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Hey! Alright peeps, this is my first time writing xiaolin showdown fanfiction. So if any of you more experienced people have any advice for me it'd be a real help. So, yeah. I don't like flames by the way, only constructive critisim. And if Chase is OOC, then I'm sorry, like I said, first time.

One BAD day.

Chase Young did not like to be beaten. He didn't like to be afraid. And he really didn't like to be weak. But the fact remained that, right now, he was all three of these things. He had just gotten his ass kicked by two people that on any good day he could have taken out. And as if to add insult to injury, he had been forced to run as well. And on top of all that, he'd just lost severalShen Gong Wu.

One day, just one damn day for a few minutes, he was weak. And everyone seemed to be using that against him. But how had they found out? He hadn't told anyone but his cats. And he'd made sure no-one else was there. He made sure, so how had they found out? He wouldn't put it past Hannible bean to sneak in, that demented vegtable was one of the most dangerous spies around.

Sighing, he glanced up at the sky. The eclipse was almost over. As soon as it was, he'd go and make Wu Ya pay. When he was at full strength the witch would be no match for him. But...that bean. It had taken him years to trap the bean the first time. And Hannible was at full strength now, and had a really nasty grudge. And that was what scared him. He didn't know if he could beat Hannible a second time. He hated this. He hated everything about this. He hated being unable to predict the outcome.

Sighing softly, he ran a hand through his hair and stood. He wasn't going to solve anything just sitting here. As soon as he started walking, a familer tingle ran through him. A new Shen Gong Wu had activated? Now? Why now? He still wasn't at full strength yet. What did the Gods have against him today?

But, he couldn't just leave it. And he wouldn't. He wouldn't prove himself to be a coward in front of his enemy. He wouldn't give Hannibleanother weaponagainst him.

Like he'd said, he may be weakened, but he wasn't helpless. And despite the fact he was frightened, he was no coward.So instead of being a coward, he'd just go embarrass himself instead. Wonderful. Just bloody wonderful.

And with a last grumble and a flick of his hair, he set off.

TBC. I hope.

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