Crude Elimination

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Characters: Randy Orton, Lita Dumas, Rey Mysterio, Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Dave Batista, Chavo Guerrero & Others Will Be Included.

Pairing(s): Randy/Lita, Rey/Dawn, Chavo/Trish

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Summary: Based on the Rey/Randy storyline, everyone thinks he's the bad guy and they're doing everything and anything in their power to eliminate and destroy him. But when a certain diva gets involved things get a little complicated.

Chapter Two : Happy Again

It was a known fact that he were a Metallica fan, though he didn't know that she was into Metallica as well. By coincidence the only CD he had in his car was that of a Metallica mix CD that Dave had put together a year ago, the diva seemingly enjoyed hearing the hard rock group. As they drew closer to the hotel the diva glared over at him, smiling shortly before she looked down at the dashboard. Randy turned on the directional, inside not really wanting to as he didn't want her to leave him.. He was happy with her, for the first time, someone gave him the time of day. Even if they started out on shaky grounds. She seemed to feel the same as she glanced over at him just as they began to slow down.

"No… Keep going…" Lita ordered, placing a hand on the steering wheel.

Randy blinked, "What--?"

"Keep going." Lita repeated. "Have you eaten yet? We…ah…we could go out?"

"No I haven't eaten yet…" Randy paused as he turned off the directional and kept going. "Go out?"

Lita's hand left the steering wheel, the diva pulling away with a soft smile. She nodded lightly, blushing slightly as she did so.

"Yeah… Like, for dinner?" Lita replied, glancing over at him.

Randy couldn't help but smile at that, he hadn't expected her to say anything.. Not that he didn't want to go out with her, just.. He felt it a little mysterious if he were to ask her out or hit on her. Not wanting to give off the wrong impression kept him from being to open with the redhead. Despite the fact that he would have settled with even being the simplest of friends.. He missed having someone to relate to, that would willing spend time with him. It then came to his realization that he was ignoring the diva, who seemed to think he didn't have the heart to tell her no. That certainly wasn't the case as he snapped out of his thoughts and glared at her once they came to a stop light.

"I… You know any…erm…restaurants in the…area?" Randy asked slowly, stumbling over his words.

The diva frowned, "Um, no.. But we could always drive around… See what's in the area?"

"Works for me." Randy replied easily this time.

Lita smiled at him, he wasn't sure exactly how many times she could manage smiling at him in one night.. Not that he didn't love the sight of her smiling, however. He was relieved to see a smile rather than a look of disgust. The redhead seemed happy with him as well, from what Hunter told him she hadn't had the best time on Raw either with the entire Matt Hardy thing.. Randy had to admit, when he heard what happened he had taken the diva's side regardless of what anyone said or thought. He never liked Matt Hardy and probably never will, but he wouldn't dare bring up the subject of Matt Hardy or Edge for that matter. And he had a feeling she would stay away from the Rey Mysterio deal.. Which, in turn, made him pleased. Hazel eyes alert as they passed by various restaurants, though they seemingly agreed that there was probably a better place to eat. He couldn't help but spare a few glances in her general direction, blue eyes studying her form for moment before they would return to the road. In all honesty it was true that he hadn't been with someone in a while, most people thought he was an asshole.. Though he never really tried to get with anyone as he normally stayed in his hotel room to get a good night of much needed sleep. But he wasn't about to try anything on the redhead beside him, not tonight and possibly not ever if they were to be just friends. Still, he was just being a normal guy to check the diva out.. Even if he did love what he saw. However he was sure that Lita had caught him staring once at a stop light, but she didn't say anything.. He got a feeling she didn't care, actually. She probably hadn't been with anyone in a while just as he had, her and Edge were only on-screen as he had heard from Hunter, who was basically his Raw magazine for scoops on what went down over there.

Again, he found himself staring at her.. God he couldn't tear his eyes off her. He closed his eyes, trying to shake off all those dirty thoughts that came to mind when he looked at her.. The diva pointed out another restaurant as the light turned green, Randy curious as to why it took her so long to point it out, but he nodded none-the-less. The redhead smiled at him - again - as he turned on the directional. He took a sharp turn into their small parking lot, taking the first available spot before he turned off the ignition. Then, in turn, he unbuckled his seat belt as Lita had done the same. The two exiting the car before they headed inside the restaurant. Once inside they were directed to a booth and told it would be a short wait until their waitress would serve them.. While Randy took in the scenery of the restaurant it was Lita that did the staring this time around. However, she was quick to look away, glaring at the scenery as well for a moment.

"You know, this place looks like the last place we'd see anybody from work…" Randy commented.

Lita smirked at that, "You saying you're embarrassed to be seen with me?"

"Erm…No? I… I didn't mean it that way, Lita--" Randy started, obviously not getting the sarcasm in her tone.

"Randy, I was kidding.. No need to get all uptight.. Just loosen up, I told you I wasn't going to judge you, so don't act like you're walking on thin-ice with me." Lita stated softly, the redhead smiled as she leaned forward to rest her elbows on the table. "How has Smackdown! been treating you?"

Randy sighed, "Like shit."

"That bad?"

