Chapter 1: An Anticipated Surprise

Hermione's POV

I can't believe that tonight is the night. I must sound like a hypocrite saying this. I mean, it has only

been a week since I got the note. But I guess I owe you guys an explanation……

The Previous Week

It was Monday, and I was sitting in the Great Hall with Ron and Harry as usual. No surprise there.

I always sit with them, except when I am mad at one of them or both of them. We heard the usual rustle

of post owls flying into the Great Hall. It had rained the previous night, so we were all showered in water.

I was surprised when a brown tawny owl landed in front of me. Then a second one, a handsome barn owl.

I took the second owl's delivery first. The Daily Prophet, as usual. I was intrigued by the first owl, so

I cautiously took the envelope. When I opened it, a letter fell into my lap, as well as a necklace. It had a

Heart carved on the end of the chain, but no jewel in it. Oh, too bad said Harry as he helped me put the

chain on. When his hand touched my skin, a shiver ran up and down my spine that had nothing to do with

the weather. See, I like Harry. He is...well...ok, HE IS SO DANG CUTE, FANCYABLE, AND SO DANG CUTE!

I don't know what has come over me, but I like him now. Well… I should read the letter….

Dear Hermione,

I must get this in the open. I love you! If you want to know who I am,

Meet me at the lake at Dinner on Friday the 23rd. We will have

A spaghetti dinner. I hope you will love me too.

-Your Secret Admirer

Well? Who is it, Harry and Ron asked together? Oh, nothing, I replied (blushing slightly). Harry grabbed the parchment out of my hands and read the letter. Could anyone turn 50 shades of red? Well, I guess I beat Ron's record. I snatched the note back and then Ron and Harry exchanged evil grins, the kind Fred and George give right before they pull a prank. Hermione has a boyfriend! Hermione has a boyfriend! I was now reaching 75 shades of red. I never knew it was possible. I knew they didn't mean it but I just lost control then. Yes, someone does like me! Yes I will go and yes I like Harry! I had gone too far. I covered my mouth in horror. I had just spilled my innermost secret, and on top of that, the whole school was watching. Cat calls and jeers from the Slytherins started up. I was so red I swear that the bench was starting to smoke. Harry also was turning bright red too. And the worst part, Dumbledore was just sitting there and smiling like he had known this would happen. I stood up, grabbed my bag, then ran out of the Great Hall and headed to my dorm, where I went to my bed and cried my heart out.

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