The Terrified Mr

The Terrified Mr.Ripley

Tom sat on his bed, staring at the cupboard…What was going on? He lay down and drifted off to sleep…suddenly he felt a hand grab his shoulder…it pulled him off the bed and under into the darkness.

"Meredith!" he squealed

"I need your help!" she cried

"Why?" he enquired

"It's Dickie! She whispered


"He keeps appearing to me…warning me from you…he says you killed him Tom"

"What…no…hes lying…"

"I know that y…aggghhh!!!!"

"What's wrong?"

Meredith dissapered out of sight, terrified Tom lay under the bed, he heard voices…..

"Dickie! Keep away from me!!!" she screamed

"I warned you….I told you he was a killer!"

"Youre the one who killed Madge!" she cried

"That's none of your buisiness!" he yelled

Dickie had killed Madge? Was he capable of killing Meredith…or even Tom?

To be continued…