Raven's Nightmare

The Tower couples are doing great, so why does Raven feel so out of place? She is especially surprised to find herself missing the attentions of a certain green person. Post Terra return. BBxTer, RobxSF. Reworked 3/26/07

Chapter 1: The Garden

Raven wiped the sweat off her brow then pushed her hand shovel into the warm earth. She smiled lightly to herself satisfied with the work she had done. It was nice to get out of the Tower and get her hands dirty. Though she rarely enjoyed physical activity, this digging in the dirt did her spirit good. It kept her mind busy with mundane tasks instead of the unneeded fretting that had consumed her as of late.

The garden was her idea; as strange as it would have sounded months ago it gave her a chance to get some quality time with Beast Boy. In her mind he was spending far too much time with Terra. That strange feeling of jealousy crept into Raven's soul once more. How could they be spending too much time together, they were going out with each other after all, weren't they?

Raven's garden suggestion was a hit with Beast Boy as soon as she suggested it. Terra was thankfully not into it at all, which was strange considering her realm of powers. Cyborg was out because the dirt and water played havoc with his circuitry and Robin just wasn't the gardening type. Starfire was curious but her interest faded pretty quickly. This turn of events suited Raven perfectly.

The Tower was much more crowded since Terra rejoined the group. Not to say things were going bad in Raven's mind, it was just different; the dynamics were off. With Robin and Starfire getting serious and Beast Boy and Terra carrying on Raven felt more and more like a third wheel. She told herself she had no one else to blame but herself. She had after all been instrumental in getting both couples started. Cyborg would always be a close friend but there really weren't any passionate sparks between them; he felt more like a big brother than a lover. Still she was thankful for his company. They were constantly teasing each other about being the king and queen of the Tower's lonely hearts club.

"Special delivery," Cyborg announced.

Raven looked up as a green mule carrying several heavy bags trudged towards their garden plot. Cyborg walked beside Beast Boy to make sure nothing fell off. The green mule stopped and Cyborg pulled each of the heavy sacks off and dropped them onto the ground with a thud.

Beast Boy morphed back into human form and pinched his nose in disgust. "Man what is this stuff? It smells terrible."

Raven looked up and smiled lightly to herself, she was almost to payday. "I told you, it's fertilizer. This soil is pretty bad. If we want anything to grow in it we'll have to amend it. Now open the bags and spread the stuff around."

"Mend?" Beast Boy looked at Raven and gave her a funny smirk; he had no idea what she was talking about.

Cyborg slapped his face in disbelief. "AMEND, you idiot. Raven means that you're making the ground better for your garden!" Cyborg explained.

"Oh," Beast Boy said in slight embarrassment. He grabbed a shovel, quickly slashed one of the bags open and began shoveling its contents out into the garden plot. "Man this stuff really stinks, what did you say this was again?"

Raven looked up with a slight smirk. "Monty's Magical Manure Spread."

Beast Boy halted momentarily absorbing Raven's explanation before looking down in disgust. "Ah great, now I smell like cow crap."

"Actually its horse crap," Raven quickly corrected him. "But who can tell the difference?"

Raven turned to Cyborg who was looking disappointedly at Beast Boy.

"Pay up Cyborg," Raven demanded. "I told you I could get him to do it."

Cyborg pulled out a twenty dollar bill then walked over and handed it to Raven. A broad smile washed across her face. "A pleasure doing business with you," she said to him. She took the bill and held it up for Beast Boy to see.

He shot her a look of mild confusion. "What just happened?"

"Just a side bet. I need to raise money around here somehow," Raven explained.

"That's the last time I bet on you" Cyborg chided him. "Can't you read?"

"What do you mean?" Beast Boy replied in utter confusion.

Robin, Starfire and Terra walked over to see what the others were up to. "Hey guys, how goes the garden project?" Terra inquired.

Raven held up her twenty dollar bill for the others to inspect, "I made twenty bucks today."

"You grew money," Starfire asked with sudden interest.

"No," Cyborg interrupted. "Raven bet me she could get Beast Boy to haul the manure bags up here." He turned and flashed a disappointed look at his friend. "And I bet that he would know better."

Beast Boy shrugged his shoulders and happily worked the rest of the bag's contents into the ground.

"Well, the garden looks pretty good," Robin commented surveying the orderly plots Raven and Beast Boy had produced. "Though I still don't see what's wrong with getting stuff from the store."

"It's not the same," Beast Boy quickly replied. "Besides I actually enjoyed doing it. This will all pay off in a few weeks." Raven smiled hearing that Beast Boy felt so pleased about their garden.

"Anyway, all this lifting and hauling is making me big and strong," Beast Boy continued. He pulled his arms up and began flexing his muscles.

Terra walked over to her boyfriend and caught a whiff of him then waved her hand in disgust. "Oh yea, you're strong all right! Now go take a shower so we can all go out and get some dinner."

"How about a kiss first?" Beast Boy asked as he tried to wrap his arms around Terra in a vain attempt to follow through with his request. Raven frowned momentarily watching the pair wrestle gently with one another. Terra put her hands on Beast Boy's chest and held him at bay.

"Not a chance," she replied. "Hit the showers and I'll make it up to you later." A sly smile washed across her face. Raven felt that all too familiar pang of jealousy hit her as she watched the pair stare into each other's eyes.

"Hey Beast Boy, I've got your share of dinner tonight," Raven said interrupting Beast Boy and Terra's moment together. "And don't say I didn't ever pay you for your services."

"Hey what about me?" Cyborg interjected.

"Sorry," Raven said with a smile. "I only pay people who actually do work for me."

"I'll remember that next time I have to fix something of yours," Cyborg replied. He reached down and pulled Raven to her feet.

The group slowly walked back to the Tower so Raven and Beast Boy could clean up before they all went out for dinner.