A/N: I see that people are confused, so here's the summary: The Animorphs have passed into a white hole to the Star Wars galaxy, only they're all separated. Jake and Cassie are with Jedi Anakin Solo and Tahari Veila, Rachel teams up with politician Viqi Shesh, Marco and Ax have been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tzavong Lah, and the dead Hork-Bajir Aldrea finds herself in her former Andalite self with Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. At the same time, the keepers of the gateway between the Star Wars and Animorph worlds, Basi and Annie, discover the way the Animorphs are wreaking havoc in the Star Wars galaxy, and Basi closes the gateway. The two gatekeepers are trapped away from their home on Earth, in the Star Wars galaxy. Annie goes to Zonama Sekot, where the planetary intelligence, Sekot, one of the former gatekeepers resides. Sekot is with Tobias, and has assumed the shape of Elfangor. The three discuss making a new gateway, but can't do anything without Basi's assent. Basi had gone to the other ex-gatekeeper, Vergere…


I didn't tell any of my minions about my new plot- not even Binra Kel, my new assistant. She was trustworthy and loyal to me, not to mention almost as crafty and scheming as I was. But the scheming ones were usually the most dangerous, and I didn't trust even Binra with something as big as this.

I had always hated Vergere, but I could never get away with killing her, and nothing I did convinced Warmaster Tzavong Lah of her treachery. But I now had a plan that would move the Fosh straight into the afterlife.

I crept into Vergere's quarters, taking care not to let anyone see me. I knew Vergere wasn't around- she was with the two new prisoners, Picard and Data, trying to squeeze some information out of them. The Yammosk had gone mad after trying to read their minds, and the prisoners were both put into the Embrace of Pain. They hadn't done anything but scream when I had interrogated them, and I doubted Vergere could do better.

I searched the fresher, looking for some feathers. I found two lying on the floor, and one in Vergere's bed, when there was a whoosh and someone appeared directly in front of me.

"You're not Vergere," a feminine voice accused.

"Nor are you," I replied cautiously. My ooglith masquer concealed my features, but if she overpowered me, I would be revealed instantly.

"How would you know, Nom Anor?" the voice sounded amused. I froze. How did she know who I was? And who was she?

I thought fast. "I'm sorry, but I'm Temal Rin. Who are you?"

"Have it your way, Nom Anor… Temal. I'm Tzavong Lah's twin sister, returning as a ghost to destroy him and take his place!"

"Stop mocking me! Tell me your name!"

"Sure. On some worlds they call my friend and me "Dveykeblechlicho". On others, I'm known as Lumitiknarava or Lpergeotltaysbgoryeneontldeuahf. I just like to be called the Gatekeeper."

I stared. A legendary Gatekeeper, standing in front of me! They had brought my people through a gateway and trapped us until finally letting us out in this galaxy. And here was one of them!

"No, I didn't stick you Vong in the Gateway," the Gatekeeper said as if she had read my mind. "The Gatekeepers before me had done that. I believe you know at least one of them."

"That would be me," Vergere said dryly from behind us.

I spun around. The Gatekeeper reached over and touched a spot next to my left nostril, and the ooglith masquer peeled off of me, revealing my true identity.

"Nom Anor. I should've known," Vergere said, staring at the three feathers in my hand. "Planning on setting free the captives and framing me? You are too predictable." She nodded at the Gatekeeper. "Basi, if you don't mind?…

Before I could stop her, the Gatekeeper had snatched the feathers out of my hands. I hardly noticed.

"Vergere, you were a Gatekeeper!"

She nodded ruefully. "Basi here and Annie took my job. Sekot, my partner, hates them and the feeling is mutual, but Basi and I parted on good terms."

"If you don't mind, Vergere, I think I'll wipe his memory now." Basi glared at me.

"Do that." Vergere smiled.

"Wait," I interjected. "I'm not anxious to lose my memory, and I'd be a big help to you, I'm sure."

After much more convincing, I was finally permitted to come with them, along with Binra Kel. I'd always tried to stick with the biggest powers, and nothing topped a Gatekeeper.

Much to Vergere's chagrin and my delight, Basi agreed to let me get some supplies before leaving with them. I packed a villip, an ooglith masquer, and other utilities. You could never be too careful…