"How can it not be? Rey's got like the entire roster against me." Randy informed her. "There isn't a damn guy backstage, save for Dave, that likes me.. At least they haven't made it public seeing how most of them just scowl at me and walk away like little pussies--"

"Language." Lita teased. "But I know how you feel.. Most of the guys on Raw refer to me as Edge's bitch. Can't say I like it all that much."

The redhead made a face, Randy, in turn, knew exactly how she would feel as he winced a little at the tone in her voice.. Almost cold.

"I feel for you, honestly I do.. But you and Edge.. Are you--"

"Together?" Lita finished, Randy nodded slowly. "No. Never have been. All Matt and Edge's idea to do that entire cheating thing.. Matt and I had been over for a long time before that storyline was even thought up. Guess he wanted to make me look like a whore after he made me look like a mentally retarded pregnant bitch. But, all-and-all.. Never really cared much what people thought.. My mistakes were to have trusted Matt, or Edge for that matter."

"Like you said before..We all make mistakes, no need to judge." Randy offered with a smile.

Lita smiled, "Thanks for your understanding… God, I feel weird.. No offense, but we hardly know each other and here I am telling you things I haven't even told my friends.."

"Who, if you don't mind me asking, are your friends.. Just curious." Randy questioned, though pointing out that his question was not meant in a cruel way.

"Well, there is Trish.." Lita shrugged. "Torrie, um.. Mainly the divas. A few I can't stand, but that's just natural in the business. Other than the girls.. Well, there is John. He's pretty cool, actually. Cooler than you'd think.. Seeing how his character could qualify as the most annoying character ever. Save for Eugene or the Boogeyman."

Randy chuckled, "Those two are pretty odd. But yeah, I would never imagine John Cena, I assume that's who you are referring to, being cool."

"Yeah, Cena.. He is an oddball. He has this huge crush on Torrie, it's almost sad." Lita stated, smirking slightly. "So, not that this question is meant to be cruel, but.. Do you have any friends on Raw or Smackdown?"

"There's Hunter, Ric and Batista.. That's mainly it. But before the Rey thing.. I had a lot of friends, I think Jericho and I are still tight and whatnot. He calls to check up, but he isn't around.." Randy replied, shrugging. "But let's not talk about that, sorta depresses people."

"I'm sorry if I brought up a sore subject, Randy--"

"No, it's okay. I don't mind." Randy offered a smile.

Lita smirked, "You know.. We just had an entire conversation and not once did you stutter."

"Well that's because you're intimidating." Randy coughed.

"I'm sure. I can be very intimidating." Lita agreed with a nod.

"Shut up." Randy shook his head. "I can tell you hang out with Cena."

"Thanks, I take that as a compliment." Lita smiled.

"Maybe it wasn't a compliment to begin with?" Randy suggested.

Lita smirked, "In which case, I may have to tell John. He already wants to kick your ass--"

"Oh, and why is that?" Randy raised an eyebrow at that.

"Well, where to start.. So many qualities that make guys want to kick your ass.. First there's the Eddie Tribute where you and him faced off. Wasn't too impressed by you." Lita informed him. "Using your crazy daddy to win the match, his words not mine, may I point out."

Randy had glared at her with questioning as she referred to his father as his 'crazy daddy', however his questioning went away as she pointed out that it was John who had said that, not her. Though he still had a desire to question Cena's motives for calling his father such a thing. The least he could have done was said 'crazy father', daddy sounded just a little weird.. Whatever the reason he brushes it off and waited for a waitress to take their order, whilst Lita dug through her purse. Randy just noticing for the first time that she had even had one with her.. It wasn't exactly something he'd expected her to have, though most women do carry purses. He didn't see Lita as one to carry a purse. She pulled out a mint and placed it in her mouth, smiling before she offered him one, when he nodded the diva retrieved another.. With a smile still upon her face she leaned forward, Randy staring at her as she ordered him to open his mouth, doing as asked within a moment, and the diva actually placed the mint in his mouth. She leaned back, seemingly letting the surprised look upon the younger man's face go without notice, and enjoyed her mint. Before Randy could comment the waitress came up to the and handed them two menus, told the specials and waited for their orders.. Within five minutes their food was ordered and the two were alone once more.

"So, why were you at Smackdown! again?" Randy inquired slowly. "I don't recall you saying why.. And if you did I didn't catch it."

Lita shrugged, "I went to visit some friends.. Mel wasn't happy when I told her I'd catch a ride with you though. She told me the same thing you did when you asked me why.. There were plenty of people on Smackdown! who would be more than willing to give me a ride. But I seen you and you looked like you needed some company, I know how it feels to be neglected, hated and whatnot.. And I don't like the feeling, so I figured you didn't either. Plus you were the only one who was leaving."

Randy smiled at that, fighting any urges he got from her words. She was the only woman who cared, the only person who was giving him any attention at all. And it made him happy to be with her, he'd be damned if he screwed up their friendship in anyway. He'd rather be hated by everyone in the world than have her hate him. Part of him telling himself that it wasn't right.. How could he have cared about someone he just met? Sure he knew who she was before, knew her name.. But it was just now that he learned more about her. The redhead who always caught his eye, the one woman who cared.

To Be Continued…

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