She spied her friends then turned her head back to Cyborg who still seemed perplexed. She tugged on his arm and led him through the crowd.

Terra and Starfire saw Raven and Cyborg pushing their way through the crowd towards them. Both screamed out encouragement as Raven pulled her still surprised partner into the group. Raven turned and looked into Cyborg's stunned face; a slow smile finally crept over his face. She looked over her friends' sweat covered faces as they shouted in triumph in a vain attempt to overcome the deafening volume of music. She focused on them for a fleeting moment attempting to freeze the scene, soaking up its details to store away for eternity. She then closed her eyes and let her body sway and bob to the music absorbing the boundless energy of her friends and the crowd as it flowed freely through her body and soul.


Note: This started out as a one-shot. If you enjoyed the whole story don't thank me thank rock n roll elemental (and a couple of others) for encouraging me to keep it going.