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In a place not too far away, but not too near, there was a girl living in a cold, dark mansion, her eyes hidden away by her hair.

No one dared to be near her, for she could only bring bad luck and misfortune upon anyone who was close to her, and she cursed herself for it, and she cursed herself for having no control over it.

And so she stood alone. Un-befriended, until a day when a kitten, weak and starving, dragged itself to her front door. It's mews were so pathetically weak that despite herself, she could not bring herself to leave it. She picked it up, and stared into its dull green eyes with her own pale, pupil-less eyes.

"If only you had seen what I had seen, and knew what I did," she murmured, gently stroking the kitten. "Then you would know to stay away."

The kitten could only purr in response, pressing itself into her strokes, and whimpering for food.

The girl sighed, and disappeared into the lonely mansion, her long dark hair swinging after her.


She gave the kitten bread and water, feeding it every day and making it stronger.

Soon, she and the kitten became very attached to each other. They played together on the lonely mansion grounds, running around without anyone seeing them. She grew happier and happier as time passed, her heart swelling in cheer and laughter. Although she knew that soon the curse would affect the kitten, she could not bear to part with the only friend she had. Perhaps the curse would not harm the kitten, and perhaps it would be safe. She held on to that hope and kept it with her as a year happily passed by.

It was a mistake that she would regret.

It was a dark and stormy night. The kitten, Kayu, had been gone all day, and so the girl started to worry. She went out and checked all the kitten's favorite hiding spots, but he was nowhere to be seen. Thinking he might have gotten stolen or ran away, she left behind the safety of her familiar home to venture out and ask if anyone had seen him.

Swinging open the mansion's heavy iron gates, she emerged onto a wide street, and started to hurry in her desperation, not caring that she was getting drenched, or that there were hardly any people about whom she could ask. Running around a corner, that's when she saw it- a small, mangled body lying in the middle of the street. She hurried over, bare feet splashing in the rain puddles, and realized it was Kayu. The kitten was lying on its side, its middle completely crushed, and its body stone cold. The girl sank onto her knees, cradling the kitten's corpse, not caring she was in danger of being run over herself.

That day, as the rain pelted down on her thin frame, she made a vow to herself. She would never bring harm to another living creature again. She would isolate her heart completely, as repentance for Kayu's life.


Three years later, it was partway through the first semester at Meltan High. It was a boring day as usual, and half the class was asleep under the sweltering autumn heat. Several students snapped awake, their heads quickly lifting off their expensive wooden desks, as a soft knock sounded on the door. The teacher rose in the middle of her lecture about the anatomy of an insect, and answered the door. A delicate girl with loose long hair stepped in. Immediately the class seemed awake as they scrutinized the newcomer carefully.

The girl had midnight blue hair falling in waves down her back, and had skin so pale it seemed to glow against the chalkboard. But what was most striking were her eyes, white pupiless globes tinged with a hint of lavender.

A boy sitting in the back of the classroom gave her a bored look, barely paying attention to what the teacher said, "Class, this is Hinata Hyuuga. She just transferred here today, so we want her to feel welcome and have her enjoy being in our prestigious school."

The mention of 'Hyuuga' was enough so that everyone's attention became riveted on this new girl. Excited murmurs broke out, accompanied with enthusiastic gestures and headshakes.

The boy narrowed his eyes; a Hyuuga, so was it her then? Most likely. But did she recognize him yet? If not, then until the time that... he would treat her like she was just another face in the crowd. He started to turn away, but her pale eyes locked onto his onyx ones. Eyes full of sorrow...


Hinata gazed out the window at the sprawling school courtyard, sighing in her mind. Her thoughts traveled back to Kayu... she shook her head, forcing back the tears. No, she mustn't think of him now. She had to keep her promise; she didn't want anyone else to get hurt...

Her mind set and calm again, she switched her attention back to the lesson.


He saw her always lost in thought, probably sad thoughts since she always looked so miserable. A strange girl with strange eyes and strange hair, and those incredibly sad eyes... Realizing he was staring at her, he looked away. He wasn't attracted to her of course; he was just curious as to why she looked so sad. That and why she came to this school- whose doing was it?

And yet his eyes constantly wandered over to her...

She was like him. Lonely. Yet she was weak enough to actually show it.


He turned his attention back onto the teacher, jotting down notes here and there. She would probably be another nuisance, just like Naruto. Except that dope was strong. Not that he would ever admit it.

The bell rang, and many in the classroom snapped awake, eager to escape from the stifling room. The teacher called after them, "Don't forget your essays," but her voice was drowned out by the noise of chitchat. If being in the classroom was bad, the hallways were worse. It was jam packed, and the body heat of hundreds of students significantly raised the temperature.

Sasuke sighed; next was trigonometry. Great, math was the last period. Half the students would be asleep. And to think they didn't have air conditioning in a school with tuition rates at twenty grand a semester.

When he reached the classroom door, however, he was mildly surprised to not be the first one to arrive. A girl was already there, talking with the teacher, and when she turned, he caught a glimpse of those familiar white eyes.


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