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Disclaimer: Joss owns the whole universe I am playing in. I'm just renting it and repainting a couple of walls.

Fallen from Grace
By IceWing (icewing@one.net)

Transcribed from the Words of Inanna,
Believed to be Written in the Jemdat Nasr Period of the Sumerian Empire
Rediscovered in 1809 near the ruins of Urak.

In days distant off, past the time of the sundering of the line,
A darkness shall walk amongst the shadows.

Darkness that was light, light that was a pillar in the fight,
Against the daemons of the night.

Waters rise, fires burn, warriors fall, some for a time, some for all time.

The innocent blood of the earth's daughter, the twice spilt blood of a slayer,
the blood of a demon not a demon and that of a demon no more,
the blood of a father to all,
and the blood of the heart shall mingle in the dust of the fallen Fallen.

Two vanish before the kiss of dawn, their blood the only trace remaining,
One survives, only to be lost to those left.
One shall loose all that has happened,
One shall leave this world behind.

Of six, one stands alone, heart heavier than the weight any can bear.
In time, hope dies, as the light slips away.

The light fades, the night overcomes.

The soulless have more heart left than that which shall hunt them.

It knows not fear, it cares not its fate. A sole purpose it has now.
To cause the creatures of the night fear.

The drinkers of life shall fear the night, for when its attention turns to them,
only pain shall follow. Pain without mercy, death for the dead.
They shall be hurt as they have hurt, the hunters the hunted.

And a soul will continue fading away, as the heart which houses it cares not.

Pain breeds pain. Death breeds death.
And death shall hunt the dead, night shall hunt those who hide in the darkness.

They know. They fear. They run. They die.

Yet even in the dark, there can be light.

Three score and thrice times shall Selene dance through her endless track,
Then a single ray, lightening from darkness its own, shall shine upon the night,
as the night threatens this ray of once dim light.

The fleeting chance to resurrect a soul reduced from a once raging inferno to fading embers.
The chance to resurrect a soul which cares little for the world around it,
save to inflict pain on the darkness in its merciless quest for vengeance.

The darkness can tighten its insidious talons around any of us.
Those who fight the darkness must have something to hold them back from the chasm.
For in the fight against evil, one can strain towards it.
With goodness gone, hope lost and hearts shattered,
there is naught to hold any back from that which they fight.

But even as the darkness consumes, even as the soul withers,
Even as there is nothing left but pain and death,
The most bitter and shattered soul may emerge once more, out of death, out of night,
If the light shines upon those flickering embers of goodness and hope,
If the light can find it in itself to brighten those embers,
And not be destroyed in the process, then...

Then there may still yet be hope.

For the sake of humanity,
May the Light shine,
For if that fallen night turns its attention away from that which it once hunted,
Towards those who it was once a part of,
Then the defenders, those few warriors left against the dark tide in this Eternal War,
Shall be defeated as no demon of days past could have ever done,

And the Darkness shall grow...

May the Light Shine!

End Prologue