Chapter 6 – Ron's revenge

The next morning Hermione woke and dressed and went down to breakfast with Ginny.

'So you and Ron are going out now then?' she asked.

'Yeah,' Hermione blushed, 'and now I can handle all the Slytherins comments with him on my side. Anyway, what have you got a big grin on your face for?'

Ginny giggled, 'well you know when you went upstairs to talk to Ron? Harry and I kind of got to talking and he told me he likes me! It's early days yet but I'm so happy. I've finally found a guy who likes me for me and doesn't just want me for sex.'

'Oh Ginny I'm so happy for you. You and Harry are so cute together.'

They were about to leave when Draco Malfoy approached their table looking shifty.

'Fuck off Malfoy,' Hermione said, 'wait, what happened to your face?' for a huge purple bruise was forming around his left eye.

'Uh……look, Granger, Weasley I'm sorry for what I did to you ok?'

'Oh,' said Hermione in surprise, 'why the change of heart?'

'Look, just tell Potter and Weasley I apologised ok?' he said and walked off.

The two girls found Harry and Ron in a corridor and Hermione said

'Malfoy told us to tell you he'd apologised. What's going on? Where did he get the bruises?'

Ron grinned at Harry who grinned back.

'Let's just say we have a deal with him. He won't be bothering you any more.'